Lessons with Lindsay: Picture Perfect Scallops

Lessons with Lindsay: Picture Perfect Scallops by Lindsay Wilkes from The Cottage Mama.

Today I’ve got a new Lessons with Lindsay video tutorial to share with you all! I’m really excited about this one because it involves one of my very favorite sewing techniques…….scallops. I know sewing picture perfect scallops can be a little bit intimidating, but I promise you that it’s really not that hard with my easy-to-follow technique.

In this video, I take you through step-by-step showing you how to create perfect scallops every single time using my freezer paper method. Additionally, I share a 4th variation of my Janey Jumper pattern that is really fun and can help you get creative with that pattern.

Here are a couple of projects that I’ve shared on the blog using scallops……

Scallop Pillow Tutorial by Lindsay Wilkes from The Cottage Mama

Scalloped Pillow

Scallop Front Janey Jumper tutorial from Lindsay Wilkes of The Cottage Mama

Scallop Front Janey Jumper

Lessons with Lindsay: Spectacular Scallops

So sit back, relax and enjoy this Lessons with Lindsay video……..I think you’re really going to enjoy it!

Lessons with Lindsay is sponsored by Baby Lock Sewing and Embroidery Machines.

Until next time……

Happy Sewing!

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