Sew Serendipity by Kay Whitt – Signed Book Giveaway

I mentioned in last weeks “Quilt Market” post that I would be doing a book giveaway this week.  Well, here it is, just as promised – “Sew Serendipity” by Kay Whitt.
One of the first people my mom and I met at International Quilt Market was author and pattern designer, Kay Whitt.  We just happened upon her booth where she was sharing her gorgeous pattern designs, her wonderful book and was sporting the most adorable dress that you can see in the picture above (made from one of her own patterns).  And as I mentioned before, she was a true ray of sunshine.  So warm and friendly and more than happy to help an aspiring pattern designer with the ins and outs of the industry.
Later that day, Kay was doing a book signing for her book, “Sew Serendipity” and I received a signed copy of the book from her publicist.  Would I love to add this book to my stash? Well, absolutely!  But I have quite a few sewing books and I decided that the book would be better in the hands of one of you.  So that leads us to our giveaway.

Today I’m giving away a signed copy of Kay Whitt’s “Sew Serendipity” sewing book.  Now even though I am giving this away, I had to take a peak inside to make sure you all would really like it.  And guess what?  It’s a total winner!  This book is geared towards women’s clothing and has many great skirt, tunic, dress, and coat patterns.  But it was the coat patterns that really won me over.

Oh, how I love this coat.  Love, love, love.  It’s just so sweet and feminine without being over the top.  I’m always thinking of children’s clothing, so I could totally see something like this on my little girls as well as myself.

I thought this one was really hip and fun with this modern fabric.  But it could also be toned down in a more subdued fabric.  This shape would be really figure flattering on lots of different body types.

And I just can’t stop looking at this one!  So classic, yet modern – just my style.  If any of you win this book and would like to make this for me, I would gladly take it off your hands.  Just kidding, but isn’t it adorable?

The book contains tons of illustrations throughout that makes it very easy to understand.  Kay does all the illustrations herself, which are just awesome.  I also love some of the other earlier chapters about getting a truly custom fit as well as her sewing tips and tools of the trade.

If you have ever been interested in sewing for yourself or another woman in your life, you are going to want this book.  So here’s how to win………..

Three ways to enter.  You may enter up to three times total.  Please leave a comment for each entry.
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Giveaway will be open until Friday, May 27, 2011 at midnight (CST).

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  97. This looks like such a great resource to have…Lots of illustrations is what I need.

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