Another Fabric Hunting Adventure – Texas Style!

Whenever we travel I am always on the hunt for the next greatest fabric store.  I think it is so fun to check out new places in other cities besides where we live (Chicago).  So, this past week we were in Texas for my Mom’s wedding and Thanksgiving.  My Mom had mentioned to me that there was this giant fabric store only 5 minutes from her new house with over 5000 fabrics.  What?!?!?! The thought of this place got my heart racing.

So the day after the wedding, after all the relatives had said their goodbyes, Mom and I headed to “Fabrics and More” in Houston, Texas.  Wow, this place was a decorators dream!  They had more upholstery fabric and trims than I had ever seen in one place.  And the nice part was they were all arranged in a pretty organized manner (unlike my other fabric hunting adventure in Chicago).

How adorable are these nursery decorator fabrics?  I can just see these in a little designer baby room – SO cute!!  I especially love the giraffes!

And the trims, oh the trims……….

The trims ranged in price, but overall they were a really good value.  I just wouldn’t even know what to choose if I was redecorating my house – they were all fabulous!

But if I HAD to choose, it would have to be this one (above).  The delicate little lace with ric-rac and sweet little buttons.  Just too perfect!

Above was the clearance section, so you definitely had to do a little more looking through that section, but if you were shopping for a deal, this would be the place.

You could also take your old furniture to this store and they would recover it for you there.  It was pretty neat because they had huge windows where you could watch them re-upholstering some really great pieces of furniture.  I’m not too familiar with the cost to re-upholster furniture, but my Mom said is was really reasonable in comparison to some others she had seen out there.

Personally, I was a little disappointed in the fact that they had barely any apparel fabric whatsoever, but oh well, it was still fun to look.  I am always on the hunt for new and exciting prints for The Cottage Mama, but that didn’t happen this trip.  Maybe I’ll find some in the next city we visit………

What is your favorite fabric store where you live?  Have you discovered any hidden gems?

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  1. Wow. We’ve driven by that place. I think I saw it when we were driving home from the zoo. My husband said he would take me, and now I’m definitely going to go.

  2. so fun! I love the nursery prints. My mother in law took me to a store in Anaheim, CA last time we were visiting. It was a dream. They had quilting cottons for $1.99 & $2.99/yard. Needless to say I was a little overwhelmed and bought A LOT (which I have used 🙂 I love finding new stores like that!

  3. Hancocks of Paducah Kentucky is amazing! I live about an hour from there and go probably every other month ha

  4. Fabric Depot in Portland, OR is fantastic! Bolt after Bolt of every wonderful design you could think of.

  5. I don’t even SEW and I would have loved looking in there! Especially at the trim! You know, years ago I tried to recover an old-fashioned chair of my Mom’s and the price was $500. (It is now still sitting in my shed undone!) I wonder how much this store would have charged… Thanks for taking us on the trip with you! 🙂

  6. SERIOUSLY??!! This place is in Houston? WoW =) …I was excited when Hancock Fabrics got a store in Katy LoL! My next visit will definately include going into this store! Thankyou for sharing your pictures.I’m a ‘hunter’…bargain hunter that is, so it’ll be a dream to walk in and see what kind of finds I can come across!

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  8. Ohh booo…just clicked on your little link to the store…its A LOT further into Houston than I typically go! I pretty much only go that way to get to the airport! Hmmm…might have to make an exception..all in the name of Sewing on Sally!

  9. I just saw the trim with the buttons and ric-rak at the Hobby Lobby in Conroe, TX. I fell in love with it but it wasn’t on my budget at $11.99/yard- I wanted atleast 3 of it- so cute!

  10. Sigh! 5000 fabrics!

  11. I haven’t stopped thinking about this place since you posted 🙂 …I’ll be flying into Hobby airport in about 2 weeks and Im going to ‘convince’ my sister to pick me up so we can go browse!!!