Pattern Weights

I don’t know about you, but cutting fabric is one of my least favorite parts about sewing.  I love having a design idea in my head and I LOVE sewing it together, but the cutting……not so much.

I was reading my most recent issue of “Sew News” magazine and they had a great idea that I thought I would share with all of you.  Typically when you are working with a pattern, you will pin it to your fabric and then cut it out.  Well, their tip was to use washers (like the kind your find in the hardware store) to weight-down the pattern pieces.  Genius, I say!!  Why didn’t I think of this?!  This helps to stabilize the pattern pieces so that they don’t move during cutting.

So now I simply weight down my patterns onto my fabric and use my rotary cutter to cut them out.  And if you don’t use a rotary cutter to cut your patterns, you must!  As painful as I find cutting patterns to be, it makes it go 10x’s faster.

The next time you are sewing from a pattern or even if you are trying to simply trace something, grab some washers………it is a seriously good thing!!

DIY Pattern Weights from The Cottage Mama.

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  1. Okay, this is genius! I’m sooooo doing it. I HATE pinning!!!! Thank you for this tip!

  2. I totally could have used those while tracing the patterns out of Carefree Clothing for Girls. My hubby-honey might have some washers…

  3. Great idea! Looks like a time-saver and I’ll be raiding my hubby’s shop soon 🙂 I shared your idea on my blog here. Thanks!

  4. Anonymous says

    How do you cut patterns with a rotary cutter if its not all straigh edges if that makes sense at all?


  5. brilliant! i love this! i hated my rotary cutter bc of all the shifting but if I use weights i bet it will be super easy! great tip!

  6. Thanks for this tip. The other day I tried securing my pattern pieces with a tiny bit of painters tape and it worked like a charm. I was able to use my ruler and rottary cutter that way without any problems.

  7. I cover these little weights with cutesy details. This past week I made a Raggedy Anne set to sell in my Etsy shop! I already have apple pattern weights in my shop. Love them! They are so useful for us who sew with large patterns!