Scrappy Ruffle Headband Tutorial

Today I’m sharing a tutorial for the Scrappy Ruffle Headband Tutorial that I created for Riley Blake Designs Project Design Team. This headband is made from Riley Blake Fabrics (The Sweetest Thing) and Sew Together Trims and Buttons. These headbands come together in no time with very little sewing involved. Use up the scraps from whatever quilt or outfit you have around and you’ve got a fun accessory any little girl would love to wear!

Scrappy Ruffle Headband Tutorial
by Lindsay Wilkes from The Cottage Mama
2 coordinating fabrics (scraps)
1 plastic headband
1 piece of ruffle elastic trim (or other trim)
1 button
Glue gun or strong craft glue
Hand sewing supplies

Cut two coordinating fabrics into rectangles. Cut the larger one 5″ x 3″ and the smaller one 5″ x 2″. If you would prefer a larger ruffle on the headband just adjust your measurements accordingly.

For my headband, I used the ruffle elastic trim from Riley Blake’s line of Sew Together trims and buttons and cut the trim 3″ long. However, if you don’t have this, you can use regular elastic or you can use a gathering stitch and apply trim on top in one of the later steps.

Layer the two coordinating fabrics on top of one another, making sure to center the smaller piece on top of the larger piece.

Place the ruffle elastic on top of the two fabrics running straight down the center. Stretch the elastic so it is the same length as the fabric. Sew down the center of the elastic (while stretched). I used an elastic stitch that is on my machine, but you can just use a regular zig-zag or straight stitch. Whatever works for sewing elastic.

Like I said above, if you do not have this product, you can certainly run a gathering stitch down the center of the two fabrics and pull the thread to achieve your desired length. Then you could sew trim such as rickrack or ribbon on top of your stitching.

I purchased a five-pack of headbands from our local dollar store. They aren’t the most beautiful things, but for 20 cents a piece, you can’t beat it! If you can find plain plastic headbands you can skip the next step, but use whatever works.

Snip the end of the cloth cover on the headband and remove the cover to reveal the plain plastic headband.

Cut a strip of fabric 1/2″ long by about the full width of the fabric (42″). You may need more or less depending on how layered and tightly wound you want to cover the headband. Selvage fabric would be good for this step, since there always seems to be strips near the edge leftover after sewing different projects.

Take your glue gun or strong craft glue and wrap your fabric strip around the headband. Place glue every 2-3 wraps and continue wrapping until the entire headband is covered.
Sew or glue your button to the center of the ruffle and then glue the ruffle to the headband.


I also decided to make a coordinating look for my little miss and had the opportunity to try out Riley Blake Design’s new knit fabric. And let me tell you, it is dreamy. It washes perfectly and the stretch is amazing. My daughter commented over and over again how soft it was on her skin. She also asked if I could make her a blanket from the knit. I might need some more yardage for that one……..
Here is her outfit…….

I made a pair of leggings with a yoga waistband. It’s hard to see in the picture, but the leggings are banded at the bottom. I also wanted this to be a layered look, but the sleeves are actually attached to the dress, so it’s not a separate shirt. The sleeves have a banded cuff as well.

And here I leave you with a picture my silly little girlie. She has so much fun posing for her mama when I make her new outfits……it really warms my heart.
Have a great day!


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  1. This is really cute, Lindsay! Your daughter is adorable and that knit sounds awesome, I need to get some!

  2. Very cute, both project and model :o)