It’s Christmas Time at The Cottage Home

I just thought I would share a few pictures of some Christmas things going on over at our house.
Here’s are cute little Christmas tree that we cut down a few weeks ago.  It’s all decorated and ready for Santa to make his grand entrance!

Our fireplace mantal.  I like to incorporate holiday decor in with our regular decorations. 

My mom made these stockings for our whole family.  My mom’s grandmother (my great-grandmother) made a stocking for her that is very similar, then my mom made stockings for our family when we were little, and then she made all the stockings for my family.  I hope to be able to carry on the tradition and make the stockings for my girls and their families someday.

The houses in this Christmas village were made by my late Grandpa Jim.  He always loved working with his hands.  He made me an incredible doll house when I was a child and enjoyed building model planes as well.  It is very special for us to have his Christmas village that he built.

The girls have a lot of fun looking at the village and talking about all the little people.

This is the top of our entertainment center.  Again, the Christmas decor is mixed in with things I regularly keep up there such as the lantern, pine cones, lamp, wreath and plant.

Savannah baked sugar cookies with my mother-in-law and had a really fun time getting to decorate all of them.  She is very proud of her creations, so I thought I’d better share them with you.
As I began wrapping our Christmas presents this year, I totally forgot about something I had done with our Christmas cards last year.  Isn’t it fun when you surprise yourself?  Last year I posted about cutting gift tags from your old Christmas cards HERE.

These tags were so fun to use because I could remember who each card came from (well I couldn’t remember all of them, but I remembered the majority) and there were so many colors and styles to choose from.  So don’t throw away your Christmas cards after the holiday!  Re-use them and make yourself some gift tags for next year!
I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season and are gearing up for a wonderful Christmas!

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  1. Very lovely! I love all your decorations.

  2. Your tree looks wonderful! And so do the wrapped packages. And all of your other decorations are so pretty too. I especially love your grandfather’ little houses! What a wonderful thing to have of his. I am sure your girls will love having this memory of looking at them over the years. And please tell Savannah that I said her cookies that she made with her Grandma look delicious! I wish I could have one right now! She did a great job making them.

  3. Everything is so beautiful! Great job!