Another ‘Out to Sea’ Dress and a Little Sailor

We spent this past weekend up in Lake Geneva, WI celebrating Caspian’s 1st birthday and my father-in-law’s 60th birthday.  Knowing that we were going to be up to the lake, I couldn’t resist making another dress from Sarah Jane Studio’s new ‘Out to Sea‘ fabric line.  It just had to be done!

Here are the girls wearing the two dresses that I made for them.  I shared Matilda’s dress in a previous post (which is made from my Charlotte Apron Dress Pattern), but I made a different style dress for Miss Savannah.

This dress is a basic peasant style dress with a flutter sleeve and a double layer ruffle down the front.  If you’ve never sewn a peasant dress, you should definitely give it a try.  It’s probably one of the easiest garments to sew because the fit is very forgiving and it will take you no time at all to whip up.  Definitely great for a beginner!

I decided I wanted to add in some seersucker with the ‘Out to Sea‘ line because nothing says nautical summer more than seersucker.  I had this pink and white stripe in my stash and used it as an accent for the ruffle and sleeve.

I did a double layer flutter sleeve with the pink anchor fabric on top and the pink and white seersucker underneath.  I did a rolled edge on my serger to keep the sleeves as light and ‘fluttery’ as possible.

I’m really happy with the way this dress turned out and Savannah seems to like it too!  I adore the rich navy blue and pretty pink. Such a classic, timeless combination.

How grown up is she looking?  Four going on sixteen……..gosh, I sure love that sweetheart.
So with all these nautical dresses, I couldn’t help but let Caspian join in the fun with a cute little sailor suit.
Here is my husband, Brett, and Caspian Finn.  I think Caspian looks so much like his daddy!

Caspian’s sisters sure love him…..poor guy.  You can just see the look on his face, ‘please stop smothering me!’

Here is Daddy and his boy.
I did sell some kits to make the dress that Matilda is wearing that I listed in my Etsy shop. It included all the fabric, trims, buttons as well as the printed sewing pattern to create the exact same dress in up to size 8.  I shared the kits over on the Facebook page first and they sold out very quickly.  I don’t plan to offer anymore of this exact same kit, but if you are interested in future dress kits, please join us over on The Cottage Mama Fan Page on Facebook.

Have a great day!

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  1. I love Caspian’s name (and outfit of course). My husband and I were dreaming up “c” names when I was pregnant in case we had a boy and Caspian was on my list. There was no convincing him though. Luckily, we had two girls and not too much name drama.

  2. those dresses are adorable, but that little sailor suit…priceless!

  3. The dresses are gorgeous, and love the wee sailor suit. Caspian is very definitely daddy’s boy!

  4. Absolutely adorable dresses! and all three of your kids are just precious! The grow up so fast – mine are quickly getting to the ‘i want to pick my own clothes’ stage.

  5. Oh, so cute babies….and dresses are very nice….i love sailor suit too…..:-D

    PS: Caspian really looks like hid daddy……:-)

  6. I love Caspian’s sailor suit! Did you make your own pattern or did you follow a specific one? So adorable!

  7. I just love all the clothes you make for your kids. I was wondering if you would either list the pattern number or share your patterns? The sailor outfits are adorable and I can modify one of my peasant dresses to be similar to this one but, I just adore the Easter Dresses you made (2014) and would love to know the pattern you used. That one (for both girls) is just drop dead gorgeous!!! Thanks. I am subscribing too!