Time to get Motivated!!

With every new year, brings new motivation for me to get things accomplished!  So, we have just finished the first month of the new year – how have you done with your new year’s goals or resolutions so far?  Well, I have been doing pretty good, but not excellent.

I have been putting a lot of my focus into getting “The Cottage Mama”, my etsy shop, up and running.  And yes folks, it is coming soon – I promise!  With so much of my time dedicated to sewing and designing, I have put some of my household responsibilities on the back-burner.  Well, no more!

I FINALLY printed out my Motivated Moms planner for 2010 (a month late, yes, I know).  I posted about “Motivated Moms” back when I began blogging in October 2009, but I thought I would share it with you again (seeing as though I have quite a few new readers).

Motivated Moms is a wonderful planner that you can purchase and download it straight to your computer.  You can print the whole calendar off for the year or just print it week by week.  The calendar has daily tasks for you to complete so that you can stay organized and on top of your housework and still find time for the other joys in your life.

There are different formats of the planner so you can pick one that suits your lifestyle.  There are also several versions that include daily bible readings if that is something you and your family strive to keep up with daily.  They offer a free two-week menu planning download on their website as well.

If you have found that 2010 has not taken off as smoothly as you had hoped, don’t worry because we are only a month into the new year – there is still time!!  I used Motivated Moms in 2009 and highly recommend it for 2010!  Come on Moms – let’s get motivated together!!

Click here to check out the different Motivated Moms planners.

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