A Day at the Market

I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful holiday weekend – we sure are!  I just wanted to share some pictures from our trip to our local farmer’s market.

Check out these hanging baskets – aren’t they GORGEOUS!  I would love to have one, but we don’t have anywhere to hang something like that.  So if you can’t take one home, you might as well stop and smell the pretty flowers.

During this time of year there is very little produce available at our market.  It’s mostly plants, herbs, cheese, honey, bread and wine.  Asparagus is in season right now, but that’s about it.  In a couple months the market will transform into more of a vegetable and fruit market.

Here’s Miss Savannah taking a stroll through the central square – she is quite the little independent 2-year old these days.

It was gorgeous weather outside and Savannah was loving it.  She is wearing a dress I made for her from the “Sienna” dress pattern by Lil Blue Boo.  The dress is made entirely from recycled knit shirts and only cost $1.00!

Matilda was having fun too – this is her “I’m so happy, I might explode face”.  I made her a coordinating dress also!

The girls have been getting along great – I feel very blessed that Savannah has yet to show any jealousy towards her baby sister.  I’m sure there will be ups and downs, but I really hope that they will grow up to be good friends!  It just melts my heart when Savannah puts her arm around Matilda and says “best friend” – so sweet!

On our way home from the farmer’s market we stopped at one of my favorite antique shops and here’s some of the treasure I found:

A couple of vintage embroidered pillowcases (which will be made into girls pillowcase dresses) and a bunch of really beautiful vintage handkerchiefs.  I’ve got some projects in mind for the hankies so there may be another tutorial using these in the near future.

Anyway, I just wanted to share what we’ve been up to this weekend.  
What have you all been up to?  
Anyone doing anything fun?

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  1. Those linens are lovely! Farmer’s Markets can be such fun places! We love going.

  2. I just finished making a rag wreath – thank you for the tutorial – I LOVE it!! You can check it on my blog. Take care!

  3. Thank you for letting me share your beautiful wreath!! I love your door by the way!