Baby Boys and Robots

Is it just me or does it seem like there are a ton of babies being born during this time of year?  It seems like all our friends have been having babies left and right……as a matter a fact our good friends Patrick and Anita just had a new baby today…….baby Lucy!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been busy getting my inventory ready for a show next week, but I have managed to find some time to whip up a few baby gifts here and there (and I have a couple more to do this weekend).  My friend Shannon just had her second baby boy so I thought I’d make her a little something special for her new little bundle…… Kevin.

I made Shannon’s baby boy, Kevin, this little robot gift set.  A custom appliqued organic cotton onesie and two cotton chenille burp cloths.

I love David Walker’s “Robots” fabric – isn’t it just so cute?  I’m not all that versed in boys, seeing as though I have two girlies, but I’m used to seeing cars, sports and dinosaurs for boys.  I think the robots are unique.  I used the applique techniques from this “Sew Basics” post for the onesie.

I used three fabrics for the applique.  The light blue for the border, the robots for the main fabric and the red for the “K” (for “Kevin”).  I applied the applique with fusible interfacing and I used a medium sized zig-zag stitch around the edge to prevent any fraying. 

Do you want me to tell you a little secret?  I used embroidery thread instead of my regular thread for the applique and it turned out awesome!  I don’t have a fancy sewing machine so I never thought of embroidery thread to even be an option for me, but this worked like a dream.

To go along with the “Robot” onesie I made a couple burp cloths.  And since I was making burp cloths, I decided to make a bunch for my show this next week.

These came together rather quickly because I used my serger.  I’m typically not a huge fan of a serged edge, but I think it works for boy things.

I used a wide variety of fabrics from David Walker’s “Robots” collection.  I love how these can be put together as burp cloth sets.  I don’t think I will be listing these in my etsy shop, but they will be great for shows and make wonderful gifts!

For the backing I used a super-soft cream chenille.  Chenille is definitely my favorite fabric for baby – so soft and cuddly but really durable as well.

Thanks for letting me share! 
  Do you know lots of people having babies during this time of year?  
What kinds of fun baby gifts are you making? 

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  1. David Walker’s Robots is one of my favourite fabrics, even for girls!!! The onesie is precious as are the burp cloths. Tons of babies being born in these parts too! I really like to make hooded towels. I think they are useful gift as well.

  2. There was Absoloutely no way I could read this & pass by without a comment; I am due to have my bubba boy in the next 4 weeks & know a bunch of local bloggers having kiddies around about now too… AND, ‘snap’ on the robots for little boys, my nursery is robot-themed! For the same reason you choose to make your gift robot-y, I chose ‘bots for my bub, they are cute & unique.

    Of course, as soon as I decided, I started seeing fantastic robot things everywhere, this fabric as well as bot camp fabric, robot sorties, wooden robots… I even had a couple of robot rattles made specially, not to mention drawing some for the walls… Um… seems like I’ve gone a teensy bit ‘bot crazy…! Needless to say, I love this, and might be a wee bit jealous of baby Kevin!!

  3. loving the robots!
    my son Leland and i just made a little robot that he named Rupert.
    i’ve been making little quilted bibs for gifts lately:O)

  4. I too love that fabric! I know 2 people expecting as well, I’ve been doing the hooded bath towels 🙂

  5. Love those!! I know TONS of pregnant ladies! I had no idea you could use embroidery thread on your regular sewing machine! That’s awesome…I will have to try it! Thanks for sharing your awesomness!!

  6. These are so nice, I love the stitching around the panel and the letter – it works really well. Gorgeous fabric too.

  7. I totally love making baby burp rags. When I was preggers with my first, I couldn’t find a decent sized burp rag or anything resembling a large swaddling blanket. For some reason, manufacturers think micro sized is perfect. Sure, for the newborn, but what about the 3 month old? I ended up with stacks of flannel and a plan. 1 yard makes a great swaddling size with a 1/4″ double fold hem. 1/4 yard does the best size burp cloths. Fold in half, sandwich a piece of 100% cotton batting, serge the edges. Girl or boy, burps should be BIG and functional! Oh yes, and super absorbent. I’ll have to try some nice cotton robot fabric on one side of my burpees. They look tremendously cute!