Power of Prayer Quilt and a Giveaway

Today we have a special treat, a post from my mom (also known as Grandma Jane). This is not something I really talked about on the blog here because…..well, sometimes when you are really nervous about the outcome of something, it’s just too hard to share. Through many prayers and love, I thank the Lord that Mom is here to talk about it……….

Power of Prayer Quilt by Grandma Jane for The Cottage Mama. www.thecottagemama.com

It’s been eight weeks since I underwent open heart surgery to replace the aortic valve in my heart. Unbeknownst to me until early in 2013, I had a congenital defect in the valve that caused it to wear out more quickly than normal and it was time to replace it before it caused any more damage to my heart.  Life does throw us some curveballs we are not expecting!

This surgery was not the easiest thing I have ever experienced (to say the least) but not the hardest either. This heart of mine had been “broken” before so I had the faith that I could and would get through this as well.  I have to admit that I was very surprised at how much this surgery physically took out of me and being a very busy gal who likes to be in control of all situations and also the nurse and caregiver in the family, I was not a big fan of this change in roles. I had no choice but to slow down a little. Hmmm…maybe I should say a lot!

I could not have gotten through this time in my life without my incredible husband who is the most patient and kind caregiver any woman could ever ask for and without the support and TLC from my children, my three sisters, my dad and my friends.  Hardly a day went by when a friend didn’t call and say they were bringing dinner or lunch over and to ask if I needed help with anything. My sister, Sarah, flew from California to stay for a week to give my hubby some relief and to provide some much needed emotional encouragement and support.  Daily long distance calls from Lindsay and son, Ben, helped brighten my spirits and kept me going.

A very special gift given to me several days before the surgery really took my breath away and I want to share it with you. On a day when I was feeling pretty low and trying to get at least a dozen things done to be very “organized” before the surgery, I decided I needed a little fabric and sewing therapy and headed over to church to work on the Christmas stocking project that the Quilt Ministry had put together.  Sewing prayer blankets for hospitalized church members at Northside Christian Church in Spring, Texas, is also one of the ministry projects.

Power of Prayer Quilt by Grandma Jane for The Cottage Mama. www.thecottagemama.com

Power of Prayer Quilt by Grandma Jane for The Cottage Mama. www.thecottagemama.com

Well, my friends presented me with a beautiful prayer QUILT that they had worked together on for me to take to the hospital.  They gathered around and with their generous hands held on to the quilt as they prayed for me. This special quilt has covered me in prayer for the past weeks at the hospital and at home.  Sometimes with me too weak to even pick up the quilt, my husband would tuck it all around me. There is nothing better than being snuggled under a warm quilt and this quilt will forever represent to me the healing strength provided by God’s loving arms and the prayers of my friends and family.

So…please never ever underestimate the power of your prayers and the quilts you make in your lifetime in helping to heal a friend.

Power of Prayer Quilt by Grandma Jane for The Cottage Mama. www.thecottagemama.com

My friends used the super cute and “happy feeling” Pat Sloan’s Bobbins and Bits for Moda for the quilt.

Power of Prayer Quilt by Grandma Jane for The Cottage Mama. www.thecottagemama.com

I love the label they made—they are always calling me “Mrs. Pillsbury” because of the Bake-Off which I have participated in as a finalist for the past two years.  They fussy-cut the center flower and told me that was me in the middle surrounded by their prayers. So sweet!

Power of Prayer Quilt by Grandma Jane for The Cottage Mama. www.thecottagemama.com

Power of Prayer Quilt by Grandma Jane for The Cottage Mama. www.thecottagemama.com

The variegated serpentine quilting is a great way to give a quilt a different look! As you can tell, I am in love with this quilt!

I would like to give a jelly roll of Bobbins and Bits to one of Lindsay’s followers. Just leave a comment regarding who in your life needs a good hug and a warm snuggle under a special quilt!

Happy Sewing, Quilting and Happy New Year!

-Grandma Jane

**This giveaway is now CLOSED as of  10:00AM (CST) on January 21, 2014**


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  1. Margaret Gibb says

    It might be a little selfish but I need the hug and snuggles right now 😉

  2. Kathy Davey says

    I would give a snuggly quilt to my oldest daughter who has been going through some rough times and could use a hug! Also, she has been waiting for a quilt from me! 🙂

  3. Nancy Faught says

    Two people come to mind very quickly. Melba lost her sister in August to esophageal cancer. Edith lost her husband of almost 70 years after a year long battle with a failing heart in December. This quilt is such a wonderful idea and is quite lovely.

  4. Karen Truitt says

    My oldest daughter she is going through a divorce and the soon to be exes family is being relentless and I am 2000 miles away from her!

  5. My 7 year old Granddaughter was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) in September. She inherited two recessive genes and is the first one in both families to have this devestating illness. She could use a prayer quilt.

  6. Suzie Hurst says

    There are a couple people on my heart right now. A friend of mine from church just lost her husband to a massive heart attack. They’d only been married a few years.
    Also, my sister will be living without her husband until May or June. He will be moving to Colorado for his new position in the military. She and their 4 kids, including a new baby, will stay on the east coast till school is out.

  7. Lisa McGriff says

    Grandma Jane I’m so happy you are doing well after such a BIG surgery. Isn’t it wonderful how God provides a place for us to share what’s on our hearts. My oldest (26) daughter, Ashley, was diagnosed with colon cancer on 12/20. She has one tumor and 2 suspicious spots and will be having surgery on January 21st. I covet your prayers as we face this big bad surgery. My heart and my mind knows without a doubt that God “has this in control”, if I could just get my clenching teeth and knotted up stomach to fall in line. Thank you for an opportunity to share what is so heavy on my heart right now…

  8. Miriam Reese says

    I read this and cried. I have a dear friend who is getting ready to say good bye to her husband of 27 years who has survived various life threatening things over the last 15 years. On ttpcom it all they are raising 2 grandchildren. I pray God will give me the time to make a quieted throw for her. Like her I am raising grandchildren and almost lost my husband to a heart attack 3 years ago. My heart aches for her. I am glad God wrapped you on this quilt and His hands. Praying for continued healing.

  9. Kathleen Moran says

    What a lovely post. We do “comfort quilts” for ladies in our guild that are going thru treatments or in the hospital.

  10. Zoila Sanchez says

    My son Stephano is waiting 4 a heart transplant. He was born with the right ventricle only. After 31 procedures in 6yrs of life he needs to snugle to a soft comfy quilt like yours. Please pray for him as he waits for an angel donor. Blessings to you

  11. Martha Patterson says

    You asked who in my life needs a hug and a warm snugglee. This changes from day to day, but for today it pwould be my niece who is just over 3 months pregnant with her first child, but not her first pregnancy. So she needs prayers and a hug for every thing to continue.

  12. I have my very own Grandma Jane, so this post really made me smile. She’s not the one who needs the hug, though. My sweet grandmother-in-law suddenly lost her husband late last fall and is really struggling with living alone and learning to do all the things Grandpa used to do. Dealing with two small and noisy children of my own makes it difficult for me to get over to help her much. She is an amazing quilter who hasn’t been able to bring herself to start any new projects since she lost the love of her life, and she needs all sorts of special hugs right now!

    • Dear Niki,
      Encourage your grandmother -in-law to join a quilt group if there is one in her area. I am actually in the church quilt group that made Jane’s quilt and the friends and support of the lovely ladies in that group have helped me through many of life’s difficulties. I go once a week after work, and one Saturday a month but it’s my favorite time every month. But there are others who attend day sessions twice a week. We also go on retreats a few times a year which are wonderful. Our group has women of all ages and quilters make the best friends, look for one in her area and both if you go!! ; )

  13. What a touching post and glad to hear your mum is doing well and has such wonderful support!

  14. sherryl dallmann says

    My fil has Alzheimer’s, he could use a snuggly hug!

  15. Kristal Elzey says

    My 21 year old son who graduates high school in May.

    Why is he 21 and just now graduating?

    Please read…..

    My son was born in 1992, a perfect healthy boy. We noticed he was different, he was diagnosed with autism at age 2 1/2. Allot of kids have autism though right! Keep reading…

    In 2001 he began having seizures, we waited with cautious optimism but they continued to progress, more often, more severe. Finally in 2006 we had an MRI done, he had to be put under sedation in order for the test to be done. My husband and I were both with him. Before we could return for the result, my husband was killed in a car accident. When I did get to the doctor a month later I was given his diagnosis: a left temporal lobe brain cyst with brain atrophy. I wanted to just give up.

    We have made it through these years together, my son and I. I lost my job in 2012 and haven’t been able to return to work as I HAVE to be available to take care of my son 24/7 now. He finally graduates high school in May, his last big life event. He won’t marry, nor get a job promotion, or celebrate the birth of a child.
    I can’t afford great fabrics like these, it would make me proud to be able to make him a quilt for his graduation.
    Thank you for the consideration.

  16. Kim Desselle says

    Such a beautiful idea, and so thoughtful of your loving friends. Selfishly, I wanted to say I could use a prayer quilt for my two little girls who struggle daily through life with their severe food allergies, rare protein-induced complications, and inability to eat. Because of this, winters are incredibly hard, and they are constantly sick because their little bodies are fighting against themselves every day.

    But then, I read some of the other posts and realized my children are fabulous little fighters and there are so many others that are much more deserving – our “problems” are simply inconveniences. I read Zoila Sanchez’s post above, and was immediately choked by tears. Everyone deserves some prayers, positive thoughts and happy juju, but her son Stephano sounds like he could use some from all of us. If Zoila does not know how to quilt, I would be happy to make a prayer quilt for her son to wrap him up with a ton of love!

  17. We wrap our ill church members in quilts also. Seems to help knowing that we care.

  18. Cathy Brown says

    My mom, Peggy, is 91 and dealing with lots of chest pains and back trouble. She’s had lots of heart surgeries and is now out of options. A Power of Prayer Quilt would be just what she needs!

  19. Lynne Tilley says

    So many need hugs and prayers, and they are included in this, but most recently a dear friend of mine has a sister who is going through ovarian cancer and having a very rough time right now. Her sister and the whole family need prayers and comfort and hugs.

  20. My fiance. He is having a very rough week. Poor guy.

  21. What a lovely quilt and a wonderful story to go with it. My next door neighbor is currently on the heart transplant waiting list….I would make a quilt for her.

  22. Lisa Marie says

    Wow, I am feeling very fortunate after reading these stories. I would like to make a quilt to donate to a local shelter for people who have suffered from domestic abuse. The charity that runs the home is in the process of sprucing the place up.

  23. What a sweet story. Glad you are doing well and praying you will continue to get stronger.
    The quilt is just wonderful…such great friends you have. My mom has been through so much in her 86 years. She lost her husband, my dad, when she was in her 40’s. Dad was only 49 when he died. She lost a second husband after only 3 short years of marriage. She has battled kidney cancer with surgery to remove the kidney. Three years ago she had breast cancer and is now a survivor. She has high blood pressure which is currently on the high side and doctors are trying to find the right meds for her. She lives alone and keeps her home spotless. She is amazing! She certainly could use a quilt to keep her warm.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Kelley Neal says

    My grandmother is having some health issues and could use a snuggle.

  25. Your story made me teary! You are blessed to have the support of wonderful family and friends! God Bless You all.
    I would make this quilt for my sister, Peggy. She is the caretaker of her husband, and sometimes feels alone and blue. Other times she is remarkably cheerful. Thanks!

  26. Debbie Cooper says

    Aren’t the stories above amazing about how much we need hugs and prayers from our brothers and sisters in Christ! I wish they could all have the quilt. We all know someone in our lives who is really hurting and needs the extra warmth and strength that only comes from the love of God through others. Your story was beautiful and I am so glad that God has healed you and made you strong again. He knows our every need and hears our every petition for his care.

  27. My sister-in-law recently suffered a miscarriage. Lots of prayers needed for her and her family.

  28. Patricia Austin says

    My niece Taby, she is my only niece, we lost my mom on Thanksgiving day, she quit her job because of their non-caring attitude. Her oldest son had to have surgery on his hand before Christmas(muscle didnt develop) he has to have therpy twice a week now. And she still has other children to care for! But hug comes because now her granny is in the hospital and it doesnt look good. She knows God is there for her and her family but some days i just want to hug her like i did when she was young but I live six hours away so thats difficult to do.

  29. A sweet member of my family is heading toward surgery. Thank you for the lovely idea…I have a few weeks to put together something snuggly for her. Glad you are doing better. Your family needs you!

  30. My mother just recently lost her mother via a tragic accident. She fell and cut her finger and fractured her knee the day of the funeral. Thank you for the idea. I will be making my mother one of these prayer quilts. 🙂

  31. How powerful! Prayer works wonders! It is so good to know you are loved by the Lord and good people!

  32. What a sweet post! And I’m so glad you are recovering nicely – love that daughter of yours! My hubby needs a warm hug. He is like you – can’t sit still, always doing for others, takes great care of his 90-year old momma, not to mention me and our 3 daughters….I could go on and on about him. He recently tore his Achilles and is gimping around in his boot (like I said, he won’t sit still) and still is having quite a bit of pain with it. Maybe if he had a quilt, he might be tempted to sit awhile under it in this cold weather we are all having. 😉 Have a great day!

  33. Hello, Thanks to the Lord for your recovery!
    Prayers to for my dear friend in Texas that has recently lost her husband.
    Thank YOU for sharing!

  34. I was going to say I needed the hug. After reading some of these others I realize how blessed I am. I am glad to hear you are improving. Have a great day!

  35. Such a beautiful quilt and equally beautiful story behind it. You are truly blessed to have such thoughtful friends and also happy to hear you made it through your surgery successfully. I hope your recovery continues to go well. I really enjoy your posts on Lindsay’s blog.

    After reading all of the comments on here I have realized just how fortunate my life is right now and wish I had time and resources to make each of you going through trials right now a quilt to comfort you. Blessings and hugs to all of you.

  36. I hope we all can pray for all the people mentioned here today. I pray lots of Prayer Quilts will be made for the people who need them. It shows & gives them love & courage from God & the quilt makers.

  37. My son is going through a very difficult time and has a hard time sleeping. I would love to snuggle him up in a prayer quilt!

  38. What a lovely post Mrs. Pillsbury! your prayer quilt is lovely – what a treasure of friendship and faith! There are so many people whoa re hurting right now – touched by health issues, financial strain, times of uncertainly and heartbroken over loved ones who are making terrible life choices – but in all of these circumstances of life, God is faithful – His Word is true! My own sweet mum suffers with depression because she’s been in physical pain for more than 50 year and it’s just worn her out – though her faith is strong, there are times when she lives under a dark cloud until His love draws her out again. It’s those times that it’s especially hard to live so far away!

  39. What a beautiful quilt! I know my mom could use some extra cuddles and love too.

  40. What a sweet thing for them to do for you!

  41. My son is having relationship issues with his SO.

  42. My dear friend, Pam, is having a hip replaced today…..and we have covered her in prayers. Wishing we would have made her a quilt. Hmmmm…..coincidence that you wrote this post today???? I think not. God works in many ways and uses us as his eyes, hands and feet. I would love the jelly roll…….I have work to do! Kristy

  43. What a touching story. I’m so glad you’re doing better and had such a great support network. The quilt is beautiful and I know you will enjoy it for years and years. I’m dealing with a couple of health issues right now and a big hug would be perfect.

  44. Mrs. Pillsbury, what a wonderful thing to share. It reminds us of the power of prayer and how much people need prayer. It is so important to hold one another and wrap one another in prayer.
    You remind me that I should make make prayer quilts for two people in my life right now. My 96 year old Grandmother and My 86 year old Daddy-in-law. I was just going in to sew up a strip quilt, but in my head I will be planning these two quilts now.
    My 86 year old has been an independent top notch man all of his life. He has overcome moving to America to escape Nazi terror, learning a language through immersion, and becoming a strong man here. He married, had the best marriage I have ever witnessed, raised two children, and has adored his six grandchildren. He lost his beloved wife while on a vacation several years ago. Life has been slower and lonelier since then. He is finding it harder to walk the dog, decided this year that on holidays the family needs to come to him as the one hour drive is too hard, and in the Costco parking lot last week someone knocked him down in the parking lot with a cart. It is starting to look like assisted living is in the near future. A prayer quilt I will make.
    My 96 year old grandmother doesn’t remember like she used too. I think the last two year were just too much. She has outlived both her children and her husband. She has us two grandaughters, one from each son and also four grandsons, from her son’s wife. That son was killed in Vietnam. Like many parents of the time, it took a piece of her. Two years ago, we were thrilled to be moving to our home state (military) and to be close again to our families. Three weeks later, our son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Three months later, my Dad passed away. While my son is healthy now (MRI’s every six months to be sure), she no longer remembers us as well. She forgets my Dad passed away and is told again he died-and she cries again. You reminded me that I should make her a prayer quilt-because she always affirmed the importance of God and faith in my life.
    When my son needed a second brain surgery, I did make him a prayer quilt. Your can see it at my Etsy shop, Timetravelingties. I am not sure I can post a picture here, so you can look there. His is the one with the cross and elephants. Every row has a pocket to put written prayers in from friends and family. The quilt with the Star of David was for his best buddy in our previous military station. This last August he required two brain surgeries out of the clear blue sky.
    Thank you for the reminder, again, of the importance of prayer quilts in our lives.

  45. I have a friend who is in ICU right now; your post was so inspiring I am going to go into my quilt room and start a prayer quilt for her. Blessings to you Ms. Pillsbury!

  46. Love this! My mother in law could use some love and hugs right now.

  47. Your incredible story has touched me and I understand the power of prayer and support! My sister and I made a quilt for her 19 year old daughter who was in a diving accident a couple of years ago which left her quadriplegic… anyway, the smile on her face when we presented the quilt to her was a treasured gift back to us! With all that she was going through, there was a moment of sincere happiness and love! I would send another cuddle and hug to my niece who faces many struggles each day and in the years ahead.

  48. What a fabulous post!
    My darling sister could do with a hug right now – her beloved husband is in hospital with throat cancer

  49. to my mother in law….. she has been going through a roller coaster of emotions after loosing her husband 4 years ago and her mother last year.

  50. Sandy Smith says

    We love Jane! She’s a truly wonderful person! All of these stories are inspiring me to get quilt hugs made for each of my parents!

  51. Eileen DiPietro says

    Such a lovely, heartwarming story!!

  52. My dear grandpa we just found out he has stage four cancer in his brain I’m still in shock. And when I say “just” I mean like four hours ago. My heart hurts. He has a long jounry ahead I’m going to get busy on a prayer quilt.

  53. I love the idea of a prayer quilt. When my son was born premature I was given a quilt to place over him while he was in NICU. This is still the best memory and one of my most valued possessions.
    I love the writing on the back of your quilt, this would certainly have brought a smile during your recovery, I am glad you are getting better and that it went well.
    Today, my mum needs a hug as her beautiful greyhound, who she adopted through the Greyhound program had to be put down yesterday which is devasting for our whole family. Plus, I have been promising her a quilt for ages and I love the design of your prayer quilt.

  54. my son’s mother in law has breast cancer, please pray for her

  55. My husband is in need of prayer right now. He has been sick for a long time & has now been in the hospital for quite a while. It has been really hard on me & my kids. He could really use a quilt as he is cold all the time.

  56. Sheila Stauffer says

    My Dad who is showing early signs of dementia and he is very emotional as he is aware. He has been my biggest cheer leader in my love of quilting.

  57. Mary White says

    My Mother-in-law is suffering from end stage Alzheimer’s and its really taking a toll on my Father-in-law. I’d love for him to have a prayers, to accept and cope with this horrible disease that is taking his wife of 62 years from him. Unfortunately, since moving in to care for my MIL, I haven’t had the time or space to sew and make my FIL a prayer quilt of his own.

  58. A new little nephew or niece is on the way, and I’d love to make them a quilt 🙂

  59. Such a beautiful writing from a beautiful lady. Jane you are a treasure and I love you!


  60. What an amazingly thoughtful gift from wonderful friends! I’m glad that you are doing well. 🙂

    My friend Crystal, who is very sick with Cystic Fibrosis, could use a snuggly quilt. My goal is to make and give her a quilt to take along with her to the hospital. I hope to be done in a month or two (I’m a slow quilter!).

  61. My dad! He had a stroke four months ago. He is doing well and recovering but is undergoing surgery next week to have some skin cancer removed and skin grafted on where the biopsy is being performed. Heck! my mom needs lots of prayers of peace too.

  62. I have a friend who recently had a heart attack. She could use some extra hugs while she recovers.

  63. Melinda in nc says

    My sister is finally expecting a baby after 7 miscarriages 3 failed ivf attempts and having to have emergency surgery to have her tube removed due to a second ectopic. She is nervous to say the least even at 16 weeks. Prayers and snuggles are needed now and once that previous gift from God arrives!

    • Melinda, my sister had the same issues, 3failed IVFs after she had an ectopic pregnancy and now she has twin boys that are 15! I remember her lows and highs! I will pray everything goes well for her as well. Diane

  64. Sara Nixon says

    What a special, loving gift that they gave to you. Congrats on the positive outcome of the surgery.

  65. Mindy Long says

    So glad to hear that you have come through a tough surgery. I am part of a quilt group at our church making quilts for our elderly and ill members. As much as I would love to get the giveaway, there are so many others that have posted that are going through more than I am at this time. Thank you for posting your story. May God continue to heal you!

  66. Marjorie Nath says

    To be honest, I think just about everyone I know could use a few extra hugs and a quilty snuggle. We all have different things going on that can make everyday life a bit challenging and hugs from those who care can always help and a quilt made with love can be there to help everyday. Wish you continued healing.


  67. My best friend’s mom could use some hugs……her husband has been moved to the Alzheimers unit.

  68. Wow, I’m so happy to hear you are ok. Many many well wishes and prayers are sent your way! What a special and wonderful gift they gave you. I pray you will heal quickly and good health finds you. Take care!

  69. wanda spain says

    My daughter-in-law just had surgery for a brain aneruysim the size a little smaller than a baseball. within 24 hrs of surgery Loren had a stoke caused by a blood clot. she can’t move her rt am and hand right now, but hopefully with rehad she will get it back. They have 3 of my grand kids age 4,2, and 6 months. They need plenty of prayers. My stepson is going to school to become a minister, but you can never have enough prayers.

  70. Barbara Pezzetti says

    I have a close friend who was diagnosed with cancer over a year ago and is still fighting a losing battle. I’m sure she would love a quilt. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  71. I think everyone needs a
    Snuggle and the comfort of
    A quilt. Everyone has their own battles. My sister has been through a tough divorce recently and lost her whole world. My father in law just went through serious Heart surgery and has been more depressed than usual. My husband has been fighting his own demons with work and trying to provide for us on one income, only to find we lost the house we were bidding on. But in the long run I still feel blessed for all of us, knowing it could be worse or more challenging. I hope that you stay strong and healthy, and many of the previous posters have positive things come their way!

  72. Leah Glasscock-Sanders says

    Grandma Jane, I am SO glad you are doing well. Our God IS an awesome God. ❤️ I know I’ve got a couple people I could make one for. What a lovely idea!

  73. Leah Glasscock-Sanders says

    Also, do you know the pattern name? I really like it!

    • Leah, I am one of the quilters who made Jane’s quilt. we took a jelly roll of Bobbins and bits and a jelly roll of off white or white strips and started with a 2 1/2 inch square in the middle and just went out from there, alternating between the two. Be careful to keep the lines straight so it stays square. We just stopped when it got to a large enough quilt. We wanted a fairly large quilt, bigger than a normal lap quilt, but not a full size quilt. If you look on Pinterest there are some similar looking quilts. Good luck, Diane

  74. Thank you for sharing your tender story. My sweetheart is having surgery tomorrow to remove a cyst from his spine. He’s a man who appreciates the comfort of a quilt.

  75. Erin McSweeney says

    My grandpa who is the hospital with cancer could use the biggest snuggle ever….this brought tears to my eyes one of the most beautiful gifts ever given.

  76. I hope your feeling much stronger and on your way to a long healthy life,your story touched my heart.
    I’m a practicing Buddhist and came up with an idea much the same as your church friends.
    The idea is to make a meta(love) quilt to lend out to anyone who is in need of love and support for whatever reason.
    The plan is to collect no longer needed cotton clothing which has been loved and worn by well developed spiritual friends which I feel would give this quilt a very special quality.
    I have suggested to my friends as this project is going to take some time we could make hot water bottle/ wheat bag covers to give in the same manner as your lovely prayer quilt.
    Wish you well
    Love from Susan X

  77. Sherry Fram says

    When my childhood friend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer my mother & several of the “church mommas” made her a quilt to have when she did her chemo rounds as she was always cold. The whole congregation prayed over that quilt after the pastor & the elders annointed it. I had the privilege to be the one to sew on the binding to finish it up & gave it to her. We laughed & cried both of us under that quilt (just like when we were kids) while she was hospitalized getting her port & all the particulars that go with having cancer & getting chemo. Now that her chemo is done her cancer markers are low enough to be considered “cured”.

  78. There are quite a few….a friend just finishing chemo, and a friend going through a divorce. This is a great quilt idea, I love it!! You are blessed with great family & friends! Blessings as you gain even more energy!

  79. christy williams says

    my son needs prayers right now he has had a rough few years and had gotten on the right track he has 2 beautiful kids his wife moved out and took their little girl while he was at work yesterday. He is in bad shape emotionally right nbow

  80. My husband who is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

  81. My grandaughter, Michelle, could use a hug and comfort right now. She had a vein that goes into her heart replaced a couple weeks before Christmas. She is in the hospital again (2nd time since surgery) with breathing problems and swelling. She has been in the hospital so many times last year for many health issues. Please put her on your prayer list also. Thank you for all considerations. Barbara

  82. jo wyrosdick says

    I would love this for myself. The last year has been a tough one for me. I know this year will be a better year. I have plans to sew some of the outfits from your book which I got for Christmas. That is wonderful about your mother’s recovery.

  83. I prayed as I read all these comments, about so many hurting people. 3 years ago I made a quilt for my younger sister, as she started her 1st round of treatment for ovarian cancer. She has since had a heart attack and is now starting treatment for her 3rd bout of cancer. I am humbled every time she wraps herself in that quilt, as her chemo starts. It is amazing how much love 1 quilt can send to someone!

  84. I just finished my first quilt ever for my mom for Christmas. We’re far away and haven’t seen her for two years now and I felt like she needed to feel our love wrapped around her.

    My sister(in law) is going through a heart wrenching divorce (from my brother). She could use some love, too… To know that no matter what she’ll always be my little sister and kidlets Aunt Kerri.

    Thanks for the giveaway. And I pray that you’re feeling better soon with more energy and back to yourself… Improved even!

  85. What a beautiful quilt!!! The power of prayer is a wonderful thing. My youngest daughter has had three open heart surgeries, one of those being a heart transplant. She is 11 years old now and doing great. I remember when our church family (before we moved to Houston) helped us out in so many loving ways. Praying for your mom to continue to heal and gain strength. God is good!!!!

  86. Gayle Bouters says

    So many in our world need a special hug and prayer. But one special one for my nephew who has a young family and has brain cancer.

  87. Beat my father-in-law he just came home from the hospital recovering from a heart attack.
    Campbellamyd at gmail dot com

  88. Judy Stapleton says

    Firstly, I’d like to say – the power of prayer is beyond a mighty tool and I am grateful, but not surprised, in your healing from your recent operation!!
    I guess the person that I feel needs to snuggle under a loving quilt is my daddy!!! Yes I am 44 and he is 90 but I still call him my daddy. We have had a rough Christmas because my family and I have had to make the difficult decision of finding daddy a nursing home to now live in. Up until the 2nd January mum and dad have lived together (married now for 61 1/2 years) in a granny flat in my sisters yard. Dad has had Alzheimer’s for about 12 years now and he has really been pretty good, but when your daddy starts putting holes in the wall when he falls over something needs to be done. He had a pretty awful childhood (his mum put him in an orphanage and kept his brother with her) and young adulthood (fighting in WW2 ) until he met my mum and her awesome Aussie family, and trying to explain to him that he needs to live in a nursing home now was the toughest thing I have had to do – but I know in my heart it’s the right thing for him!!! I’m sorry this has been a bit of an essay – I guess I’m venting!! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  89. What a wonderful quilt and so beautiful. You are so right about the power of prayer and the blessings of prayer quilts. I belong to a group that makes prayer quilts. Not only are the people who receive them blessed but the members of our quilting group are blessed by the expressions of gratitude from the people who receive them. You are such a thoughtful pierson for wanting to pay forward the blessings you have received by giving away the jelly roll. May God continue to bless you.

  90. I hope that your ‘presence’ on Lindsay’s blog means that you’re feeling better. You are very blessed to have such special people around you, which I am certain you know. I would guess you are pretty special yourself. This post really did make me cry, of course you can’t go by me as I seem to be crying at everything lately. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful and makes me want to go out, find some need and sew for it. I’m thinking maybe this should be my mission. Now, to fit more sewing in to a day already filled beyond capacity… 😉
    Wishing you a continued and full recovery!

  91. Wonderful story! My sons’ mother in law just turned 90, and is beginning to have severe health issues. She lost her husband of 60 years a couple of years ago and she’s not dealing with this loss well. She could really use the comfort of a warm quilt to wrap up in.

  92. I would love to make one of these for my boss who is getting ready to have a very risky surgery on her spine she is not just a boss to me but a friend. Who has taught me to have more confidence in myself and has Givin me the opportunity to grow in who I am. I am very worried for her right now.


  93. Linda Cartwright says

    This is such a wonderful story, thanks for sharing!
    Everyone can always us a hug and snuggle, but I would use this to a make charity quilt for those in the hospital!

  94. Lisa Garrett says

    My daughter could use a warm hug and a warm quilt.

  95. Prayer is so so powerful! How lucky you are to know such a group of people. I would love to make this quilt and give it to someone who needs prayers, a loved one who is undergoing surgery in a few days for a complete shoulder replacement.

  96. Life does throw punches, it’s when your friends surround you with their love and kindness you get threw it. It is a feeling of warmth and a quilt is the comfort to match. You think of the memories and are warmed in your heart and soul.
    I make quilts for local charities and love knowing someone will be comforted in fabrics sewn together with love.

  97. Kathleen A. Burke says

    Hi, my friend, Kerri, needs lots of prayers right now. Her husband went into the hospital for a simple hernia operation. He returned to the hospital several days later to find out he had a septic infection. He died last Sunday, January 12th, at the age of 56.

  98. Marilyn Tucker says

    My friends grandson. He was born 2 days ago at 2 lbs 3 oz.

  99. My twin sister, Renee, needs hugs and snuggles for helping me for three months while I was recovering from having bee hit by a Chevy Tahoe while riding my bike in a 55 MPH zone. I had to learn to walk again, my sister gave up her family, school, and career for three months.

  100. My mom could use a warm hug and quilt for all she does for everyone around her.

  101. My mother in law does

  102. Susan Birtch says

    Such an inspiring story, God is so good. I have corresponded with a lady I have met via the internet, as very sweet lady who loves the Lord & has a wonderful gift of painting but recently she has had to give it up due to crippling arthritis. I really wish I lived closer to her as she lives several state away from me. I have been thinking about making her a quilt to snuggle under that may help ease the pain of her arthritis, this wonderful jelly roll would be wonderful for that project. Blessing to you. Sincerely, Susan

  103. My dad has been through the ringer the last 10 years with his health. After being diagnosed with a terminal lung disease at age 50 and being near the end of his life, he received a miracle lung transplant 6 years ago. That unfortunately has not been the end of his health issues. From kidney failure, to blood clots, lung collapses and shingles, it seems his body is always fighting against him. He is in the hospital every couple months and although he has a tied quilt for his visits, I would love to make a prayer quilt for him!

  104. Sharon Anderson Smith says

    7 years ago i was given a crochet granny square ‘quilt” to take with me into surgery. My church ladies put it together and the church as a whole prayed over it. As soon as I came out of surgery my husband had the nurses put it over me. It never left me the entire time I was in the hospital. Now I have a friend who has breast cancer for the second time. i would love to make her a quilt like yours to send to her. So thankful that you shared your story!!

  105. dianna eickhorn says

    oh what a beautiful story and so inspiring! my dh’s sister has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and I asked her what color’s she has in her bedroom because she gets one of my quilts. She said sage green but I don’t have any sage green quilts. So, I’m looking around for something to work with to make her something. thanks for posting.

  106. Tracy Strauch says

    What a wonderful story. Quilts really do touch all our hearts. Right now the person in my life who needs a quilt to hug her is my sister-in-law. This past week her and her family had to say goodbye to her dad. He was a very funny and loving man and will be missed by all who knew him. They spent the last week at a hospice house, and all his children and many of his grandchildren were able to be with him and say goodbye.
    Again thank you for sharing.

  107. Such a wonderful story of the power of prayer. There is so much sadness in life right now. I have a brother awaiting a date for heart surgery and friends with husbands in pallative care. A quilt to go along with the prayers is a wonderful idea. Praying for continuing healing for you.

  108. Kristen Dougharty says

    What an amazing touching story.

  109. How lovely a story and what a wonderful, giving heart you have! PTL for the Doctors able to repair it and keep it going strong!!

    My husband and I are currently exploring adoption of a teenager from foster care — If anyone needs to know that they are loved and cherished, it’s definitely our lost, hurt children in the (broken) foster care system!

  110. Its beautiful and I love it. Whats more special than knowing loving friends took the time to make something so precious for you? The only thing I can think of is that you were prayed for the whole time it was being made.

  111. I love this story. The quilt is beautiful but I am sure the love you felt from those who made it for you and the knowledge of their prayers were the most important part. God does answer prayer. On July 29th 2012 my husband had a cardiac arrest and was in a coma for 6 days. He was not expected to live and had been taken off life support. I asked God for a miracle and for him to heal him completely and He did.

  112. Everyone needs a hug! But I would love to give one to my brother. He does so much for my mom and I would love to give something back to him! And he quilts too, so this would be perfect for him 🙂 It’s quilty, but not to girly!

  113. What a loving church family you have! The quilt is beautiful and I know you will treasure it for many years. There are so many people in my family right now who need to be wrapped in hugs. My Mom who is suffering with dementia and confusion, my Dad whose health is failing quickly and my unborn grandson for whom the doctors have identified some problems.

  114. I would give a hug and the quilt to my son – he is unemployed and searching for the right direction. I love quilts – they truly deliver love.

  115. Cindy Derryberry says

    What a beautiful story. I would give to my daughter to give to her father who has been diagnosed with brain cancer.

  116. Betty Edwards says

    Just knowing the prayers that went with each stitch tells you God knows your name and your Faith in Him pulled your through this time, all the love of those friends and Gods healing powers are all anyone needs!

  117. Thank you for sharing. I would share a warm hug and quilt with my friends Bob and Lori. Bob has been facing numerous health challenges for the past year or so, he had part of his foot amputated last year a complication of his diabetes, numerous infections, and IBS. Now he is in the hospital again, while they runs test and determine the next course of action. As he owns his own business – all the time away from work seriously impacts their finances. His beautiful wife, Lori has MS, had knee surgery last year, and the ongoing stress exasperates her health conditions.

    I’d just want them to know how many people love and care about them.

  118. I am in a group that makes prayer shawls and I’ve seen what they mean to people. I love to quilt and think this is an awesome idea for somebody special.

  119. I need to give it to my loving supportive husband whom is also my caregiver for I am disabled and he takes good care of me and picks me up when I am down. Love Love the quilt and the use of the selvedge is such a thoughtful artistic way of expression.

  120. My Mom could use prayers, I wish she was closer.

  121. Mary Coultas says

    A beautiful quilt for a woman obviously loved and cherished by many people. You are richly blessed, thanks for sharing your story and quilt.

  122. Love the idea of the quilt. I am going to try to make my brother-in-law one since he is going to chemo. I have been looking all over the place for Pat Sloan Bobbin and Bits fabric.

  123. Wonderful quilt and story. No idea who would need a quilt made from the jelly roll. But usually by the time I finish a “giving quilt” there is a person in need that I find out about.

  124. Michelle J. says

    What a timeless wonderful gift! Just knowing that prayer is surrounding you even when you did not have the strength to pull it around you is such a comforting feeling and promise of hope. I have a friend who is in the latter stages of ALS and struggles daily. While I did make her a flannel rag quilt in which I called her friendship quilt, I would love to make a quilt that shares such a beautiful and comforting message. Thank you so much for sharing your story and God bless you and your wonderful friends <3!

  125. My granddaughter was just diagnosed with Autism. One of her “escapes” is to hide under a quilt. This quilt would be perfect for her to calm her and know that grandmother loves her so much.

  126. Debra Mack says

    I assemble kits for a quilter who sends them to me free of charge. I provide the loving hands, the required sew peaceful moments and warmth of batting to give hope to a family in need of comfort through Quilt for Kids Lincoln NE. I don’t see their smiling faces when they see this gift of love but I am certain if it was one of family member struggling to heal I would appreciate a quilt made with love.

  127. My only daughter is going through some rough times at the moment trying desperately to fall pregnant. I would make a quilt for her to wrap her in my love when I can’t be with her. Thank you for the opportunity to win the jelly roll. I enjoyed reading your story and hope you are making progress.

  128. Maria Sharp says

    My sister Cheri needs lots of hugs right now. In the last 5 years she has lost her job as a college professor (budget cutbacks), about 4 months later, right after Christmas, she lost her husband, had a knee replacement, lost her home, our mom died, then my sis moved hundreds of miles away to be near her daughter & grandkids only to have them move (within a year of her move) over a thousand miles away! So she moved, again. From South Florida to Denver, CO. Her best friend, her Great Dane died right after the move. I still live in Florida so hugs are long distance. She’s coping by staying close to Jesus but we all know that sadness can overtake us at times. Thanks for letting me share.

  129. Wow, how sweet!! I have tears in my eyes and a sweet pain in my chest. I’m thinking about my own sweet sweet grandma. She is getting older. She suffered from a stroke a couple years ago, and can’t do much or even talk well anymore. She was never idle. Always cleaning or making something. I miss her soo much. She lives in another country, so I can’t see her very often. I’ve never thought about making a quilt for her, since I’m sure she has quite a few, since being from a Mennonite background, we all made quilts. I believe she would enjoy one. I know she would love a hand written letter from me. Before her stroke, I would still get letters from her, and now I don’t think many of her grandkids write her. One of them has done some, and my grandma talks about it.

  130. I have a friend whose young daughter is going into surgery in a few days, I would love to gift her with this wonderful giveaway.

  131. Thank you for sharing your story with us. So glad to hear that your are healing..and oh yes the healing power of prayer! There are three very special people who came to mind, who could use the hug of a prayer quilt. One is a friend who is undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer..the other two are young gals, I have know all their lives, both in their early 30’s and mothers. One has ovarian cancer and the other breast cancer( her mom died from breast cancer). I know first hand how wonderful a gift of prayer is, when our son was fighting cancer, my dear friend gave me a prayer shawl….it meant so Rey much to me! Blessings to all of you!

  132. With so many people knowing someone who could really use the quilt I am not sure where to start. My sister-in-law’s father was in a serious farming accident where he sustained 3rd degree burns over 60% of his body right before Christmas. He fought a valiant fight to overcome but passed away 3 weeks later on Jan. 5, 2014. Her father was her rock and knowing how this will effect her and her family going forward, I feel that this quilt will sustain them through the many tears they will cry. She lost her sister, who was pregnant, several years ago and that trauma has never quite left her.

    Thank you so much for your sharing your story and I pray that you retain full strength and health.

    God Bless!

  133. Becky in Georgia says

    I would love to make a quilt for a friend. Thanks for sharing your touching story!

  134. Mary Lynn Hughes says

    What a beautiful group of letters ,everyone of them caring ,loving,and have blessed all of us who have shared them. I do not need a quilt be caused I was blessed with one a year ago . My wonderful Quilty friends are now in need of quilts . I would use the fabric to make 2 care quilts for them. I love the pattern they chose for your Quilt and would use it with added fabric to make the same quilt.

  135. My sweet sister is going through a difficult divorce and learning so many spiritual lessons at the same time. We are rightfully concerned about ours and others’ health struggles and battles but honestly, sometimes the spiritual ones are even harder to bear. Only through Him. Be blessed everyone here who was brave enough and caring enough to share.

  136. A first time new parent whom tried to have a child for years and are now having a baby in February.

  137. Wow, what an amazing story. God really does surround us with his angels, called friends and family. My husband’s grandma is in the hospital and has just been informed she cannot go back home as her daughter will not be able to provide the care she needs. She will have to go to a skilled nursing facility. She could really use some hugs and a great quilt to take with her.

  138. Terri Herman says

    I am going through a rough time, so I could use a hug!

  139. Margaret Schindler says

    I know I am being selfish but I really need the hug. I just lost my husband of 46 years last month. I am totally lost without him. I read your story with tears in my eyes. Just a hug is what I really need. Thanks

  140. Carol Broughton says

    My sister is in need of some TLC. Reading this post from your mother was very touching. Thank you for sharing.

  141. Bless you and speedy recovery. I recd a prayer quilt from quilting sisters after my dad passed from pancreatic cancer less than 2 weeks after Dx. I’ve spent many a low time snuggled in my quilt wrapped in their prayers and love. Your right this quilt was not only a comfort but helped give me strength thru all that followed his passing. I will keep your recovery in orayer

  142. Judy larson says

    I need to do a prayer quilt for a church member age 21, a twin and very active guy who had a freak diving accident 6 months ago who can’t get a break. Besides the paralysis he has had issues with bone infection, bed sores and esophageal issues. He needs all the prayers we can give him and a warm quilt to comfort him.

  143. Virginia Beecher says

    My husband’s cousing Kim, a young mother of three adorable children and caretaker for her mother-in-law. She is also a teacher. But right now she is fighting breast cancer, and doing a great job of keeping everything together. It would be wonderful to be able to give her a quilt made with that beautiful fabric.

  144. Amanda Harvey says

    I thank God that you are on the mend and thank you for
    Sharing with us. It is always upliuplifting to hear about how powerful prayer is and to have so many friends who were with you through your ordeal covering you not only with the quilt they made but also with their prayers and love.
    I have a friend who is the mother of two young girls who has already had one kidney and her thyroid removed to cancer and now has a spot on her ovaries, who is so scared and dreads that she might not beat it and needs prayer and love.
    May the Lord always hold you close, God bless and continue to grow stronger.
    Thank you Lindsay for sharing your mom with us xxx

  145. Jodi Connors says

    First of all I have to say what a lovely design for a quilt, it makes us stop and think how much love God has for us, the center starts small and radiates outward, just as God’s love does for us, it starts with our personal prayer and then it radiates out from there, with everyone else praying and praying….this just gave me chills. Now for my story….I have not spoke with my daughter in almost 3 years, we had a falling out. I know where she is, but she will not take my calls, nor does she want to speak with me, I would love to make a special quilt to comfort her and let her know that God is watching over her and so many people are praying for her to “come home” She just turned 21 this past November and she has made some life decisions that I think that under a quilt and the warmth of her mother’s arms (the quilt) she will have a change of heart. I guess I am just grasping at straws as I miss her so much, but maybe just to give her a little reminder that I am still here would help.

    Blessings to you all,


  146. Fantastic idea! And so many people having their personal pain… i wish each of you could get a friendly hug and a present from the author of this hearty post. Speedy recovery.

  147. Tammy Mabry says

    My mom is probably the person I pray for the most. She lost her twin sister a year ago and has been lost ever since. Thanks for the giveaway and I hope and pray you are recovering from your surgery. I love the idea of praying over a quilt and giving it to someone. Thanks again!

  148. Kathy Nester says

    My daughter could use some hugs and prayers right now….glad to hear you are on the mend….thank you for the opportunity and sending hugs and prayers back to you.

  149. What a wonderful story. I certainly could feel the powerful associated with the quilt when I looked at it. It just resonates. If I had to choose only one person who needs a “quilt hug” right now I think it would be my daughter, Lindsey. She has been through some very painful experiences this past year and learned some hard lessons that although are part of growing up – don’t make getting through them any easier. She is strong and that is good but who doesn’t need a hug when they are feeling vulnerable and fragile? Hope your continued recovery is smooth sailing for you!

  150. What a wonderful gift! I love sewing up hugs, there are many on my list.

  151. Rhonda Desgranges says

    What an inspiring story. Your prayer quilt is beautiful. My husband is sick, and could certainly use some prayers right now. I am going to make one for him. Thanks for the chance to win.


  152. Sharon Guidera says

    I would love to give a hug to a friend whose life circumstances made it necessary for her
    To move even though she didn’t want to.

  153. I would love to give a hug to a young couple from our church who just last weekend lost their unborn child. She was 20+ weeks along and went into labor and delivered their 1lb baby son. He survived just a couple hours and then moved on to be with the Lord. They could use many, many hugs right now!

  154. My sweet mother-in-law is having heart problems right now. She seems to be stabile right now, but it’s been crisis to crisis lately. She could definitely use a healing hug right now.

  155. Pamela Coughlin says

    My prayer quilt would go to my sister or my mother who are both in rehab right now.
    My Mom is 83 and has a lot of health issues and she is going to have to change her living situation real soon. She can no longer live at home. So we are starting her paperwork for those changes.
    My sister is 55 and has sarcoidosis and a heart defibrillator in. She is in step down therapy right now and needs to go back to the hospital to get a bladder tumor out and cysts from her ears out. She is totally deaf in one ear and has 40% in the other.
    Two prayer quilts would be great right now! Thank you for your give away!

  156. Mary Burns says

    My quilted hug would be for my daughter. She was diagnosed with uterine cancer a couple years ago. There has been no sign of it having spread, but I know she worries about it. She is one of those sunshiny, loving, caring, active people who would never let you know, but mama knows.

  157. Awesome story and even more awesome quilt. You are surrounded by love and that is wonderful. Thanks for the chance.

    • Sorry hit return too soon. I would love to do a quilt for my friend who lost her husband suddenly a month ago. She has just found out she is pregnant and happy, yet sad.

  158. I am in love with this quilt story and all the ones left here in the comments …. Ah, the threads that bind quilters love

  159. QuiltinGram says

    Hope this doesn’t sound selfish but I would make a quilt for myself…lost my Dad last July and still having trouble grasping that he is really gone. He was the anchor of our family.

  160. What a beautiful testimonial to the love of God –and how it shines through our families and friends…I have a godchild going through horrible times….I would love to wrap her in a quilt like that….God Bless…

  161. I would love to win and make one for me and my little grandson to snuggle up together! Thanks for the chance!

  162. This is such a lovely story. My prayers go to you for continued strength and healing and to your fellow church quilters for such a wonderful gift of love and comfort and prayers. This has made my day. Maybe my week, month, year. What a blessing. I need to make a loving quilt like this.

  163. My 6 year old son needs hugs and prayers. He is having a really hard time with life right now.

  164. Thanks for sharing your story. My niece takes care of my mom and recently had a health scare of her own. She would benefit from some extra TLC.

    • Linda Frihart says

      The moment I saw your quilt I thought it is a never ending prayer quilt. What a beautiful quilt and group of ladies surrounding you. Thank you for sharing, If it were mine I would take it with me for an outpatient surgery next month. Know there are many who need the support of this quilt. You are blessed and able to share a wonderful outcome to your heart surgery.

  165. I’m in need of some TLC now. The last two years have been a struggle. Thanks for sharing this.

  166. I’m so glad to hear that all is well for you now…such a touching story. I have three lovely sisters and I think my eldest sister could really use the comfort of snugly quilt.

  167. I have a very dear friend who was just told she has MS she sure could use prayers and hugs now and in the future. Thanks for sharing

  168. I’m going to be selfish and say me. I’m still coping with the death of my mom last year.

  169. my mother-in-law was walking and was hit at high speed by a hit & run driver back in November. Many broken bones and brain trauma, and she is struggling every day to improve and maybe walk again one day. She was the care giver for my father-in-law who has issues as well.

  170. What a lovely quilt. It is wonderful to hear another story of how powerful prayer is in the healing process. I wish you continued strength and healing on your road to recovery.

  171. So touched by your story of love and prayer and beautiful quilt. Often I wonder if making quilts is just a crafty endeavor or if there is a heavenly purpose to it all. Quilting takes much of my time but also feel there is so much love put into each quilt. I belong to a group that makes quilts for charity. I will show them a picture of your beautiful and cheerful quilt. I want to wrap a wounded warrior from our church in a quilt. He has sacrificed much to serve our country. His mom mentioned that he gets cold very easily. So that will be on my list of quilts to make this year.
    Thanks for sharing… take care Mrs. Pillsbury (that is so cute). You are blessed to be surrounded by love as you heal. janita

  172. Debbie Weishaar says

    My mom because she has Alzheimer’s and seems to be getting worse each day. My dad could also because taking care of mom is putting a toll on him but he is doing a great job. Thanks for the chance to win.

  173. Jackie Lorenz says

    I have made many quilts for my family and loved ones. I have made and donated many quilts for babies and children. I have made many quilts that were raffled off for fundraising . Now I am obsessed with making And gathering quilts for deployed military personnel. They deserve a warm hug from us.

  174. Sharon Hughson says

    My person right now is actually two people who were a couple and are now separated and in the middle of legal divorce doings. But both of them need the hugs and uplifting spirit of quilters. I also love Pat Sloan’s Bobbins and Bits.

  175. I was talking to my son last night. He has had influenza and is terribly ill for the past 7 days. He has been to the ER twice with vomiting. He told me last night he thought he had a fever and he was freezing. He moved out to an apt a couple of months ago. I know he keeps the heat turned down to keep the bill lower. He told me he only has one quilt to cover up with. He does have any blankets. I think he needs another quilt. The one he has now has been drug around and used for years now. He always tells me I it his most prized procession.

  176. Dee Anderson says

    Sometimes we don’t realize how much we touch others. Blessings come from others when we most need them.
    I would make a quilt for my friend. She has had a rough road this year her love died six months ago and just two days ago her car slid off the road into a ditch she was trapped in for an unknown amount of time she was hanging from her seat belt until another driver climbed up opened the door and cut her out of the seat belt.
    She says she forgot to hold on and fell down into the passenger side, which was filled with water and mud from the ditch.

    She is sore but ok. The car is totaled.

  177. Praise the Lord! What an awesome gift from your friends. I heard about your give away from Pat Sloan, and now you have one more person praying for you. thanks for the opportunity to win. That is a great line of fabric.

  178. I am not a quilter and as of right now I don’t have anyone in my life that is having a really hard time. There is always someone who needs a good old fashioned hug and a nice quilt to snuggle up in! I don’t even want to win this, but reading this made me cry because God can cure all and give us all the hug we need. Reading some of these comments really broke my heart . God bless each and every one . I am so glad you are recovering and had the love from family and friends, but most of all from God.

  179. I think that would be my brother, who is going to have back surgery in a couple of weeks and will be out of work for six weeks. He, too, is happiest when he is busy working, so this will be an adjustment for him. Hopefully all will go well and the end result will be less pain and more mobility for him. I would love to make him a quilt as a get well gift.

  180. Would like to make this for my sister who has been having some hard times. Would really cheer her up.

  181. Amanda Best says

    My sister, Angel, has been having a lot of negatives things happen in her life lately and I think she could really use some happiness and smiles. Plus, her birthday is almost here!
    Thank you for sharing your story. Your prayer quilt is beautiful!

  182. this brought tears to my eyes.

    I wish I could give my uncle a hug. He has severe depression and started hiding from family life (again) before christmas. We are getting a texted reply about once a week so getting there… if you have a prayer list please add him!

  183. My boyfriend…he’s been going through so much and is so depressed. His ex-wife kidnapped their 13 yr old son to Alaska last year, and he finally got his son back after much expense with his attorney, and heartache. His son blames him for ruining his life and tells him he hates him. He has total disregard for his father (my boyfriend), and complete disrespect. It’s very hard for me to just stand by and watch it all happen. I have to bite my tongue constantly…there’s much more, but this is the jest of it. I am in the process of actually making a quilt for my boyfriend. Got the top almost finished…

  184. My mother-in-law, who has given up on life.

  185. Lori Morton says

    Your story made me cry…what beautiful proof of the power of prayers! In in mid August thru early Oct. this past year…I went thru 7 weeks…33 actual days) of Radiation. My daughter came up from NC (I live in Ohio)…just to give me a quilt she made…to take with me, to have the hugs & prayers she had stitched into it close to me . I know her prayers & those of my church friends helped me thru…and that I am doin’ well now too.

    Now that same daughter could sure use the hugs & prayers too…for a whole different situation in her life now.

  186. What an awesome story! God is good, ALL the time! Prayer ministries are so powerful and mix it with the warmth and love of a quilt, it’s healing! I’ve been dreaming about starting a prayer quilt ministry in my church in Katy and you may have tipped me over the edge to just do it! Thanks! I would love for this fabric to be used in our first quilt for that ministry! Mrscwatson81(at)hotmail.com

  187. Karrie Smith says

    I would love to make something super special for my daughter for VDay. I can’t spend any extra money right now. Thanks!

  188. nancy hutchison says

    my small quilting bee has made 3 “recovery” quilts for members in the past year and a half. I know that the tangible love the quilts bestow does more for recovery than words I might speak. Thank you for this possibility.

  189. Thank you for sharing. Iloved your story. Sometimes we dont realise how we gently touch others withour words.

  190. My mom is currently in a rehab facility following a fall….she could really use a hug! and I would love to make her a lap quilt!

  191. I love this. I think sometimes as friends it’s hard to know what we can do when the ones we love are going through rough things. I love the tangible reminder of prayer.

  192. Actually, I need a quilt. Single mother of three, suffering from ME/CFS 8 years now, my youngest is only 9. Therefore I need it.


  193. My sweet husband, who is currently on a dozen meds to control his medical problems.

  194. What a story. Lucky you to have such a great support system. <3 I'd give quilty hugs and snuggles to my Mom. She just finished school and is looking for a job/internship.

  195. Two years ago my dad was diagnosed with two separate types of cancer. I wrapped him in a quilty hug. This past year my mom has been having more health problems than usual (which is already enough) and for Christmas I wrapped her in a quilty hug. My dear sweet aunt is now the one having health problems and is looking at several minor surgeries in the next year…but to her they are ALL major! Her quilty hug is the next quilt I will be working on.

  196. Hello, Thanks to the Lord for your recovery!
    Prayers to for my dear friend that has recently lost her husband.
    Thank you for sharing!

  197. My grand daughter is in need of hugs , her Daddy, My son is in need of prayers. He leaves in a few days for overseas deployment. he has gone before, but she is a bit older now, and sorta understands he will be gone for quite a long time. She is very sad. I plan to send her some little goodies and words of encouragement, a few times a month. and plan to skype more often. I actually just got some fabric in the mail to make her a new quilt, but I could always add in some of the lovely bobbins and bits.

    glad your recovery is going well. thanks for sharing the love 🙂

  198. Charlene Glover says

    My family could use a hug, my husband has been on travel, we won’t see him til April. We miss him so very much. This is a beautiful quilt.

  199. My Mum deserves lots of hugs to say thank you for looking after me full time for 10 years now. You didn’t say if the giveaway is open internationallly or not – I’m in the UK.

  200. When I was going through radiation (after chemo) for breast cancer, I received a quilt to cover myself from the dressing room to the treatment room. I finished my first quilt (which I donated at a ladies retreat) while I was undergoing chemo. I belong to a quilt guild which makes quilts for needy babies and toddlers and well as covers for the incubators at a local hospital. Quilts are very healing and wrap the recipient in love. Before my husband died, he just about wore out a quilt – just rubbing and rubbing the quilt. He knew the love that had gone into the quilt for him and he sat under the quilt and felt loved by it. Since I had made it for him, it meant more to him than the one his own mother had made for him. I hope your recovery is progressing and you are gaining strength every day. I had surgery on both my eyes at the end of November and it was a tough surgery, too. I know it was nothing compared to yours. My doctor told me it was a painful surgery and pain pills didn’t help and he was correct. Praying for a total recovery and thankful for a wonderful family.

  201. Thank you for the chance. My husband could use a hug right now. He’s not feeling that great.

  202. Nicole Sender says

    Wonderful idea for a quilt. My son could use some hugs as he cares for a challenging child.

  203. Amy Rodenberg says

    My mom really needs some warm snuggles. She has been down lately. The winter months are always hard on her. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win.

  204. There is this lady that I have gotten to know to. I met her two weeks ago. I have visited her twice and although we haven’t really talked that often, I have really gotten to like her. She is battling cancer and I really admire her for her positive attitude. I would like to learn how to make a quilt blanket and send one to her anonymously.

  205. My sister in law could definitely need a snuggle and a quilt. After 6 years her cancer has returned and metastasized. She doing great and is easily going to beat it again, but the chemo just sucks.

  206. My pastor’s wife who has been battling cancer.