Camping Party Invitations

Cutest camping party invitations EVER! The Cottage Mama

Are these not the cutest darn camping party invitations you have ever seen? I cannot get over the sweetness here. Savannah is turning 8 in several weeks and she really loves camping. She wanted to have an outdoor camping party, but the weather in early March in Chicago isn’t typically very warm. So she decided to have an indoor camping party. We are going to set up our huge tent in the basement, add some twinkle lights and make it feel like they are camping outside (except they will have heat and a potty). She is having 9 of her friends and then she let Matilda invite one of her friends too, so there will be 11 girls (I know……..we are probably crazy).

Cutest camping invitations EVER! The Cottage Mama

My camping loving husband is going to let them do S’mores outside around our fire pit. I think that will give them the feel of camping. And who knows, maybe he’ll even break out his guitar around the fire. If it’s not too cold, we might do something fun outside with flashlights.

We didn’t do a big party for Savannah last year. Instead we took a trip downtown for tea at the American Girl store (which was certainly an awesome birthday outing). But this year we are at a new school and Savannah really wanted her first sleepover party with her new friends (and some of her dance friends). We try to do a party every other year for the kids. And with four kids……that’s still a lot of parties.

Cutest camping party invitations EVER! The Cottage Mama

So back to these cutie pie invitations that I just had to share with you. I didn’t design these. Boy, do I wish I had! But I don’t have those kind of graphic design skills. I ordered these from Minted. I love Minted (and in case you were wondering, they did not pay me or ask me to write this post). We’ve ordered our Christmas cards through them for the last several years as well as other birthday party invites (remember Savannah’s Rainbow Unicorn Party?). The quality is always wonderful, but the thing that gets me coming back again and again is the free recipient addressing they offer now. Yes, you just store all your contacts in there and they address all the envelopes for you in whatever style you select. That is cool, right? And a huge time saver. Once you get the cards, you just slide them in the envelope, put a stamp on them and off they go.

They can be a little bit pricey, but if you search the internet you can usually find a discount code or they run promotions on their site as well. Anyway, I looked on several other sites for girly themed camping invites and there was nothing as darling as this out there. How could we not go with the smiling marshmallows? There is also the same invite with a blue background and yellow for a more boy or neutral theme.

Cutest camping party invitations EVER! The Cottage Mama

I’m looking forward to sharing the details of Savannah’s Indoor Camping themed party with you, but for now I’ll just leave you with these cute happy marshmallows! And if you need these invitations too, you can find them here.

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