Caspian Finn ~ 4 Years Old

Caspian Finn - 4 Years Old. The Cottage Mama.

Dear Caspian,

Today you turn four years old! What a big year this has been. So many changes for you…….a new baby sister, transitioning into a big boy bed, using the potty, moving to a new house and so much more. You have handled everything so well and here are a few things I would like to remember about you when you turned four years old (and a few things you might like to know as well)…..

  1. You still love cars. Like love, love LOVE cars. You must have over 100 hot wheels.
  2. Your favorite shows are Blaze and the Monster Machines and Paw Patrol.
  3. You are super goofy and a really fun kid.
  4. You love your new baby sister, Josephine. You call her your Josie Pie. You were never jealous of her being the new baby. You have always just shown her love. I love that about you.
  5. You will start preschool in a week and are looking forward to playing with some other little boys. There are quite a few girls in your life at the moment.
  6. You have your own room in our new house and, even though you enjoy it, you still kind of wish you could sleep with your two big sisters.
  7. Being a little brother is hard. You get frustrated when your big sisters won’t let you play.
  8. You can play by yourself for hours with your race cars. Now you like playing in your walk-in closet.
  9. You and Daddy went to the local hobby shop to watch people race their remote control cars on your birthday. You loved it.
  10. You chose to go to Culver’s for your birthday lunch. You didn’t want lunch food……just ice cream. Chocolate frozen custard, Oreos, hot fudge and a cherry on top. There was a woman at the restaurant making balloon animals and you asked her to make you a dragon.
  11. Mommy and Daddy got you some Lego Juniors, a Blaze Shirt, a Blaze Car and a football for your birthday presents.
  12. We didn’t have a party this year, just a family gathering with your Gigi and Grumpy. You wanted a cake with flowers on top. We got you a chocolate cake, with blue icing and yellow flowers on top. Just like you wanted.
  13. You like to dance. You do a move called your ‘hip hopper’ where you almost do a handstand and hold your legs up in the air. It’s your ‘cool dude’ move.
  14. You still love to cuddle. You can keep doing that forever, as far as I am concerned.
  15. Your favorite food is corn dogs.
  16. You love to play on our new swing set in the backyard of our new house.
  17. You enjoy watching American Ninja Warrior and Guy’s Grocery Games with Mama!
  18. You love to race. You race everywhere. Even if we don’t know we are racing.
  19. You have a hard time with losing. We are working on that. Right now, if you don’t win, you say ‘nobody wins…….we ALL win!’, but if you win than everyone else loses.
  20. You completely change the dynamic of our family in such a good way. You are light-hearted, funny, pretty easy-going and ALL boy! Our family wouldn’t be the same with out the ‘Cass Man’.

We love you so much, buddy! You make being a mama so much fun and thank you for all the joy that you bring to our family.

I love you from here to the moon and back again!



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One Comment

  1. Lisa McGriff says

    How can that handsome fella be 4… Wow time flies.. Happy Birthday to your little man!