Free Online Video Sewing Series: Lessons with Lindsay

Lessons with Lindsay Sewing Videos: How to sew the armholes of a lined garment.

I’m excited to announce my new, free online video sewing series called ‘Lessons with Lindsay’ sponsored by Baby Lock Sewing and Embroidery Machines. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the launch of these sewing videos for several months now and today is the release of the very first one!

I don’t know about you, but I am a very visual learner, so I thought these videos would be helpful in teaching some of the techniques that I use in sewing. Some of them are selections from techniques found in my patterns or book and some are just tips and tricks that I’ve found handy over the years.

Over the next 33 weeks, there will be a new video released every three weeks. I plan to film some additional videos at the beginning of 2016 (assuming you all like these), so that the series can continue beyond the 33 weeks.

I believe that everyone can sew. And if you have the love and passion for this wonderful hobby, I want to help you to succeed! So I hope you enjoy my first video where I teach you how to finish the armholes of a lined a-line dress!

Check out the first video!


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  1. Wow, Lindsay, that is GREAT!! You made it so easy. Thank you for doing this. I am very much looking forward to the future videos!!

  2. This is awesome! I had already figured it out, but learned a bunch (Pinking sheers?! who knew!). I also LOVE that Iron! One question: I like to serge my seams, especially around the armholes – can I use my serger around the seams instead of the regular sewing machine? (and obviously not cut the seams back) Would it lay flat enough?

  3. Awesome!!! I was hesitant to do this, but feel confident now!! Great job!

  4. Dear Lindsay, thank you so much for doing this – that is so helpful and so inspiring. I am so looking forward to this series!!!

  5. Wonderfully done, will make it so much easier and stress free to understand how to do this armhole. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your talent with all of us. I look forward to watching the other videos in the series.

  6. Excellent video! This technique is great. I know I am going to enjoy this series. Thank you!

  7. Love this! I’ve never seen this technique before and look forward to more of your videos! I’m also in awe of that iron! 😉

  8. Thank you Lindsay, this looks so neat and straight forward, looking forward to making your version of the classic A Line dress. Can’t wait for the next video 🙂 .

  9. Thank you! What a great video. Seeing this technique makes the world of difference. Looking forward to seeing more videos.

  10. This is wonderful, Lindsay!! Look forward to what you will be showing us..thanks so much!

  11. Thanks Lindsay for showing this technique.. Looking forward to this series.. Good Luck ..

  12. Lindsay, thank you soooo much! And it’s great that it’s free too 🙂 It’s been 4 years since I’ve started and wanted to learn how to sew but never the time (or the money) to attend sewing lessons! Bless you!!!

  13. Christine Danneels says

    First I was very pleased to see you in this video !
    This is a brillant idea and I will follow all your lessons !
    Thank you so much and kind regards.

    Christine Danneels

  14. Thank you for such a fantastic video! If all of your videos are this helpful, I will be mastering all types of sewing challenges! I am inspired!

  15. Glenda Marsh says

    I have your DVD which includes ‘visually’ how to do this great technique! But Glad you posted this as a free ‘how to’. Love that book. Nice job on both the video & book!! Looking forward to the next video.

  16. Very nice video. What a great method! Now to figure out how to sew the side seams, I guess if it is not a reversible dress, just sew ‘regular’ side seams. I am very happy for you for being able to do videos and write books and sew, of course!, and happy for all of us to learn from you. Have a great day.

  17. Lindsay,
    Wonderful video and tutorial! Love the quilt, also!! You inspire others to love and learn sewing! Thanks to you and Babylock!!

  18. Awesome video explaining this technique, thank you so much! I’ve not seen this armhole finishing before. I have had the Janey Jumper pattern for a while now and have yet to use it, but now I’m really inspired to get it out and get sewing!
    Looking forward to the rest of your videos!

  19. Thank you for this video! I purchased your book as soon as I found I was pregnant with my daughter. I can’t wait to start making your dresses!

  20. Hi Lindsay….thank you for such a nice technique…but I have a doubt. Cant the armhole be done as we did the alternate bodice method on the party dress…wouldn’t it work if v sew the neckline and armholes after keeping the main and lining fabric right sides together and then turning? Loved this technique though….thanks

    • Hi there!
      Thanks for commenting! This technique doesn’t apply to the party dress pattern. It is to be used for the a-line dress or a pattern that doesn’t have a back button or zipper closure…..that’s why we made sure to title it A-line Armholes. The Party Dress is a much simpler technique…’s not necessary to do something this complicated. Hope that helps!! If you need additional assistance, please join us over in The Cottage Mama Patterns group and there are plenty of women to help you along the way. Have a great day! Lindsay

  21. Lindsay, your video is professional and provides incredibly valuable information. I shared you on my FaceBook page, and look forward to future videos. Thank you for doing this! Bev