I LOVE Sewing!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE sewing!!  I have to say it again, I LOVE sewing!  There is something so satisfying about handmaking something that you envision.  I got my first sewing machine only just a year ago (a birthday present from my wonderful Mom and loving hubby).  I read the manual and off to town I went and have never looked back.I had minimal instruction from my Grandma Peggy and my Mom, but really taught myself.The creative possibilities are endless with this small machine.  Here are just a few of my projects that I have  completed with my good friend, the sewing … continue reading


I was searching my cupboards, freezer and fridge this past week trying to think of something for dinner with what little we had on hand.  I've been trying to be really good lately about using what we already have and grocery shopping less.  Isn't it amazing how much a trip to the store adds up?  And I always feel so bad when I waste food or have fresh food go bad.  So I've been trying to buy a lot of frozen and can goods to remedy this problem.So here's what I came up with - Fiesta Green Chile Burrito Bake.  I remembered seeing a similar idea to this semi-homemade … continue reading