Embellished Sweater Headband Tutorial

Have you noticed that headbands seem to be coming back in-style?  I have always loved headbands and I think they are super cute way to enhance an outfit! As you have read in my previous posts, I love repurposing items.  Several weeks ago I repurposed a woman's sweater and turned it into a little girl's cardigan (remember this post?)  Well, when I was transforming the sweater into one that would fit my daughter, I cut off the bottom 2-3 inches of the sweater to make it the right length for her. I kept seeing that strip of felted sweater laying around my craft … continue reading

Spicy Chorizo Sausage Fajitas

I am a big fan of fajitas.  Typically I make chicken, shrimp or veggie fajitas here at The Cottage Home, but this week I decided to try something new - Spicy Chorizo Sausage Fajitas!  If you've never tried chorizo, you can find it in most local grocery stores these days.  It sort of has the consistency of ground beef, but is a little drier due to the fact that there are many herbs and spices mixed in (especially chili powder).  If you are looking to add something new to your cooking repertoire - give these a try!!Spicy Chorizo Sausage Fajitas Ingredients:1lb. … continue reading

Mason Jar Pin Cushion Tutorial

I wanted to share this fun, easy Mason Jar Pin Cushion Tutorial with all of you.  I have been trying to get my craft space organized over the last few days (trying being the operative word).  I have a big stash of these mason jars that I got super cheap at the thrift store (.39 cents each).  I am going to be using them to store all of my extra trims, buttons, ect.  I decided to add a pin-cushion to the top to make them dual purpose (and I think it makes the jars so fun and decorative)!So if you need some extra storage, grab a mason jar and give this tutorial a … continue reading

Craft Organization: Ribbon

My craft/sewing space is in dire need of some serious organization.  I will partly blame my disorganization on the fact that my craft/sewing room is also the office, so I can't have it set up exactly how I would like.  The other part I will blame on myself.  I get so excited about a new project and just have to get it finished; therefore, I don't clean up as I go and that just leads to utter chaos with all of my fabric, thread, ribbon, scissors, patterns all over the place........you get the picture......not pretty.So I thought I would do a few posts on craft … continue reading

My Girls!

Oh, my heart is so full of love today that I just wanted to share a few pictures of my little ladies - Savannah Rose (22 months) and Matilda Jane (6 months).  I have to say, I am not a photographer and getting a picture of two under two actually looking at the camera at the same time was a big accomplishment for me! Now many people told me that having two children so close together would be hard, but that it would be so worth it.  And now I think I know what they meant about the......"so worth it" part.Over the last few weeks I have really seen Savannah … continue reading

Repurposed Woman’s Turtleneck = Sweet Little Girl’s Cardigan

I have had several sweaters laying around my office / craft room that I purchased some months ago from Goodwill (remember this post).  I had already felted them and they were just waiting for my creativity to get a hold of them.  Except that was the problem........I just didn't really have too many ideas that motivated me to do anything with them......until today!I decided to take a felted woman's turtleneck and turn it into a little cardigan for my sweet Savannah Rose.  So here's what I started with:And here is what I ended up with: The felting REALLY reduced the … continue reading

Little Girls Valentine’s Day Dress Tutorial

My daughter Savannah had this super-cute Valentine's Day shirt last year that I bought from BabyGap: I love this shirt!  It's just so perfect for Valentine's Day, but that sad thing is that she only really wore it for a couple weeks last year. She went through a major growth spurt and it seemed like overnight the shirt was too short - total bummer!!  Do you find that happens a lot - the shirts don't get too tight, they just get too short?  That always seems to be our problem around The Cottage Home. In thinking about what I wanted my little miss to wear for … continue reading

Mary Jane’s Farm Magazine

Have you heard of Mary Jane's Farm magazine?  Well, I had never heard of this lovely publication until a few weeks ago.  Maybe I am just out of the loop and all of you have been reading and subscribing to this magazine for years, but where has this been my whole life?  It is wonderful!My mother-in-law gave me a fantastic gift for Christmas; tons of magazines!!  These weren't just any magazines, these were magazines I had never heard of or never read (due to the fact that they were a little out of my regular budget), but they were all covering topics that she knew … continue reading

Little Girls Kitchen Apron Tutorial

My daughter, Savannah Rose, received a darling little kitchen for Christmas this year from her Gigi and Grumpy (my husbands parents).  But what kitchen would be complete without a cute little apron to wear while you are cooking?  I decided I had to make my little lady an apron to match her new favorite toy.  Here is the "how to" for my version of a Little Girls Apron: Little Girl's Apron Tutorial Supplies: Fabric -1/4 yard for main apron (or two fat-quarters would work) -1/4 yard of contrasting colors for flower detail -1/6 yard for sash Rotary Cutter, … continue reading

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe – YUM!

Yesterday my daughter Savannah and I were playing with her Melissa and Doug wooden cookie set in her new play kitchen.  The Cottage Grandma (my Mom) sent her this adorable set  - have you seen it?  It is so much fun - it comes with a cookie sheet, cookies, toppings for the cookies, a play knife, a play spatula, and long cookie tin (think slice and bake) - all made out of wood!  The cookies have velcro on both sides, so you can velcro on your topping, velcro it onto the cookie sheet, or put all the cookies together and practice your slicing.  So much fun!!So why am … continue reading