Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party Dress

This weekend we will be celebrating Savannah’s 5th birthday with a Rainbow Unicorn party. This little lady likes rainbows and she likes unicorns, so we decided to combine it into one magical birthday celebration.
The majority of the parties that I like to plan are inspired by fabric (remember the Heather Bailey fabric inspired Garden Party or the Anna Griffin fabric inspired Tea Party?). So first I searched for Rainbow Unicorn fabric and decided that was not going to happen. Talk about cheese ball central, not really my style. Then I decided to focus on rainbow colored fabric. I searched around for quite sometime for the perfect combination of colors. I’m not quite sure what I was looking for exactly, but a lot of fabric lines just weren’t the right ‘rainbow’ feel that I wanted. I know, what you are thinking…..really, Lindsay……..you were agonizing over finding the ‘right’ rainbow fabric? Yes, yes I was indeed. The fabric was the whole foundation for the party, so it definitely had to be right.
Finally, I was looking through the Riley Blake Designs site at a newer line called ‘Hello Sunshine‘. I brought Savannah into the studio and we looked at the fabrics online and decided they would be perfect for her party. Granted there was no unicorn on the fabric, but I knew I could solve that problem.
I have a really nice new sewing machine that I haven’t gotten to show you all (Baby Lock Unity) with all of these fantastic embroidery capabilities, but I haven’t had a whole lot of time to utilize all of the wonderful things it can do. But this dress was my chance! I purchased the digital unicorn applique file from Planet Applique. I downloaded it to my USB card and then plugged it into my sewing machine. Presto! The applique design was ready to roll. I won’t go into too many details about how I did the applique, but if you are interested, I can do a tutorial for that on another day.
For the dress, I used a new pattern (well new to me) from my friend Jessica over at Me Sew Crazy. It is her Madeline Dress Pattern and I thought it would be perfect with all the different coordinating fabrics. I know I design clothing and have my own line of patterns, but I absolutely love trying out new patterns from all of these amazingly talented designers. I learn so much every time I sew something from a new pattern. It’s really interesting to see how each individual designer constructs a garment or how they explain certain aspects of sewing.
The Madeline Dress Pattern was really well written and came together beautifully. It comes in size 2 through 6 and it’s steal at $6.00 for the PDF pattern (you can find it here). I made the size 6 and the fit was perfect in the bodice. As for the length, it was a little too short on my tall girl, so I decided to make a pair of pants to go underneath. When I make this pattern again, I will probably add a good three inches to the skirt length to have it fall more at / below the knee. But that’s just my personal preference…..the dress is designed to be worn shorter.
I chose coordinating fabric and thread for the unicorn applique and decided it should go front and center on the dress bodice.
My favorite part of this dress is the back! It is so unique and like no other pattern I have ever used before. I decided to change up the buttons on the back of the dress and did a loop closure instead of a regular buttonhole. Why? I don’t know, I guess I just can’t leave well enough alone and I’ve just really been loving button-loop closures lately.
Also, I added in a pink and white striped piping along the back panels and the bottom curve of the front of the dress. The pattern does not call for the piping, but by now you know how I feel about piping…..it is my absolute favorite clothing detail! I really like how it brings out the pink and the white in the fabric and in the unicorn applique.
For the bottom hem, I added a blue medium size rick rack to complete the look. Even though I’m getting away from selling much clothing in my shop, I still add my garment labels to everything I make for this kids for that added special touch (find out more about my garment labels here).
We are really looking forward to the Rainbow Unicorn Party this weekend. It’s going to be so much fun and I can’t wait to share the party details with you all next week!

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  1. That is one EXTREMELY fabulous dress and one SUPER cute little/big girl!

  2. This is exactly the inspiration for which I’ve been looking! It’ll be perfect for those three Tilda fabrics I brought home from your class. Jessica’s pattern is precious, and your interpretation is full of lovely details. Happy Birthday, Savannah!

  3. Gorgeous! And thanks for letting us know that the pattern is made to be a shorter fit, it’s on my to do list, pattern and fabrics at the ready! And I don’t sell clothes, but I almost always put my label on everything I make, my kids are always proud to show off what mummy made them! 🙂

  4. That is so gorgeous! I love the attention to detail!!! Did you make your own piping, or are you able to buy it already made? Love it!!!

  5. Wonderful dress! That pattern looks so fun and you found the perfect fabrics. Can’t wait to see more of your party!

  6. That is so so cute Lindsay! I did a fish themed party for my oldest when she was 4 I think. I had some fabric that had sea shells on it and at the last minute I whipped up a dress for her and inserted a smocked section on the bodice that had a couple crabs on it! So fun!

  7. Aww Lindsay – I love how you made this dress – it is just gorgeous! That addition of the piping to the bodice is simply fantastic! I am in love. Thank you so much!!!

  8. Lindsay she is such a beautiful little girl and the dress is precious but the pants, oh let me pass out! That just makes the outfit! ADORABLE!

  9. How adorable this outfit it! My favorite in a long time and what a beautiful model!
    Plus, your workmanship is beyond excellent!

  10. Perfect, love the fabric, colors and all the little details! Happy Birthday to your little girl.

  11. That is great! I will confess that I wasn’t wild about this pattern before, but I guess seeing it through someone else’s eyes really helps sometimes! Especially when that someone likes nice bright colors like I do.

    Great job!

    • Thanks, Laura! Yes, it’s amazing what fabric and trim can do to change up a dress. I like this pattern because you can very easily tailor it to suit your own taste!!

  12. Totally adorable! That fabric may be the answer for my own rainbow needs! Your workmanship is always impeccable.


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