Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung and fabric designer, Heather Bailey, has come out with some super-cute new sewing patterns!  I have always loved Heather’s fabrics (as I’m sure you’ve seen in my etsy shop), but I’m really thinking I just may have to get my hands on some of these patterns.

Check out some of her new pattern designs:

And are these adorable or what?  I’m loving the butterfly and the ladybug – imagine one of these little critters sitting next to you at your sewing machine?  These pincushions would make great gifts for all of the crafty people in your life.

And these…….well these are so ridiculously cute, I can’t even stand it!  I can just imagine my two little ladies playing pretend with these two adorable characters.

And finally, this beautiful bag!  If you have some extra time before Mother’s Day I think this would make a great gift for Mom!

Speaking of Mom………my Mom (The Cottage Mama’s Mama) has agreed to do a guest blog post reviewing a recent sewing pattern that we picked up at the Chicago Quilt Festival this last weekend (which was amazing, by the way).

The Sewing Workshop patterns claim they are “patterns that teach”……well, we’ll just have to put them to the test!  My Mom is an amazing sewer (though she is very humble and would never admit it), so I’m very excited for her to share some of her knowledge with all of you.

Here is the pattern she will be reviewing:

I would love to do more sewing pattern reviews and tutorials on The Cottage Home, so if you are interested in guest posting a pattern review, please leave me a comment or email me and we can work out the details – [email protected]

Happy Sewing!

Cottage Mama’s Note:  All patterns are scheduled to be in-stock tomorrow, April 23, in Heather Bailey’s store.

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  1. I love them all. I wish I had more than a few hours a week to sew… I’d be churning out a lot of totes and piggies =)

  2. I just ordered the folding tote and the pig patterns through my fabric co-op today – can’t wait to get started on them!!