Christmas Stockings

I have always loved my Christmas stocking.  My Mom had a beautiful velveteen stocking that her Grandmother (my Great-Grandmother) made for her.  It was beautiful – with all the hand-sewn bead work – you could definitely tell a lot of time, effort and love went into making that stocking.

When I was a young child, my Mom decided to make my brother, Dad, and I a version of her stocking.  It was SO exciting to have our beautiful stockings with all the special ornaments sewn onto the Christmas trees.  And even to this day, there is something so comforting to me about reaching way down into that velveteen stocking on Christmas morning……it just feels like Christmas.

So this year my Mom made a version of my stocking (and her stocking) for Brett, Savannah and Matilda.  They are gorgeous!  Again, you can see the love that was sewn into the stockings!  And I plan to keep this tradition alive and hope to make stockings like these for my Grandchildren someday.

Brett, Savannah and Matilda’s New Stockings
(we will be having their names embroidered on the top)

Some people don’t care much about stockings, they just purchase one and don’t think much about it.  But to me, it is one of the really special parts about our Christmas morning.  Every time I see my stocking, it makes me think of my Mom and my Great Grandma and I feel comfort, love and joy!

My Original Stocking
(made by The Cottage Mama’s Mama)

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