Lessons with Lindsay: How to Create and Use Piping

Must Watch! Free video on how to create and use piping. Great video from The Cottage Mama!

It’s another Lesson with Lindsay free sewing video day! Today’s video is one of my very favorites…….I’m talking all about how to create and use piping. Piping is one of my favorite trims to use in children’s clothing and I’m really excited to share all my tips and tricks with you. In this video you will learn how to create your own custom piping, how to set it into a seam as well as many other tips from me along the way. You do not want to miss this video. I promise you, it’s a really, really good one!

How to Create and Use Piping

I hope you enjoyed today’s Lesson with Lindsay free sewing video. If you aren’t familiar with Lessons with Lindsay, it’s my free, online sewing series where I share different sewing techniques, projects and more. It’s sponsored by Baby Lock Sewing and Embroidery Machines. I hope these videos help you achieve great things with your sewing and expand your knowledge of this beautiful craft. Whether you are new to sewing or a seasoned pro, I always feel you can continue to learn. I absolutely love teaching and sharing information, so these videos offer a way for me to reach many of you online. If you would like to view other Lessons with Lindsay sewing videos, you can see the other ones by clicking HERE.

There are still several more videos in this group of videos and I just got back last week from filming another nine videos for you. This first grouping is a little more technique based, but the next grouping (let’s call it Season 2) will have more full project videos. We hope to continue releasing Lessons with Lindsay every three weeks, so if you enjoy these videos please share them on social media, Pinterest, etc. so we can keep the series going. And until next time……….

Happy Sewing!

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