Two Little Pumpkin Heads

I feel so relieved that the girls Halloween costumes are complete.  I went back and forth for several weeks try to decide what they were going to be, but could not decide.  Finally, I took the girls to the fabric store and let Savannah decide. 

I pulled out the Simplicity Halloween costume book and she said she wanted to be a pumpkin.  Perfect!  Not the most creative costume idea, but definitely a classic.  I mean really, how long will they let you dress them up as pumpkins?  Not long, I suppose.

So here is the pattern we settled on.

Today was Savannah’s ballet class and they were all supposed to dress up in their costumes.  Not wanting to make Matilda feel left out, I dressed her up too.

Here are my two little pumpkin heads waiting for Savannah’s class to begin.  They are looking and acting more and more like sisters these days.  I love it!  I have to admit that the idea of having two little ones 16-months apart scared me in the beginning, but I am realizing more and more that it is actually quite a blessing.

After Savannah went into class, I had to snap a few pictures of my littlest pumpkin head.  She does not like to wear hats (unlike her sister), so I made sure to put a ribbon tie on her little hat.

Here’s Miss Matilda thinking about trying to take her hat off.  The ribbon tie worked, she kept her hat on!

After ballet class was over, I took the girls to a local pumpkin patch to take a few more pictures of them in their costumes. 

I have a hard time following patterns exactly.  It’s probably the same reason I have trouble following recipes.  I always like to make it my own by putting my own spin on it.  I turned this costume into more of a pillowcase dress, drew my own faces, and changed up the hat a little bit.  I do, however, think patterns are wonderful for help with sizing and inspiration.

The main fabric is orange fleece and the black, green and tan are all felt.  I love working with fleece.  It’s so easy to sew and you don’t have to worry about serging or finishing the edges.  Not to mention the fact that this costume will be warm and toasty trick-or-treating in the cool October air.

I just love these two little pumpkin heads!
Cottage Mama’s Note:  This costume was very simple to sew – perfect for beginners!  If you have not made your child’s costume yet, you could probably get this done in about an hour or two.  So if you have an hour to spare, go for it!

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  1. Beautiful children and gorgeous costumes!! You did an amazing job!
    Angie xo

  2. You did a great job Lindsay! The costumes are adorable on your extra sweet children! xox

  3. Incredible pictures – and great costumes. Can’t go wrong with the classic pumpkin costume 🙂

  4. This post is really adorable…great costumes, sweet girls, and beautiful photography! Thanks for sharing!

  5. OMGoodness – this is just toooooo cute!!

  6. I love that pattern. It’s so simple and versatile. I just made a Hamster costume from it with brown fabric and then added an oval on the stomach.

    (Your pumpkin face is so much better than the one from the pattern.)

  7. Goodness, I love those little pumpkin heads too! They look adorable, you did a fantastic job on their costumes. Love the polka dot ribbon. It really gives it that little extra-special look. Have fun trick-or-treating!

  8. so adorable Lindsay! they look so cute pulling eachother in that wagon. can’t get much better than an easy costume pattern (and these look fabulous!)

  9. P.S. I forgot to say: I LOVE that pic of your bigger daughter really PUSHING the little one in the wagon! So cute and funny!

  10. Just too cute!

  11. Adorable little girls in really awesome costumes. I’m missing the little kid stages now that I’m a mom to two teenagers.

    Happy Halloween!

  12. I like your version better than the Simplicity version. So very cute!

  13. What fabulous pictures of your girls! What a treasure.

  14. How precious are your little pumpkins!!!

  15. Sew VERY ADORABLE! My favorite pics are with the pumpkin express wagon. Was that on site of the pumpkin patch or your own creation? I think you must be a pumpkin once in your life it might as well be when you are so little and cute :O) I found a little pumpkin costume at Good will this year for cheap!and snatched it up! It will be just right for next year for my newest little granddaughter. These are the best years. Love them Lots! Expressions are priceless! Janita

  16. I featured your adorable homemade costume over at Sassy Sites today! Come by and check it out! Don’t forget to grab a featured button while you are there… xoxo!!

  17. Absolutely adorable, the costumes and beautiful children. Visiting from a link at oneprettything. Will be visiting again!

  18. I had to comment on this one. We made the same thing for my DD age 3. I was reading your blog and she pointed and said “Hey, that pumpkin looks like me.” Sure enough, it did. I think we used the same simplicity pattern. haha. Beautiful photography.