Reusable Fabric Gift Bags and Huge Giveaway!

Reusable Fabric Gift Bags by Lindsay Wilkes from The Cottage Mama.

I am over at Skip to my Lou guest posting today for the Holiday Bake Craft Sew Along sharing a tutorial for Reusable Fabric Gift Bags.

Come on over to check it out!

homemade holiday

I get to treat you to a SEW Amazing giveaway as part of our crafty series.

This is one AMAZING giveaway!
We are giving away a fabulous Prize Package worth more than $1000!
sew amazing giveawayOne lucky winner will receive…
$600 JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores This will get your sewing room stocked and ready to create! Can you imagine?
This singer professional serger will bring your sewing to a whole new level. True to SINGER you will enjoy…
  • 2-3-4-5 stitch capability-provides more stitch variety
  • 1,300 stitches per minute-professional speed for faster results
  • Fully automatic self-adjusting tension system-keeps stitches balanced and even
  • Easy threading diagram-easy threading saves time
  • Stitch width adjustment-keep seams strong and prevent bunching on any type of fabric.
Simplicity Deluxe Felting Machine Simplicity 12 Needle Deluxe Felting Machine creates felting with ease. Removable needles & foot pedal allow felting with greater speed and precision. Includes: power supply w/ foot pedal, 2 allen wenches, needle shaft with 12 needles inserted (sz 38 needles), 3 replacement needles, tweezers, lint brush, needle guard, instruction book. So cool!
Simply wait for RaffleCopter to load and enter there or click the rafflecopter link!
Be sure to check out all the fabulous sewing projects shared this month for this Holiday Bake Craft Sew series going on all month long!


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  1. This is a huge giveaway!
    Is it open to all, international entries too?

  2. What a great giveaway! Wishing myself luck!

  3. Thunder Kaplan says

    Wonderful giveaway. Thanks much.

  4. Probably a kitchen apron, trivet and oven mitt set. It was from someone that I didn’t quite get along with. So to know she spent all that time sewing something for me, well let’s just say it spoke volumes. In a positive way, of course.

  5. Gee, I don’t know that I have ever received many handmade gifts, although I give a lot of them. I do remember one though. A friend who is a carver gave me a HUGE Cypress knee carved into a Father Christmas figure. I keep it displayed all year long.

  6. elizabeth normandin says

    My Mom gave the best handmade gifts..I have so many,but I think my favorite is the cross stitched christmas stockings for everyone in my family . They are on linen and silk and just beautiful.

  7. Wow, what a great tutorial. And thanks so much for the tutorial. My favorite gift I’ve ever given was the quilt I made for my mom. She kept it on her bed everyday until she passed several years after I gave it to her. It came back to me, but will always be Mom’s quilt.

  8. the best handmade gift I ever received was a quilt from my mom thanks for the fabulous giveaway.

  9. Courtney Elwell says

    My Nana made me a rainbow crocheted aftgan when I was little. Still use it today!! Thanks!

  10. This is a wonderful giveaway – I have never wanted to win something so bad! My mother made me a Dutch Doll Quilt once, and my father built me a doll house.

  11. Nicole Martinez says

    Holy Cow what a HUGE Giveaway and amazing opportunity Ive been hoping santa brings me a serger this year!!

    • Nicole Martinez says

      My Favorite handmade item was the knit sweater my g-ma made me when i was a child. it was a stegosaurus and each of the back fins/horns were floppy i loved it!

  12. A hand embroidered tea towel from a friend!

  13. My favorite handmade gift that I have received is a wedding quilt that my mom made. She used fabrics from my childhood dresses, & lots of blue (my husband’s favorite color).

    What a great giveaway! Thank you!

  14. My favorite handmade gift is an around-the-world quilt from my mama. She made it for me as a high school graduation gift. It has all of my favorite colors in it, and she used travel-themed fabrics like different map patterns. She also embroidered the names of exotic cities on the border. It’s beautiful and personalized for me!

  15. My MIL made my wedding dress, which was a wonderful gift! Well, she was my future MIL when she made it, but you get the picture.

  16. My favorite handmade gift I’ve received was a group of paintings from my flower girls as a wedding gift. They were 4/5 and almost 8, and I almost cried when I opened them. There’s nothing better than artwork from littles you used to take care of :]

  17. This is a tough question. My mother and grandmothers and aunts are/were all big time crafters and my dad is a carpenter. I gotta say the handmade gift that most melted my heart must have been the first time my daughter made a hand-print turkey! I was just so moved by it, I was in tears.

  18. Oh, I have a pretty talented family and have gotten gorgeous sweaters for myself and our children, baby quilts, books my mother has made using photos to create stores for my kids, art from my cousin who is an award winning illustrator, paintings from close friends… I feel quite lucky and honored that our family is given so many wonderful works of love that now adorn our home and our hearts!

  19. The best gifts I ever received were doll clothes made by my mom. How did she sew such tiny tailored outfits?!

  20. I’ve never received a handmade gift! Can you believe that?

  21. Love these bags. Great idea for a family.

  22. I don’t get too many handmade gifts….but I give them!
    A couple years ago my hubs got a fleece tie blanket. We use it all the time. I got some photo coasters too. Those are the ones that come to mind, sitting here in the living room where they both are 🙂

  23. I always loved the outfits my mom would make for me as a child. I loved wearing frilly dresses as a little girl.

  24. My most favorite homemade gift was this enormous quilt made by my stepmom and my dad. It is awesomeness and I love it. I know how much hard work went into it.

  25. This is an amazing giveaway! My favourite handmade gift is an afghan crocheted by my mom for a wedding gift. I just love the colours she used!

  26. I love homemade gifts the most The best one I ever received was a quilt my mom made from fabric she picked up in Alaska on Vacation

  27. My favorite handmade gift I’ve received was a t-shirt dress when I was a little girl.

  28. sherry donnell says

    The best hand made gift I received was probably afghan my mom made for me. I know how to crochet and I know how long it must have taken her to make it.

  29. My best gift was a handmade stained glass 3-d lighhouse. It was just lovely and still hangs with pride in my home.

  30. I got a handmade bracelet from my sister.

  31. My sister made me personalized stationary and a keepsake box – I love them!

  32. Michelle Spiess says

    My favorite handmade gift – was actually something I made in the 2nd grade – a picture of the 3 kings made out of macaroni. My mom gave it to me and it is now part of my Christmas decorations. 🙂

  33. dianne mclean says

    Wonderful giveaway and great gift bag tutorials! Thank you

  34. My favorite handmade gift was a quilt from my grandmother.

  35. My mom knitted me the cutest hat and messenger bag last year… I loved them!

  36. Natasha Friegang says

    Thanks for the tutorial and chance to win!

  37. Well, it was a handmade doll made of an old pair of stokings! My sister made it for me when I was about 7 or so. That was a good green idea!

  38. My favorite hand-made gift was a lap quilt with my grandchildren’s handprints stitched on.

  39. wow, I’m always up for more fabric for my fabric full sewing room. Lovely.

    • My favorite gift was a quilt given to me by my husband’s grandmother, which my ticket number won as part of a raffle she does each year and get’s a ticket for each of the family members (from items donated to her church). I’m a quilter and never received a quilt, except ones from my mother when I was younger.

  40. my fav handmade gift was a jacket my grandmother knitted for me when I was young

  41. What an awesome gift bag idea! Every year I make cookies and treats to give away during Christmas time. I wonder if I can use this idea but instead use plastic wrap and make bags out of those to put my treats in it….my thinking clock is ticking. Thanks!

  42. My favorite handmade gift is the Apple Pie my grandma makes me for my birthday….it is from scratch and delicious!

  43. My favorite handmade gift was a cookbook my best friend made me for my 30th birthday!

  44. My best hand made gift would have been my Handknit socks for Mother’s Day

  45. Linda Nelson says

    A hand-woven from my wonderful friend who taught me to knit.

  46. My dear sister knit an afghan in beautiful fall colors for my birthday.

  47. I don’t often receive handmade gifts, but every Christmas my stepdad makes a pumpkin roll for his loved ones. They are one of my favorite (and delicious!) gifts. 🙂

  48. My favorite handmade gift that I received was a quilt my mama made. It was the Texas Star quilt she gave us when we first got married. We wore it completely out. 🙁

  49. Christine Sherman says

    A Humpty Dumpty doll from my grandma when I was little!

  50. My grandma died when I was in first grade. Even though I was young, she had made me a set of crocheted doilies. It took me some growing up to appreciate them properly, but I love them now.

  51. When I was a little girl my grandma crocheted me a shawl…..the going thing at that time….in purple and white…..absolutely loved it 🙂 Thanks

  52. Really need a new serger, but I will gladly share the felting machine with someone if I win! Have one, love it!

  53. I think the doll house that my Poppa built me as a little girl was my most favorite handmade gift – but I loved the doll dresses, curtains and bedcovers that my Nanny sewed for it too!

  54. My great-grandmother made a quilt for me when I was a baby. I just passed it along to my daughter! Best gift ever! Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. My favorite handmade gift is probably clothes my mom used to make for me when I was little (mostly knitted.) Now, since I am the main “crafter” in the family it’s me who gives handmade gifts most of the time 🙂 thank you for the giveaway!

  56. My favorite handmade gift has been from my daughters who craft little things like bags, belts and felt scarves. 🙂

  57. A clay ladybug and a clay bird’s nest made by my daughters in kindergarten. I still have them (and my older daughter is in college!). Many thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  58. Lindsay Rodems says

    My favorite handmade gift in a crafter realm is a quilt for my wedding made by my Aunt. My favorite gift that was handmade but not necessarily as crafty is a set of corn hole and bags sets custom made by my parents. They made 4 sets one christmas complete with custom team decals and paint jobs. The effort they put into the project was very touching.

  59. I just got a turkey my son made by tracing his little hand! How precious! TY so much!

  60. Marilyn Tucker says

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win. My favorite handmade gift I received was a pair of popcorn mittens my mom made me when I was a teeny bopper.

  61. Awesome giveaway! And I love the bags. I will definitely be making these!

  62. I’m so excited… I think there might really be a Santa!

  63. Oh and my favorite homemade gift…..little ornaments from my kids may years ago. They still have a special place on my tree.

  64. Oh, please please please!

  65. Ginger Komiskey says

    My favorite handmade gift was a quilt that my daughter and I made for another daughter as a wedding present.

  66. Mr rafflcopter please pick me:)

  67. A quilt my grandmother made me before she passed away. I used it on our chuppah when my husband and I got married.

  68. When my daughter was just 8 years old, she taught herself to do counted cross stitch. Then, in secret, she stitched a basket of pansies for me. She is 28 now, and I still cherish it.

  69. My sweet husband made the perfect sewing table for me. Love it!

  70. My mother crocheted by wedding gown for me!

  71. Oh my! Please enter me in your amazing giveaway! How generous!
    ~ joey ~

  72. does my kidlet count? he was handmade by God….

    if not, I would say it’s a toss up… my engagement ring… it wasn’t hand Made but it was hand designed by my husband. Which makes it so much more special to me that any giant solitaire diamond ring EVER could be. the fact that’s it’s our birthstones… his surrounding mine… symbolizing him holding me forever in his heart and arms… and that he came up with that all by himself… *swoon* i love that man….

    after that… my mom made a doll when i was little. she was 24″ tall and hand sewn and hand embroidered features on her face. Sooo sweet. I would give anything to still have her. (sadly she was lost to a pet who thought she made a yummy treat when left home alone one afternoon, longer than they desired to be left home alone…)

  73. A ornament made with finger prints of our new grandson. Thanks for the giveaway!

  74. I remember the Christmas as a young girl my grandmother gave me a handmade doll with quilt, pillow, and doll bed.

    pinkscissorsdesign @gmail .com
    Pink Scissors Design on Etsy

  75. Lisa Sagunsky says

    My mother’s best friend made my oldest daughter a quilt with embroidery squares that my great grandmother had done when she was a girl. I’m sure that Marie Elizabeth never dreamed that her great-great granddaughter, Elizabeth Marie, would have a quilt made from them! That quilt will be forever treasured.

  76. I found a tiny rocking chair at an estate sale for my daughter’s doll babies and I’m going to recover the outdated fabric cushions!

  77. It’s a toss up between a chunky scarf crocheted by my best friend or a pin cushion made with a cross stitched fabric from my cousin.

  78. Definitely a hand knitted blanket! Thanks for the giveaway! Amy @ gasudimack(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  79. Elizabeth McDonald says

    My favorites are a handpainted face brooch from my Mom, and a beautiful pincushion from my daughter.

  80. Fabulous Giveaway! My serger is on loan my sister, and felting has been on my list of things to try, and a $600 dollar Joann’s giftcard! Shut the front door! Come on Santa …. this is my Christmas wish list for sure!

  81. What an awesome giveaway! My Mom draws in pen and ink. She did a series of Native American Dancers and gave me a set of each. I have the male dancers framed and I always get so many wonderful compliments on it. I’m saving to have the rest framed as well.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  82. molly warren says

    start sewing so i would love to win and i love what you make

  83. A scrapbook item from my sister was a lovely homemade gift I received.

  84. I have one very crafty friend in particular who gives me amazing handmade gifts. I really can’t pick one favorite. Though one of her first gifts to me was a bag to carry my crochet & sewing stuff in when I travel.

  85. I received a beautiful crocheted afghan for my wedding 34 years ago!

  86. What is your favorite handmade gift you ever received?

    I have a friend who knits amazing pieces, my fave one is one she just handed me when I went to visit her one day, simply because the color was better on me than her LOL It is absolutely beautiful.

  87. I have been planning on making fabric bags for a long time, hopefully this year is the year.

  88. Only my crafting buddy gives me handmade gifts. I intimidate my family but they do enjoy receiving handmade gifts from me.

  89. What a great giveaway! Thank you.

  90. I have a grandfather’s clock made by…my grandfather.

  91. My favorite handmade gift was a pair of super snuggly socks made by a friend.

  92. My favorite handmade gift was an area rug made by my dad.

  93. These are fantastic prizes! My favorite hand crafted gift was a quilt made by my grandmother.

  94. A crocheted throw blanket I received for my college graduation

  95. I’m usually the one making the gifts. One year my daughter took all the granny squares I had crocheted years earlier and make them into an afghan. I cried.

  96. A cloth doll my aunt made for me. I still have it…40 years later.

  97. Handmade gifts are great! I love the handmade Christmas ornaments my husband and I have received over the years, we always smile and reminisce when we pull them out every year. Thanks for a fantastic giveaway!

  98. I treasure handmade gifts! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  99. My most favorite handmade gift was given to me by my mom. She made me a quilted Christmas tree skirt in all of my favorite colors. It is the most special part of the Christmas tree every year.

  100. A doll bed my dad made for me.

  101. I’m Loredana from Italy, i like so much your tutorial and this giveaway is fantastic!
    Wishing myself luck!