Happy 11th Birthday, Savannah!

Dear Savannah,

Today you are 11 years old! Happy Birthday!! 11 years old…….wow, that sounds so old to me! You are growing up so quickly and turning into a beautiful young lady. Here are some things I would like to remember about you when you turned 11 years old and maybe some things you’d like to know too……

  1. You absolutely love dance. You dance 5-6 days a week and are in dance company and competition. You work incredibly hard and are so passionate about your craft. Your dance friends are your very best friends! You were a party girl, Marzipan page and flower this year in your annual Nutcracker.
  2. You play the clarinet in the school band. You aren’t sure if you will continue into Jr. High, but I’ve been told you’re pretty darn good.
  3. You have to be early every where you go. To the point of stressing out your mother and the rest of your family. I know I created this since I’ve always taught you that on time is late and early is on time. But you like to be at least 15 mins. early to everything and if we are running a few minutes behind schedule, you usually freak out! Let’s hope you grow out of this at some point…….
  4. You are incredibly organized. Your room……not so much. But in the rest of your life, you are very organized and a great planner. You set your alarm for school each morning and get up extra early if you need to practice clarinet or do something before school. I never have to ask you if you’ve done your homework, gotten your things ready for the next day, rehearsed your dances or practiced your instrument. You are incredibly self motivated and responsible. I love that about you!
  5. You love cows, pineapples, tacos and donuts. Not necessarily to eat (though you do like some)…….you like them on your socks, as stuffed animals, pillows, on your clothes, etc. Anything having to do with food.
  6. Your best school friend is Amelia and your best dance friends are Ella, Chloe, Avery, Gianna, Kate, Bianca and Becca.
  7. You are very particular about your shoes. We’ve been looking for new tennis shoes for you for the last month, but you don’t seem to like the way any of them look or how they feel. I guess you’ll eventually find some when the current ones totally fall apart.
  8. You are really great with our dog, Scarlett! You get up and feed her and let her out each morning. She loves you!
  9. You are a perfectionist in most things. But you are the most insistent on perfect hair and buns. I’m really hoping that you learn to do your own hair this year because you have very high standards…….no bumps, not too loose, not too high, not too low. It’s exhausting.
  10. This is your last year in elementary school and you will move onto Jr. high next year. How is that possible?
  11. You’ve requested that I make you my tortellini with cream sauce for your birthday dinner. I’m very happy that you’ve requested something that I cook for your birthday dinner.
  12. You had a birthday celebration with your dance friends. It was pineapple themed with a hint of taco.
  13. For your birthday this year, you really wanted a suitcase…….your very own suitcase. And you wanted shelves put up by your desk for your dance trophies. I definitely think we’ve moved into a new age bracket where there aren’t really any toys on your wishlist! Time….please slow down!
  14. You don’t love the outdoors. Bugs are not your favorite and you REALLY don’t like bees.
  15. You enjoy going out to eat (so do I) and are always hoping I’ll take you somewhere.
  16. Even though you are getting older, you still love to dress up and put on shows with your siblings in the basement.
  17. Your favorite foods are cheeseburgers, broccoli cheddar soup, tortellini, spaghetti, cheese fries and pineapple. You eat other things, but those are your favorite.
  18. Your favorite color right now is purple.
  19. I love spending time with you. We have a great time shopping, going out to eat and just generally being together. It reminds me of the great times that I had with my mom growing up (and in case you forgot…….you share the same birthday as my mom….aka Grandma Jane!). I’m sure there will come a time soon that you won’t be able to stand me, but for right now I’m loving every minute with you.
  20. You absolutely adore your youngest sister, JoJo. You are really great with her and very helpful.

Savannah Rose…….it’s hard to believe that you made me a mama 11 years ago! There’s something very special about the first born and navigating this whole parenting thing with you. Thank you for being such a wonderful child. You are responsible, organized, disciplined and work so hard at everything you do. You make me so VERY proud to call you my own.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

I love you from here to the moon and back again!!



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