Cottage Christmas Outfits 2012

I was very lucky this year that my mom asked if she could make the kids Christmas outfits again. Of course I said yes, and I wanted to share some pictures of the darling dresses she created for the girls and the adorable bow-tie she created for Caspian Finn.

This past weekend we had our early Christmas celebration with my mom and Pepo. We went out to our favorite seafood brunch restaurant and were able to get some pictures of the kids wearing their sweet Christmas outfits.

These dresses were made from the Charlotte Apron Dress Pattern (Size 6 Month through 10 Years) by The Cottage Mama. My mom added a darling little elf onto each of the girls aprons. It was such a fun, whimsical touch.

Caspian Finn had his own matching bow-tie which I thought looked so adorable on him. He didn’t even seem to notice that he had it on. I just love boys in bow ties!

This special restaurant has a lake inside with lots of fish. The girls like to get some fish food and feed the fish. It’s a highlight of this special brunch.

The dresses look like they match from the back, but they are different on the front with different colored fabrics on the apron and the bodice front.

I might be kind of in love with these shoes from Livie and Luca. They are just too fun for the holidays and the girls love wearing them!

Our favorite brunch restaurant happens to be an old seafood place in town and they have this giant shrimp (or lobster……I’m not sure what it is) out in front.

So those are just a few pictures from this weekend of the kids wearing their holiday outfits. They will be wearing them again this week for their school holiday party and to Christmas Eve Mass.

Are your Christmas outfits all ready to go?
I can’t believe Christmas is only a week away!
Cottage Mama’s Note: Most of the fabric is from Anna Griffin’s ‘Isabelle’ collection.

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  1. Cute kid and awesome outfit!!!

    Kids Games

  2. Grandma Jane outdid herself (again!!) Adorable 🙂

  3. The kids are adorable in their Christmas outfits. Its good they have multiple events to go to, they will get some wonderful wear out of their petty clothes.

  4. How adorable, your baby’s are precious and I love the outfits!

  5. Your mom is amazing…and I am crushing on your girls shoes too! They look so darling together with the gorgeous dresses!

  6. Sweet 🙂

  7. I just love how your mom sews the kiddos their special holiday outfits AND uses your patterns. It’s so sweet. They look adorable!

  8. Beautiful children and beautiful dresses. The bow tie is so cute as is your little boy.

  9. One word for everything (kids, mom’s sewing, bowtie, girls’s shoes: GORGEOUS!!

  10. p.s. forgot to include: your decorated house from previous post is also GORGEOUS! 🙂

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  12. Those dresses ares o cottage chic! And the red shoes are adorable.

  13. i am so happy i found you. i miss my grand children so much and i know that you know. i live in Texas…..they live in Baltimore. What is a grandma to do?

  14. I like all your patterns. They are really useful and beautiful as seen in these pictures.


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