Happy 10th Birthday, Caspian!

Dear Caspian,

Today you turn 10 years old…..double digits!! We celebrated your birthday this past Sunday since you have school today, but Mama and Daddy are looking forward to picking you up and taking you out to lunch, just the three of us. Here are some things I’d like to remember about you when you turned 10 years old and some things you might like to know about your 10 year old self……

  1. You love video games. You like to play your Nintendo Switch and you like to play computer games online with your buddies.
  2. You still love soccer. You made the travel team again this year and are excited about some of the new players that you have on your team.
  3. You are really smart. You are in 4th grade, but you are in 5th grade math and accelerated language arts.
  4. Your favorite part of school is P.E. You love competing and playing games with your friends.
  5. You have a lot of good friends this year in your class.
  6. Some of your favorite foods include cheeseburgers, ribs, steak, chicken (well all kind of meat, really) and sweet treats like ice cream, cakes and brownies.
  7. You got an expander and braces a few months ago and have been doing really well with both of those. You’ll have to get a second phase of braces in jr. high. Unfortunately you were ‘blessed’ with my tiny, crowded jaw.
  8. You love to watch anime tv shows.
  9. You still like to play with Beyblade and Bakugan.
  10. For your birthday this year we took you and some of your best buddies rock climbing at an indoor climbing gym. You had a really good time.
  11. For your birthday presents this year you got a bunch of Nintendo Switch accessories, gift cards to the Nintendo e-store, a new Messi soccer jersey, a pro-gamer headset, a cool projector lamp, a gamer t-shirt, a Chicago Bears tumbler and a Chicago Bears windbreaker.
  12. You still really enjoy watching football on tv. You’ve never officially played football on a team, but you love throwing the football around and cheering for the Chicago Bears!
  13. You have a lot of friends and are very well liked. Some of your best buddies are Jackson, Easton, Kellen, Reed, Otto and Tyler.
  14. You are still on the smaller size compared to all of your friends, but I have a feeling you are going to hit a growth spurt this year.
  15. You randomly come up to me and tell me that you love me. You love a snuggle and still twirl my hair when you are tired.
  16. You still get really frustrated when things challenge you. You are used to things coming to you easily and when they don’t, you give up and are stubborn.
  17. You love to wear athletic clothes and don’t like when I ask you to wear jeans or a collared shirt. You also could careless if you have holes in your pants or if your clothes totally match.
  18. Your job around the house is to feed the dog everyday at 4:00. You’ve gotten pretty good at remembering this responsibility. Sometimes you feed her in the morning if you are the first one up. You put away your own laundry, but don’t like to do that when I ask you.
  19. You are really good at art. You don’t think you’re good, but you have natural talent.
  20. You still sleep with quite a few stuffed animals including your giant Stitch you got from Disney World. And this summer you got a third goat stuffed animal from Al Johnsons in Door County (the restaurant that has real goats living on the roof). You like to sleep with your closet light on and your door closed.

Caspian Finn, you are my favorite son in the whole wide world. I don’t know what I would do without my little buddy. Your daily words of affirmation, telling me how much you love me, really fill my heart. In a family with lots of girls, I’m so glad we have you to show us all the fun boy things! I hope you have an amazing 10th birthday!!

I love you from here to the moon and back again!



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