Blackberry and Mustard Glazed Ham

This ham was SO good (if I do say so myself)!  I served this for Christmas Eve dinner for my family, my in-laws and my two sister-in-laws.  And even my husband, who would much prefer some type of red meat, absolutely loved it.  This recipe was given to my mom by someone she works with (Miss Mary) and then was passed onto me.

If you’re looking for a great, crowd-pleasing ham, this recipe will do the trick!
Blackberry and Mustard Glazed Ham
Serves 8-10
1 6-8lb. fully cooked, spiral sliced ham
1 jar (12 oz.) blackberry preserves
1 jar (7 oz.) whole grain mustard
1/2 cup apple cider or apple juice
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Prepare glaze.  Mix blackberry preserves, whole grain mustard and apple juice together.  Set 1/2 of mixture aside to be made into sauce (see step below).
Brush some of the mixture on top of the ham.  Place ham in oven for 1.5 hours, basting with glaze every 20 minutes.
Place 1/2 of the reserved glaze into a heavy bottom saucepan.  Set on medium-low heat and allow glaze to reduce by half.  Place in a dish and serve alongside ham as a sauce.
Place ham on a large serving platter and garnish with fresh blackberries, sliced apples, and fresh herbs.  Enjoy!
Cottage Mama’s Note:  This glaze would be delicious on grilled pork chops, chicken breasts, lamb or any other meat that is complimented by a slightly sweet sauce.  Ham was served with mashed potatoes and gravy, cornbread stuffing, salad with dried cranberries, sugared pecans and feta cheese, and homemade bread.

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  1. The ham is just beautiful! Looks so tasty,I am following your blog, you are welcome to follow mine as well Blessings, jane, come visit sometime and I will visit soon again,

  2. Man, does this look out-of-this-world delicious or what?! I am going to have to try this one day when I have company over. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I made this for Easter (my first ham!!) and it was divine!! Thank you for sharing this recipe. I decorated the platter w/apples and blackberries and it was just beautiful.