Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party with Free Printables

This past weekend we celebrated Miss Savannah’s 5th birthday with a Rainbow Unicorn themed party. She loves rainbows and unicorns and wanted them combined into one great big birthday party! Today I’m excited to share some party details with you and I’ve also included some of the printables I came up with in case you would like to print them up and use them for your next Rainbow Unicorn party (whenever, and if ever, that may be).

I ordered Savannah’s birthday invitations from minted.com. I love their site. They always have really classy and unique designs and I thought this one fit our rainbow theme just right. You can find this invitation here.

I added some pink zig zag washi tape to the back of each of the silver envelopes for some added detail.

Above are the treat bags we took for Savannah’s class. We decided to go with the rainbow theme there as well and I created a little label to attach to each bag. If you want to bring treats at our preschool, they must be individually wrapped, so that’s why we did these bags instead of something like cupcakes.

Here is the label I created for the treat bags for her class. I simply sized it down and printed out as a wallet sized picture.

For the main party food table, I wanted to do a rainbow tablecloth, but didn’t want to buy one. As you know, I have a lot of fabric, so I just grabbed some of my yardage in rainbow colors and layered several yards on top of one another for a rainbow effect. Easy and inexpensive.

I also made some paper rosettes out of scrapbooking 12″ x 12″ paper. Each rosette has three sheets of paper and is secured together with staples that were done so they don’t show. I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to hang these on the wall, but I ended up just threading a needle with embroidery floss and threading the floss through two spots on each rosette so they hung all on one string. This actually held up great and looked pretty in our sunroom window.

I love making paper pom-poms. I first did these about 2.5 years ago at Matilda’s Summer Garden Party. I think they are a great way to fill up large spaces with colors that go with the party theme. We had a large bunch in one corner of the living room and another big bunch next to the main food table.

I strung a rag garland across one of our living room windows. This was the same garland I used for Savannah’s Orange 4th Birthday party, but I added in some of the fabrics that coordinated with her dress.

I had the dining room set up for the kids with a unicorn craft project and strings to make fruit loop necklaces. I used a red tablecloth that I already had and made a runner from rainbow striped wrapping paper. The kids had a great time doing the crafts! After the crafts were complete, the dining room was a great place for them to eat their lunch.

Now onto the food……..my favorite part…….

As a sweet treat, I made some rice crispy treats using Fruity Pebbles cereal. They were nice and rainbow-y and were super-sweet!

For the adults, I created a roasted veggie, cheese and baby greens sandwich. They were SO delicious. I will have to share the recipe with you. For the kids, we served hot dogs and called them ‘Unicorn Dogs’.

I made a pasta salad with a rainbow of different ingredients. It was light and fresh tasting.

I thought this fruit rainbow platter turned out so pretty. I used strawberries, fresh pineapple, kiwi and blueberries. The marshmallows on the sides are supposed to look like clouds. Savannah loves kiwi, but you could also use green grapes for the green and add in an orange layer with clementines or other orange fruit.

We got some Bugles and called them ‘Unicorn Horns’.
Savannah loves black olives so she requested we have a bowl full of olives.
I’m not really into baking. It’s ok, but what I really love is cooking. So I decided to get a rainbow cake from Costco and added a plastic unicorn on top that I found at Joann Fabrics. If you’ve never had a Costco cake, they are really good and a very economical option.

We use mason jars for just about everything around here. I took some fabric from Savannah’s birthday dress and tied it around each jar that contained the silverware.

I found these fun napkins and plates at Target. I thought the colors were just perfect. I found the little paper trays in the clearance section of Hobby Lobby and they were so great for the kids (and the adults liked them too). They held their hot dogs and side goodies without having to worry about anything falling off of a plate. I will definitely try to find some of these for our next party.

I used party blowers as rainbow decoration for the table and of course, the kids loved playing with those. We had some striped paper cups for the parents to use for goldfish crackers or other treats for the kids.

We had 24 rainbow colored balloons around the house and then this one giant unicorn balloon. Savannah was over the moon with excitement when my husband and her Grandpa brought it into the house. Look at her expression…….she was a happy little girl.
Here were the treat bags for the kids attending the party. Each bag had a bunch of different little things…….such as a new pack of crayons, bracelets, pencils, rings, a necklace, smarties and a couple lollipops.
Here are some of the labels I created for the different food. You are welcome to download these and use them for your party.
Also, here is the rainbow background and the rainbow background with the blank label if you’d like to pull it into some photo editing software and add your own text. I don’t consider myself a graphic designer, but I’m pleased with how the rainbow stripe turned out and I can try to show you how I created that in a tutorial, if you are interested.
Savannah and I worked on this party together with her helping me make decisions all along the way from picking out the fabric for her dress, the food, the cake, ect. We had so much fun!
As the party was coming to a close, Savannah said, “This was the best day of my life”.
And that…….makes it all worth it.
PS: You can find more details about Savannah’s Rainbow Unicorn Dress by clicking HERE.

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  1. What a special day!

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  3. So fun! It seems like it was such a happy day!

  4. Awesome party! What a special memory for Savannah to have! When the little ones are happy and enjoy themselves it does make it all worth it 🙂

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  9. My two very favorite things as a little girl were unicorn and rainbows. My girls are 17 and 15 but would love to have a party like this. It’s absolutely precious. Hmmmm your never too old for rainbows an unicorns. Maybe I’ll have one anyway! Too cute. I’m new to your blog and I am really enjoying it.

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  12. I’m glad you didn’t use brighter colors, Lindsay. That would have been a bit sore on the eyes! XD But Savannah’s party sounds amazing! I hope my daughter will share the same love for rainbow and unicorns. This all seems so fun to prepare, especially those colorful rice crispy treats! 😀 –>Nita

  13. Thanks for the wonderful ideas and printables Lindsay – my 4.5 year old daughter would LOVE a rainbow unicorn party! She’s wanted a unicorn party for ages (since her 4 yo party!) and she loves rainbows too, so perfect! Must be a nearly 5 yo girl thing over the whole western world!

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    Greetings from Germany


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  18. My daughter just requested a rainbow unicorn party so i was thrilled to find your post!!!

  19. When you have a  reason to celebrate ,CELEBRATE BIG!! Forget about the same old greeting card and send them  Birthday Signs for their lawn instead. Birthday signs is sure to put a smile on their face.

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  23. Erin Saar says

    Thank you for your very generous sharing of the rainbow graphics you made!

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