The "Children At Play" Collection

Last week I mentioned that I was working on a collection of pieces featuring my own sewing patterns for “Sew Beautiful” magazine.  I thought maybe you would like a little peak into some of the pieces that are being sent to the magazine this week for the photoshoot that will take place in early September.  The whole collection is design in “Children At Play“, a new fabric line, by Sarah Jane Studios.

All of the following pieces are from my own sewing patterns and will be released at various times over the next year.  The Cottage Mama Sewing Patterns will be print patterns and will be available in multiple retail venues (in-store and online) as well as through my etsy shop.  Several of the patterns include multiple variations on the same dress or outfit so you will be able to get creative and make whatever design suits your personal style.

 Janey Jumper Ruffle Front Dress

 Children on Parade

 Shortcake Double Ruffle Birthday Party Dress

 The Little Man Shirt

 Shortcake Reversible Romper
(with Ruffle Bonnet – free pattern and tutorial found HERE)

 Janey Jumper Scallop Dress

 Retro Rocket Romper

The Little Man Vest
Speaking of “The Little Man,” it’s hard to believe that our own little man is scheduled to be here in 2 weeks!  This pregnancy has just flown by so fast.  With my other two little ladies, the last month seemed painfully slow, but I guess when you keep yourself busy, time flies!  
I have to be honest and say I’m starting to feel pretty tired.  I really want to tie up some loose ends with the shop and my patterns.  I’ve also got a few more things to go up on the blog before his arrival but then I think I will take some much needed R & R (assuming he doesn’t come early).

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  1. that scallop dress is fantastic!

  2. you are great!!!

  3. What great outfits and dresses!! They are so lovely!!I see a light bulb going off in my head, I’ll have to try a few of these.

  4. Love them all! But I think my favorite is the 1st jumoer….love the aqua button! Where do you always find all the yummy trims and notions! I also love the rocket romper….might be the piping 🙂

  5. You are so ridiculously talented!! I love seeing your new creations…they are all so beautiful and well-made. Get some rest…can’t wait to see the newest little one!

  6. Lindsay, all of them are just gorgeous! I love that entire fabric line too. I think the scallop dress is my favorite by far. I wish I had your sewing talents 🙂

  7. Gorgeous designs, hope you get some much deserved R&R.

  8. Beautiful!!! And hope you are able to get that R&R time before your little bundle arrives. 🙂

  9. Oh. My. Goodness. This post is bursting with fantastic cuteness and fabulous design. Love them all!

  10. Those are unbelievably awesome.

  11. These are are so beautiful! Great work, I love each one of them!

  12. I love the Janey Jumper Scallop Dress and can’t wait to try using the pattern for it!!!

  13. Those are some adorable clothes for your lucky kiddos. I love those little dresses and the orange shirt was a homerun

  14. I love your patterns and will definitely be purchasing some. Love your creative style and that little man shirt is just too cute in that bicycle fabric.

    Enjoy some R & R, and have a great day. Denise

  15. Your new line “children at play” clothes are so pretty…the fantastic detailing, the prints you used…I love them all.

  16. oh my gosh lindsay, all I can say is that your patterns are going to be a huge hit – huge!!! 🙂 beautiful work.

  17. Wow what beautiful, gorgeous lovely work – helped by the delicious fabrics. A great job you clever lady. Good luck with your imminent arrival – boys are wonderful!

  18. Wow, these all look great! Hope you can wrap things up and put your feet up soon!

  19. OK, So I love all things cottage, but I’m I guy and not a huge lover of clothes,But My wife would absolutely love your clothes. So I’m off to find a second job, because I’m going to tell my wife about your Etsy Shop!

  20. Lindsay I just made my husband come and look at all of these pictures:) I just love your work and your soon to be released patterns!!!! and you already know I am in l.o.v.e. with the sarah jane fabric… that girl is talented and so, my friend, are you!

  21. Those dresses are adorable. Very cute. And the fabric looks great. I like that you added some Little Man stuff too…. usually it’s hard to find cute things for them.

  22. Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to be able to buy your patterns. Hope it’s soon.

  23. WOW! As I scrolled down I kept thinking ‘this one’s my favorite’ and yet the next was the same thought. Those are all just super adorable, including the Little Man outfits. Great job. The one with the scallops down the front is wonderful because it’s so different than any seen before. So many little outfits have the ruffles or other things down the front but I don’t recall seeing any before with that scallop you’ve created before. Very nice.

    Good luck with that baby. Our Grandson is going to arrive on Aug. 30th so these little boy things you’ve shown really caught my eye.

  24. Wow, really really nicely done! I especially love the Children on Parade dress and the Little Man Vest. You are quite talented.

  25. Love them all!! I can’t wait to try the romper pattern on for my little man! Hope you get some much needed rest before your little man gets here! 🙂

  26. Beautiful!! I can’t wait to purchase your patterns!! Thanks for the sneak peek. 🙂

  27. Pretty,pretty, pretty patterns and fantastic selection of fabrics , trims and colors. You have a very good eye for color and design matching. And you have a generous heart to share all your tips and tricks with us.

    Seeing all your wonderful creations I used to wonder why you never came up with your own patterns. I am glad you did.
    You should sell the patterns along with fabrics and trims as a packaged deal.

    I couldn’t wait for your little man’s patterns. I have a very special little man at home who is starting preschool next month.

    Take plenty of rest. My prayers and wishes for a safe delivery.

  28. The romper is very sweet indeed! I love the banded cuffs. Is it easy off for diaper changes?

  29. You stuff is always so pretty. I really like the scalloped dress.

  30. Looks so fabulous! I love the shoulder ties on the romper and one of the dresses–just darling!

  31. That first dress is just beyond sweet! Actually, they all are. I am a fan of these prints and can’t wait for them to arrive in Canada – probably in about 16 years.

  32. The patters and the fabrics are breathtaking! I am so inspired!! Thanks for sharing all the tips and tricks.I love the way you choose your fabric and patterns!

  33. Your dresses are adorable! I bought some of that large banner print to put along the bottom of a skirt/dress, but haven’t figured out exactly how I’m going to use it/which fabrics to pair it with. You’ve done a great job.

  34. Wow they are all stunning!