Holiday Chex Mix Recipe

Today my family decorated our lovely Christmas tree that we cut down yesterday.  We turned on our holiday music, got out the family ornaments, and I made up a homemade batch of chex mix!  I love chex mix.  If you've never had it and you are thinking that it is just liked the stuff you get in the bag, you are sorely mistaken.  It is SO much better!  I look forward to chex mix every holiday season.  I know I could probably make it other times of the year, but it has become a tradition that I make our chex mix while we decorate our tree.  Please, please, please give … continue reading

Knifty Knitter

I have been crocheting for about 9 years now, but I have never learned how to knit.  I REALLY want to, but I just haven't ever had the opportunity for someone to teach me.  I don't really do well with instructional books - I just can't visualize what they want you to do.  So I am hoping someday to pick up knitting, but in the meantime I have my knifty knitter.Have you ever used the knifty knitter?  I think it is one of the best creations!  You don't need to know how to crochet or knit and you don't need to really be into crafting at all.  It's VERY basic.  It's a … continue reading

Life Lessons

My favorite magazine subscription that I receive is "Real Simple" magazine.  I love this magazine for many reasons; it has beautiful pictures, the page layouts are really user friendly, I am generally interested in about 90% of the topics they cover, and I even love the paper they use.Lately, I have been relating to their "Life Lessons" section in the magazine and this month in particular, I thought they had some really great advice.  I would like to quote a few sections from the "10 Truths I Wish I'd Known Sooner" article by Amy Bloom.1.  Events reveal people's … continue reading

Fun with Fleece – Hat & Mittens!

Tomorrow, Saturday, my family and I plan to cut down our Christmas tree at our favorite Christmas tree farm! Bringing home a fresh tree into our home, just smells like Christmas to me. As convenient as fake trees might be, it just wouldn't be the same (or nearly as fun).Cutting down our Christmas tree is becoming one of our family traditions and I love it!  My husband and I have cut down our tree together since our first year of marriage and now we get to experience this wonderful outing with our two daughters.  We get all bundled up, ride the tractor out to all … continue reading


I love Thanksgiving.  It is the holiday that gives me the most reflection over the past year.  You would think New Year's might be that day for me, but really I use New Year's to look at the year ahead.  So, thinking towards tomorrow (Thanksgiving), my heart just wants to explode for all the things I am thankful for - I have been truly blessed.  I know I cannot list them all, but here are just a handful:I am thankful for........1)  The birth of my daughter Matilda Jane.  She is a true blessing from God.  She lights up my life and is such a sweet, happy baby.  I … continue reading

Holiday Wreath Tutorial

I saw this wreath idea several months ago on another blog I follow, The Nesting Place, and have been dying to try it.  I decided Christmas was the perfect time and I'm happy to share this tutorial with you. I believe the decoration you choose to hang on your front door says a lot about you.  It's the first thing people notice before seeing you answer the door and can really set the tone for your visit.  So why not take a little time and effort and make it truly special?I don't know about you, but I am certainly on a budget these days so I am always looking for … continue reading

Busy, Busy

So this was one of the last free weekends my family has between now and Christmas.  Not that I mind, I quite enjoy all the holiday festivities.  But you would think that knowing this is one of our last leisurely weekends, that I would take it easy and relax, but nope, not me......not this busy bee.So here's what I've been up to.  I decided on Saturday that I wanted to go ahead and put up our Christmas decorations.  We are not hosting Thanksgiving this year (we are heading to my in-laws), so I figured, why not get a jump start?  I love Christmas and the earlier I … continue reading


I was browsing the internet looking for my next crafting inspiration - I have a couple of Savannah's friends birthdays coming up and I haven't quite nailed down what I want to make for them yet.  So I thought I would check out what Martha has going on (I haven't caught her show much lately).  By now you know I really admire her, yes she may be a bit stuffy for some, but I don't mind, to each his own.  Well, while on the Martha Stewart site I came across some wonderful clip-art and templates that she has available for free!!  Yes, that's right free!  All you have … continue reading

Fabric, Fabric Everywhere!!

I've been looking at my fabric stash today trying to decide what my next project is going to be.  I have some super cute new patterns that I am dying to try out, but I just have to decide on the perfect fabric.  I love fabric and probably have way too much, but it is just so much fun with all the great design that is out there.So I can admit it, my name is Lindsay and I am a fabricaholic - there I said it!  There are so many amazing fabric designers in the market today that just looking at their designs inspires me to create.  Maybe you have toyed with the idea of … continue reading


Ok, I'm back!  So sorry I haven't posted in several days - last week I came down with a pretty nasty cold that seemed to put life on hold for a little while.  Luckily I seem to be on the mend, so now it is back to business as usual.Well, because I was down and out this past week, I really let my house go.  It was driving me nuts to have everything so out of order and chaotic (yes, that's my type A personality), but as much as I wanted to, I just couldn't get up enough energy to get anything done.  Now that I am feeling better it is time to get my house in to … continue reading