Happy 5th Birthday, Matilda Jane!

Matilda Jane turns 5 years old. The Cottage Mama. www.thecottagemama.com

Dear Matilda Jane,


Happy Birthday! Today you turn five years old!! These last five years have flown in the blink of an eye. Five years really isn’t all that long, but it feels like you have been in our life forever. And then again, when I think about the fact that you are just five years, that’s actually hard to believe. I always think of you as a little bit older or the same age as your big sister. Maybe it’s because the two of you are so close in age, play with so many of the same toys and enjoy so many of the same activities. But today you turn five years old and here are some things I would like to remember about you on your 5th birthday and that you might like to look back upon and remember as well………….

1. When you grow up you want to be a professional hula hoop instructor.

2. Of all three of our kids, you are the MOST excited about the arrival of your new baby sister. You always tell the baby in mama’s belly good morning and goodnight with hugs and kisses all day long.

3. You take ballet, tap, jazz and gymnastics classes.

4. You enjoy riding your princess bike, playing outside and camping with Daddy.

5. You like playing pretend with your brother and sister. Your favorite games are babies and puppies.

6. You LOVE ketchup. I think you would put ketchup on everything in the whole world. The most interesting thing you dip in ketchup is apples.

7. You are our pickiest eater enjoying more ‘kid’ type foods like chicken strips, hot dogs, french fries and cheese pizza. Although we are working on having you try new things and you are slowly becoming more open to giving foods a try without total drama or gagging.

8. You are stubborn, or should we say persistent. When you get something in your mind, it’s hard for you go in another direction. That often means a melt down occurs.

9. You love to help Mama cook in the kitchen.

10. You just learned how to start sewing this summer and you love to sew in Mama’s studio.

11. You have an imaginary friend named ‘Flower’. She wears a pink shirt and sleeps in the corner chair in the family room. She was 4 years old, but I’m assuming Flower is turning 5 today as well. Flower is also in charge of all the naughty things that you do around here. If you say you didn’t do something, 9 times out of 10, if you go ask Flower……….she’s the one that is behind the mischief. Interesting how that works…….

12. We are not having a birthday party this year for your 5th birthday. Instead we are going on an overnight trip to a huge water park about 2.5 hours from our house with just our immediate family. You are really looking forward to it!

13. On your actual birthday, we are going to a store to paint pottery, going out to lunch and going to a favorite locally owned toy store for you to pick out a toy. Your Grumpy is watching your little brother so it’s just you, Savannah, Mama and Gigi going out for a day of girl fun!

14. This fall you will start Kindergarten. You are very excited and are still working on your hand writing in preparation for your first day.

15. You love getting to spend one-on-one time with Mama and Daddy. I think your love language is ‘quality time’.

16. Your favorite colors are blue (it’s always been blue) and pink (a new color you’ve added in this year).

17. You think those toys ‘as seen on tv’ are really amazing and awesome. You REALLY wanted ‘Juggle Bubbles’ for your birthday. Luckily your sister and I found them after going to several stores. And Savannah picked out some silly giraffe looking pajama thing that she says you’ve seen on tv and will LOVE. You are getting some other things, but I know you’ll go bananas over those ‘as seen on tv’ toys!

18. You like to perform. Your favorite songs to sing to us are ‘Mr. Knickerbocker’ and ‘5 Little Hot Dogs Frying in the Pan’. You also like to sing songs from the movie soundtrack ‘Frozen’. You like to dress up like Cinderella.

19. You always wake up in the morning in a happy mood………..which is such a delight!

20. You tend to think of your family and their feelings first, especially your older sister and younger brother. You truly are a sweet, sweet girl.

Matilda Jane you bring so much joy, spunk and love into our lives! I feel blessed to get to mother you and help you grow into the best little person you can be. You always keep us on our toes and I see a lot of myself in you. You are truly kind, compassionate, loving, thoughtful, energetic, passionate and super smart. You bring a wonderful dynamic to our family and we are so happy to celebrate your 5th birthday today!

We love you from here to the moon and back again!

Love always,

Mama, Daddy, Savannah and Caspian


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  1. Lisa McGriff says

    Happy Birthday Matilda!!!

  2. I love this..what a sweet and beautiful letter to your little girl on her 5th birthday!

  3. What a wonderful letter, such a great tradition to do for your children. Hope that Matilda has a great day. Happy Birthday!!

  4. HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY to Miss Matilda Jane! Wow, I remember when we first blogged and seeing little baby pictures of our little Miss Matilda! Time flies so fast… Have a great time at her water-park party — although I WILL miss your usual post of when you do the kids’ parties and post pictures of your menu/foods! LOL! Regards to your handsome hubby, and your other precious children too.
    Gloria xxoo

  5. A professional hula-hoop instructor? That’s perfection! Happy Birthday Matalida!

  6. Happy Birthday Matalida. This is also my Mom’s birthday; so what a special day for both of you. I think you will make an awesome hula-hoop instructor.


  1. Winnie says:


    Happy 5th Birthday, Matilda Jane! – The Cottage Mama