Quilt Market – The Fun Stuff

So I’ve already shared my quilt market experience with you, but I thought I would share some of the fun stuff that I brought home from the market.  Some of these things were freebies and some of these I purchased at the sample spree.

This is a new line coming out from Moda by Aneela Hoey, called “Little Apples“.  At the Moda booth they were giving out these adorable little squares of fabric and this pillow pattern.  The pattern also includes an cute little girl embroidery pattern.  I’m definitely going to make this for my little ladies.

While at the sample spree, I managed to snatch up one of these fat quarter sets of “Little Apples” from the Moda booth.  I haven’t taken it apart because it just looks so pretty with all the different colors all stacked together.  I did, however, order several bolts of this fabric.  So you will see this showing up on the blog once it is released.

I received several packages of this gorgeous rose trim from “American Crafts” at the “Blogger’s Meetup“.  My friend Stef from the blog “Girl. Inspired.” has done some beautiful things with this trim on little girls dresses.  So I am totally excited to try this trim out on the edge of a dress or all over a bodice.  It’s just so sweet and feminine.

Also at the sample spree, I picked up this fat quarter set of Anna Griffin’s “Carmen” line.  I love the pinks, greens and chocolate brown.  When I saw this set, I knew I would be ordering some of this line, so I thought it would be good to have a sampling of all the different prints.  Not sure what I’ll make with this, but it is even more gorgeous in person.  And the bolts that are coming are going to be turned into dresses for sure!

These buttons were another freebie from the “Blogger’s Meetup“.  I think they are actually supposed to be used for scrapbooking, but I have some other ideas for these vintage-inspired beauties.

Another “Blogger’s Meetup” freebie (the goodie bag at the meetup was definitely a good one!) included this Robert Kaufman charm square pack.  I really like all the small vintage-inspired prints.  The whole pack is filled with pretty, girly colors.

And finally, my big splurge.  At the Seven Islands Fabric booth I purchased a bundle of 20 (1/2 yard cuts) of Melody Miller’s “Ruby Star Rising“.  This fabric is a linen/cotton blend and is considered a Japanese import fabric.  This fabric is definitely for my own personal use and doesn’t really fit in line with my shop, The Cottage Mama.  But sometimes you just really need to have something in your stash and this was it for me.  Now this fabric is not cheap, so when I say it was a splurge for me, it was definitely a splurge.

I love the vintage charm of this line.  The tea cups, the view-finders, the retro looking ladies are all going to be really fun fabrics to work with.  This fabric is very thick so it will be great for bags, zippered pouches and other different accessories.

So those were some of the goodies I picked up at Quilt Market.  Now will you believe me when I tell you that my mom actually went home with more fabric than me?  She says I made her because I showed her too many pretty things.  Well, I don’t know about that, but I think I’m turning her into a fabric lover like myself.   And we both came very close to being over the weight-limit with our suitcases.
The real treat is going to be when my 35+ bolts of fabric start arriving in the mail – can’t wait!

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  1. I am so very jealous…

    To make it to a quilt market***Dreaming 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing all of your quilt market experiences and purchases! It allows those of us fabric lovers to live vicariously through you 😉 I am in love with the Ruby Star Rising fabric that you bought for yourself. You’ll have to share with us what you make with it all!

  3. I LOVE that ribbon! My mind is going crazy thinking of things to do with it. You really made out well with the gift bag too, lots of great freebies. Thanks for posting!

  4. Oh, the comment form is back for me, oh happy day! Anyways, I just realized my life is sadly lacking something, and that something… is those buttons. I have a very bad case of button envy right about now.

  5. Oh how I love that rose trim and I’m obsessed with buttons now and those are fabulous!

  6. How many bolts? Your poor postie! I love the ribbon… just the thing to make a little girl feel like a princess.

  7. The heavy splurge fabric would make an awesome jacket a la Jackie Kennedy, and those buttons.. oh my! Who would confine those beauties to a scrap book????

  8. What fun goodies! I just love that Carmen line! So pretty! I’ll have to snag some of that when it comes out! 🙂 Looks like you had a great time & got a lot of great finds! Thanks for shariing! 🙂

  9. My eyeballs are drooling at all this loveliness! Next time can I tag along in your purse or something? What a great stash you’ve got.

  10. That is some sweet loot! I was sorely tempted by those Echinos myself. It took all kinds of willpower not to succumb. And I’m TOTALLY kicking myself for not getting some of those Anna Griffin FQ’s! Those prints were SO pretty!