A Week of Many Firsts…….1st Day of Preschool

So this is a busy week around here.  The girls had their first day of preschool on Monday and their first day of tap and ballet class on Tuesday and we have our little man’s first birthday coming up on Friday.  Whew…….that’s a lot of firsts all in one week!

It’s hard to believe that both my little ladies are in preschool this year.  This is Matilda’s first year and she is in the three year old class and this is Savannah’s second year and she is in the four year old class. It works out really nicely because both girls go on the same days which allows me a little alone time with my little guy.

Miss Matilda was so excited for her first day……..

Savannah was excited to see her friends again and show Matilda the ropes…….

Savannah is really into purple lately.  Can you tell?  She picked out her own outfit.

These silly sisters truly love each other.  As much as they know how to push each others buttons, they really adore one another……

The first day of school was just an hour and the parents attended with their student.

Savannah loved showing her sister exactly what to do and where to go.  The girls are in different classes, so my husband took the day off and went with Savannah and I went with Matilda.

Here are some pictures of Matilda’s first day in her class…….

The girls had a great time on their first day!  Today was actually the second day and they both went for a shorter day without the parents.  Both girls were absolutely fine……..they barely even looked back at mama (which was quite different than Savannah’s first day last year…….oh, the tears).  My girls are growing up. I am so excited for them and all the fun they are going to have this year!

And this goofy guy…….he and I will be doing a lot more hanging out this year (which I’m really looking forward to).  I seriously cannot believe he will be one year old in a couple days.  
Where did the time go? {Sigh}. I guess they all eventually grow up……….

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  1. Lindsay, the girls are just so darn cute! First day of school is always so exciting. And I can’t believe how big Caspian has gotten. Such a gorgeous family 🙂

  2. so sweet those two girls are:) it was my little guys first day of kindergarten and i havent stopped crying. im counting down the hours until i can pick him up. gosh they do grow way too fast!! im so glad i still have two more years until the next one leaves me.

  3. This was me, 22 years ago. Treasure the moments and the memories…. Blessings to you and your family!

  4. Oh my, they must be the cutest and best dressed girls in their class. Have fun with them. Preschool was my favorite age for my own kids. You’ll enjoy the time alone with your little guy too!

  5. So cute, and glad they’re enjoying going to school. A year old already for the wee guy though, seriously?! Well happy birthday to him!

  6. Awww…love those little faces!

  7. They are all just so cute! All THREE of them! I love that photo where Matilda is laughing with her hand to her mouth! That one needs to be blown up and put on the wall!

  8. Complimenti: hai delle bambine meravigliose e un bimbo tenerissimo !!! Anche la mia piccola Margherita comincia la scuola materna fra poco e non vede l’ora!
    Un abbraccio da Verona,

    Congratulations: you have wonderful girls and very cute guy!!! My little Margherita starts kindergarten at soon too, and she can not wait!
    Best wishes from Verona, Italy

  9. That last picture of the little man is one of the best ever! Such a great expression!!