Happy 8th Birthday, Savannah!

Happy 8th Birthday, Savannah on The Cottage Mama.

Dear Savannah,

Happy Birthday! Today you are 8 years old. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been a mama for 8 years now. How is that possible? Time has surely flown with you and you are growing up into such a beautiful young lady. On your birthday today, here are a few things I would like to remember about you and you might like to know about what you were like at 8 years old……..

Happy 8th Birthday, Savannah on The Cottage Mama.

  1. You love to dance. You take tap, jazz and ballet and absolutely adore your dance friends. You dance three days a week and your favorite is tap.
  2. When you grow up you want to be an artist or a dance teacher.
  3. You really enjoy art class and art projects. You bought an adult coloring book with your own money.
  4. Your favorite color is purple, which is a change for your serious love of orange for so many years. And recently, you are not a big fan of pink.
  5. You like to play with Shopkins, Beanie Boos and your American Girl Doll, Kit.
  6. You are having an indoor camping themed sleepover birthday party. You love camping, but we decided it was a little too cold for camping outside in Chicago during the month of March. You will be sleeping in the huge tent in the basement! You have chosen to have an ice cream cookie cake made by your mama as well as burgers and hot dogs for dinner. You are also planning to watch the movie Big Hero 6.
  7. You have chosen a family dinner at your Gigi and Grumpy’s house for your birthday dinner. Usually you like to go out to eat, but you say that your Grumpy makes the best ribs on earth. You are going to have ribs, mashed potatoes (with NO skins), corn on the cob and apple pie.
  8. You are such a great big sister, especially to baby Josephine. It’s so sweet to watch you with her. You watch her in the morning while I get your brother dressed and get ready for the day. You love your time with Josephine and she absolutely adores you!
  9. Your current favorite foods include broccoli cheese soup, tortellini with homemade Alfredo sauce, cheeseburgers, chicken soft tacos, hard boiled eggs, mashed potatoes, kiwi and grapefruit.
  10. You transitioned beautifully to your new school this year. You easily make friends and are very happy in your 2nd grade class!
  11. You are in Brownies for the first time this year and sold Girl Scout Cookies this year too!
  12. You have lost 8 teeth.
  13. You enjoy cooking and sewing with Mama. Or any one-on-one time with Mama.
  14. Your close friends this year are Chloe, Avery, Ella, Lexi, Alexa, Lilly, Ava, Erica and Emma.
  15. You are very smart. You are especially good at math, though you don’t particularly care for that subject.
  16. You do not like when Daddy has to do your hair.
  17. You enjoy the outdoors, even though you REALLY don’t like bugs.
  18. Your favorite animal is still an elephant.
  19. This year you were an Angel in the Nutcracker and are a Swan in your spring dance performance.
  20. You really enjoy going out to eat (so do I!).

Happy 8th Birthday, Savannah on The Cottage Mama.

You have grown up so much in this last year. You are becoming very responsible and it’s lovely to see your personality coming out more and more. You are so much like me in so many ways, but yet, you have your own unique way of doing things and living life. Daddy just informed me that turning 8 years old means you are half way to getting your drivers license. Yikes! It’s hard to imagine, but you are growing up and I’m so proud of the little lady you are becoming. Thank you for being such a loving, sweet, warm and beautiful child.

Happy 8th Birthday, Savannah on The Cottage Mama.

I love you to the moon and back again!



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  1. Dear Lindsey,
    It’s hard to Imagine she is 8. My first grandchild and granddaughter turned 9 this year. I found you soon after you hit the blogging world. I’ve been watching Savannah grow up, and also Matilda, Caspian, and of course little Josie. We are expecting are 4th grandchild the first week of May. Like you we will have 3 girls and 1 boy at that time though our’s have gone girl, boy, girl, girl. I so enjoy the peeps into the “cottage”. Where does the time go? Next year our little Rowen will become a tween. Will I be ready for that? I guess it doesn’t make any difference, it is going to happen. Savannah is quite the young lady. You can tell that she is going to be drop dead gorgeous when she grows up. Tell daddy to start polishing off the shotgun!

  2. A wonderful share of love to your daughter. Thank you for sharing it, and her, with all of us. The gift of this post will be something she will cherish for her entire life.

  3. I just started getting back to reading my long list of favorite blogs and came accross your beautiful tribute to your daughter. What a lovely young lady she is! And she is very lucky to have a Mama who would write such a beautiful love letter to her on her birthday! Happy Birthday Savannah!