Eat Your Fruits and Veggies Half-Square Triangle Tutorial and Giveaway

My mom (Grandma Jane) is back today with another fun tutorial.  I am doing my best right now to balance keeping up with the blog, my Etsy shop, pattern sales and writing my book, but it is a lot….oh yeah, and my two most important jobs…..mommy and wife.  I know I wouldn’t even have all of these amazing opportunities if it weren’t for you guys, the readers of The Cottage Home blog, so I just want to make sure that you don’t feel like I have left you hanging in the creative department (since a lot of what I’m working on can’t be revealed until a later date). Thankfully, Mom has agreed to help lighten my load and guest blog more frequently with some quilting tutorials. Mom’s are the best, aren’t they?

And on top of her being so kind to put together these tutorials, she is offering a GIVEAWAY today that she put together all on her own.  How sweet is that?  So, make sure you check out at the bottom of this blog post for more information on how to enter!  Take it away, Mom……..

Lindsay and I were lucky enough to be able to say hello to Pat Sloan at her booth at Quilt Market in Kansas City and see her new fabric line, “Eat Your Fruit and Veggies.”

At the time, I thought the line was really cute! I loved the name of the line and the inclusion of batiks with the more traditional prints was an interesting twist. I couldn’t resist ordering some of the charm packs (which do not include the batiks) and when they arrived at my doorstep, I went a little crazy. Usually with new fabric, I spend days or weeks (or months) trying to decide what to do with it but not this! I immediately knew that these darling charm packs with the bright, lively and happy colors were going to be made into half square triangles (HSTs) accented with white and I would decide the quilt details later. So there I was late at night immediately cutting white fabric squares and sewing away. I love the versatility of the simple HST and thought I would share how easy these are to make.

Cut your background fabric squares the same size as the charms—5” squares. I was using 2 charm packs of 42 so I cut 84 white background squares. This will make 168 finished 4 ½ inch HSTs.

With a pencil or marking pen, mark diagonal lines on the wrong side of the background fabric squares. I like to mark all the squares at once.

Place one charm square and back ground fabric with right sides together.

Stitch a scant ¼ inch away from the diagonal line on one side. This is where “chain-stitching” will come in handy. Don’t lift up the presser foot. Place another pair of a background square and a charm under the presser foot and keep stitching. Do not cut the thread. I stitched 15-20 pairs together at a time. You can do more or less.

Cut the thread and flip the squares around and chain stitch down the other side a scant ¼ away. Now you have a pile of all these little squares connected by two threads. Cut apart.

Place each square on your cutting board and line up your ruler with the drawn pencil line. Cut along this line with your rotary cutter to cut each square in half. Take care that you do not cut into the stitched lines.

Set your seams with your iron. Press open with the seam toward the darker fabric.

Square up the HSTs to 4 ½ inches. This takes some time but you will be glad you did it when you start to sew your squares together. Line up your 45 degree line along the diagonal seam and cut off the little bit on the right side. Turn your square with the newly trimmed edge to the bottom and measure again. Cut if needed.

Now the fun part—Look at all the designs you can do with the HST just by arranging the squares.
 How about zigzags? Remember the ORANGE quilt I made for Savannah’s 4th birthday?
 These squares on point are fun, too!
GIVEAWAY: I just have to share THREE of these happy little charm packs so you can get in on the HST fun.
And while we are at it….I’m including this fun cookbook with fast and fresh recipes for all that wonderful summer produce that is available to us right now.
Remember our mothers always told us, “Eat your fruit and veggies!” 
To enter this giveaway, leave a comment with your favorite HST design and your favorite summer fruit or veggie! 
Giveaway open to US Residents only.  Giveaway open until Wednesday, August 8, 2012 at midnight (CST)

PS: You can find more tutorials from Grandma Jane including her piecing, quilting and binding tutorials by clicking HERE.

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  1. OH. MY. GOODNESS! I had no idea you could do so much with triangles!!! I know I don’t quilt, but this just blew my mind. Wow.

  2. I love the chevrons, it is my default on HST right now. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. I love making flying geese using HSTs — so much easier than other methods! I have a little peach tree in my yard that has 13 peaches on it this year. That will be my favorite when they ripen!

  4. Oh, I LOVE the diagonals! Something about the simplicity of stripes, gets me every time. And fave summer veggie/fruit? That’s like picking a favorite child! 😉 But, since garden goodies don’t get jealous, I’ll go with the tomato. 🙂

  5. Love the pinwheels. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing all the designs. Oh and I love summer tomatoes!!!!! 🙂

  6. Love the diagonals! and veggie?? FRESH cucumbers from the garden!

  7. Kathy M Boice says

    I like the pinwheels, but all ideas are fun. I love, love, love making half square triangles!!! My favorite veggie is either tomatoes or yellow crook neck squash. [email protected]

  8. Wow, what versatility!!! I really liked the squares on point; and my favorite summer fruit is the fuzzy, juicy peach!! Thank you Grandma Jane!

  9. Hi cottage mama…nobody can ever go wrong with HST laid out in pinwheels! I’m still a beginner-intermmediate quilter…..and the HST are so fun and versatile. I don’t think I have ONE particular favorite….I love your run down on them. Thanks. L~

  10. love the zigzags! my favourite summer fruit – strawberries! and fresh cantaloupe – but it’s been hot and dry this year so the garden isn’t producing those 🙁

  11. Wow how cool, I love the pinwheels! I want to try this for sure. I love summer blueberries from my grandparents house. shuttermom77 at gmail dot com

  12. The arrows would be perfect for a little boy’s quilt. I made a Pinterest recipe for a veggie tian last night that was yummy!
    [email protected]

  13. I love the pinwheels! I had no idea you could do so many different designs with the HST. Will definitely be trying this out. Watermelon is definitely my favorite summer fruit!

  14. My favorite at the moment is the zigzag,but hst are so versitile that its hard to pick just one. As for favorite summer veggie I have to go with summer squash.

  15. My favorite at the moment is the zigzag,but hst are so versitile that its hard to pick just one. As for favorite summer veggie I have to go with summer squash.

  16. First, Thank you Grandma Jane! I love your tutorials and have used them for quilting HELP several times. My first quilt was made using HST in a zig zag pattern (I think I should have started with bigger squares though, 3 1/2″ starting out is smallllllll). My favorite design in HST now would be the pinwheel. My favorite summer produce would be cucumbers, followed very closely by corn, tomatoes, watermelon, blueberries, peaches, strawberries, cabbage, broccolli… I just love fresh veggies. [email protected]

  17. Oh I love the zig zag/chevron pattern!!!

  18. I love the pinwheels! My favorite summer vegetable is fresh corn on the cob. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  19. Thank you for sharing the HST ARE ALL AWESOME….. my favorite..HST is the pinwheel which I did one.. but it was called Louisiana I done in purples.. and Favorite veggie or fruit.. OMG.. Living in the country of Louisiana it’s hard to choose.. veggies… fresh pealed tomato 2 slices of bread with mayo OH YUMMY.. fruit.. gosh.. Peaches.. Love a great Peach Pie…

  20. What a great tutorial! Love the pinwheels!

  21. I love the pinwheels! So cute. And my favorite summer fruit…cherries.

  22. Wow, learned a lot today! I like the pinwheels, and..chevron as well.
    My favorite summer fruit is watermelon, can’t have enough of it.

    Thanks for the giveaway and great tutorial!

    lucy.chen848 (at) gmail (dot) com

  23. I love the chevron pattern with HSTs and my favorite summertime veggie is zucchini! Thanks for the cool tutorial!

  24. Oh, I love the zig-zags! What an interesting border that would make. Thanks so much for sharing your tutorials and the opportunity to win these lovely squares and cookbook.
    My favorite summer fruit is watermelon–so refreshing.

  25. My favorite would be the zigzag, I would have never thought of that. Favorite summer food: humm so many to choose from. I guess tomatoes. Thanks for the tut and the chance to win.

  26. I love, love, love the pinwheels! My favorite veggie is the tomato and my favorite fruit is cherries! YUM!

  27. I love the pin wheels……..squash is my favorite summer veggie…yumm!

  28. Faith Anne says

    I love the pinwheels – especially in those fabrics – so bright and summery! My favorite summer veggie is a fresh tomato right off of the vine. Yum!

  29. I love HSTs and every which way they go. I like that you can put them together and make it look like the squares are on point. I like the look but I don’t like sewing squares on point.

  30. What a great tutorial! My favorite is the pinwheels with the zigzag a close second! My favorite summer veggie is zuchinni!

  31. I love the pinwheels! I did not realize how easy they were to make!

  32. I love all the designs, but my favorite is pinwheels. I just love the old-fashioned look! And I LOVE summer tomatoes!

  33. My favorite HST pattern are the pinwheels. My favorite summer vegetable is
    Blue Lake Green Beans. What a generous giveaway!! Thanks for the chance
    to win!!


  34. Pinwheels have always been a favorite! And fresh garden tomatoes!

  35. I am a new quilter and I think HSTs are the most useful thing to know – so many design possibilities. Thanks for the great tutorial and the chance to win! My favorite summer fruit/veggie are homegrown tomatoes!

  36. The pinwheels are my favorite (although I like the hourglass design a lot also). My favorite fruit is strawberries and my favorite veggie, by far, are cucumbers! Thanks for the awesome tutorial and the giveaway oppertunity!

  37. Thank you for the tutorial Grandma Jane, I love the chevron, it’s adorable! My favorite Summer fruit is tomatoes, YUM 🙂
    Thank you for the chance to win this incredible giveaway 🙂

  38. Oh, and I forgot, [email protected] (although I think it’s on my blogger profile. But, just in case. LOL)

  39. Samantha F. says

    I love the zig zag/chevron pattern. My fave summer veggie is zucchini. You can bake, cook, and eat it raw! Thanks! 🙂


  40. I love HSTs and most of all putting them on point. Favorite fruit is anything that ends in berry. Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, watermelonberry, cherryberry. hee hee

  41. I’m a beginner so not sure of a favorite HST design, but I do like the way they went together in your tutorial! I love the fruits and veggies that you’ve used, tho. Thanks for the giveaway.

  42. Anonymous says

    I love pinwheels! There is nothing better than a ripe tomato from your garden or from somebody’s garden!

  43. My favorite half square triangle design is card trick and my favorite summer vegetable is tomatoes-fresh from the garden.

  44. Great tutorial! I love pinwheels and chevrons. Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. Pinwheels are so timeless and cute. I love this fabric! Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite summer veggie is corn on the cob. 🙂

  46. My favorite HST design is the windmill and my favorite summer veggie is the cucumber. Thank you for the great tutorial!

  47. The chevrons are just so beautiful, love them. Thanks for the giveaway and my favorite veggies is grilled corn with a little bit of lime juice and salt!!!

  48. I like the zig zag pattern. Favorite veggie in the summer is fried okra and purple hull peas. Favorite fruit is strawberries and peaches.

  49. What a GREAT & EASY (who knew?) tutorial – thank you! and, I really like the zigzags and the hour glasses. Who can pick a favorite summer veggies.

  50. I love the zig zag pattern! My favorite fruit is strawberry and veggie is zucchini…yum yum!

  51. I’ve never used HST’s, thanks for the tutorial! I think I like the zig zag pattern the best, though I liked a lot of them. I didn’t know you could do so much with them!

    My favorite fruit or veggie would have to be tomatoes! YOu can do so much with them, much like HST’s. 😉

  52. Love this; thanks for all the ideas!

  53. My favorite HST design is the pinwheels….so classic but yet so fun and fresh with a colorful palette! Fave summer veggie is heirloom tomatoes. My fave summer fruit is strawberries.

  54. Never stitched a single HST — if I’d known all those combos were so simple I would have used them YEARS ago! I had to hit the link to the orange chevron quilt which I think is adorable, for sure!

    My favorite summer veggie would have to be young eggplant (from our garden) cooked on the grill.

    Thank you guys for having this great fabric/cookbook giveaway!

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. What a versatile little block. My favorite is the pinwheel. My favorite summer fruit is watermelon.

  57. I like the pinwheel design! My favorite summer fruit is watermelon!

  58. Oh my I really had no clue that you could make all those designs with the hsts. I love them all! Though the chevron, and pinwheels where my favorite. I love blueberries in the summer. So yummy! Thanks grandma Jane for the wonderful tutorial.

  59. Thanks for the giveaway! I liked the chevron, and the pinwheels! My favorite summer fruit is raspberries.

  60. HI! love the pinwheel block+love strawberries!
    Thanks for sharing!

    [email protected]

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. The diagonals are great! Wonderful tutorial, thank you! The fresh fruits and veggies are sooo good this time of year..have to say fresh peaches are my favorite!

  63. Thanks for the GREAT idea! I’ve always stayed away from HST because I thought they were hard, not anymore!!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!


  64. Oh, I love pinwheels!!! I’m thinking some zig zags may be in my future too!
    I love fresh pineapple in the summer!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  65. Wow! what an inspiration. I have tons of charm packs and I may have to stop hoarding them an cut into them. I’m heading to the sewing machine. Great way to start a monday. Thank You

  66. I love the zig zags (but pinwheels are a close second!). Thanks for the tutorial, I love seeing all that we can do with these. My favorite summer fruit has to be peaches (what can I say? Georgia born…).

  67. I’m torn between the zig zag look or the squared rows look!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  68. I’m a sucker for zig zags and I can never turn down fresh summer strawberries!

  69. I love the pinwheels! Blackberries are my favorite!

  70. I haven’t done any HST patterns, but this one looks like one to start with. I’m pretty new to quilting and tend to stick with easy/beginner patterns. I love how the quilting blog community shares patterns. Thank you Gramdma Jane.
    My favorite summer fruit is watermelon-so wonderfully cool and refreshing on these hot Florida summer days.

  71. I love the zig zags! My favorite summer fruit is cantalope. Thanks for the tutorial and sweet giveaway!

  72. i’m a big fan of the zig zags.
    my favorite summer fruit is pear. i’m allergic to everything pitted (peaches, cherries, etc.) … so the kinds of fruit that I can eat are quite limited!

  73. I love the pinwheels, remind of childhood!! And as for summer veggie, love zucchini, so many wonderful things to make with it and as for summer fruit, has to be watermelon, by itself or in a fruit salad, to me it is so refreshing!! Thanks for the tutorials, so helpful.

  74. This tutorial just brings it all together – thank you Grandma Jane!!! I’m trying to finish up three matching quilts right now and for some reason, I’m itching to do a HST quilt, must be because I know I can’t do anything until I finish what I’ve started (two years ago – haha) – I love the arrows with your fabrics you have there. Thanks so much for the easy how-to!

  75. This is GREAT! I’m brand new to quilting, as in have stuff cut out but haven’t braved piecing it yet. I LOVE this idea, my favorite is the pinwheel design, now I have to get the courage to try it! My favorite summer fruit is Watermelon, although the last one I bought was sadly more sour than sweet. Thank you for the giveway and I’m checking out the rest of Grandma Jane’s posts!

  76. I just ordered two charm packs and now I know what I am going to make! The pinwheels are my fav and my yummy tomatoes from my garden are #1!

  77. Thank you for posting such a variety of ideas for HSQ. I love pinwheels, they have always been my favorite.

    The farmers markets are open and so much is in season. I enjoy fresh tomatoes and the small red potatoes are another faorite.

  78. This retired granny is about to BEGIN quilting with the stashes of fabric I have been collecting–and these wonderful designs have convinced me that I can do it!! Cross your fingers for me…My favorite veggie would be the yellow pear tomatoes my husband brings in each morning from HIS garden. Thanks so much for the inspiration. The Baglady

  79. I love the way the zigzags look with the bright fabric! And my favorite summer veggie is zucchini… lots for me since my kiddos won’t touch it! Thanks!

  80. I think the pinwheels are the best. Also I love eating green beans. My friend just gave me about four pounds of homegrown green beans and I am so excited!

  81. I think I like the arrows best from the examples shown. As far as fruit goes…we just got a cantaloup yesterday at our local farmers market and it was so sweet I felt almost guilty eating it.

  82. I’m loving the pinwheels and zigzags! What a great tutorial with awesome closeups. Thank you!

  83. Oh…my favorite summer fruit is watermelon!! I am addicted to it.

  84. I love the pinwheels! My favorite summer veggie is a tomato. Thanks for the great tutorial, I have problems with hst’s.

  85. I like the hour glasses, tomatoes are my favorite veggie, peaches are my favorite fruit.

  86. I love the zig zag style! I just finished my first HST quilt top, now I just have to finish the rest 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  87. Super Duper Love the Zig-Zags. Working on twin quilts for my two oldest daughters beds and think I will incorporate this pattern into them!!
    How do I pick my favs? We grow so many great veggies in our summer garden – zucchini, carrots, okra, peppers, cucumber, peas, grean beans, corn – all YUM! The only fruit we grow is watermelon so I guess I need to choose that one!

  88. I love the HST in the shape of a box AND hands down my favorite fruit/veggie is a fresh tomato right out of the garden.

  89. I love the zig-zags. They are wonderful. I am currently cutting for a fall table top. It has quite a few HST in it. I think it is going to be cute. I have several fall prints and the cutest pumpkin fabric.

    My favorite veggie is tomato. I love canning tomato’s, ketchup, salsa, sauce, and paste. They are great dried too. I use them all year.

  90. Oh I adore the pinwheels!

  91. My favorite HST is the pinwheel and my favorite veggie is broccoli and favorite fruit is nectarine.

  92. I love pinwheels made with HSTs! So cute~ They remind me of quilts my Grandma made! My favorite summer fruit or veggie… I like them all I think! But my special favorites have to be just-picked-sweet corn and peaches, all sweet and juicy! Yummy!

  93. I have always loved pinwheels. They look good no matter what fabrics you use.
    great tutorial and photos of ways to set the 1/2 square triangles.
    My favorite fruit is peaches. I just made a fresh peach pie this weekend.

  94. I like the zigzags the best 😀 And my favorite fruit is watermelon! :33

  95. I think I like the zigzags best, too. I think this was a great tutorial because I never sat there and thought about all you can do with HST. My favorite summer veggie is zucchini.

  96. I love the really bright colors on the sort of plain fabrics, plus the polka dot ones as well. Fresh garden tomatoes on a BLT is a summer favorite.

  97. I like how you put the squares on point. I never considered how many different combinations there are using HSTs! My favorite summer vegetable are tomatoes, warm and fresh off the vine in my yard. (Add bacon for a BLT and I’m in heaven!)

  98. Anonymous says

    I love the two blocks after the pinwheels the best… so retro and eye catching. My Pear tree in the back yard bears my favorite fruit. I can eat it every day. Pears or Really good watermelon… Shades of summer.

    [email protected]

  99. Love all the things you can do with triangles. Love the zig zag and pinwheels the best. Can’t go a day without a banana and some spinach- my favs.

  100. Great looking work you’ve shown us and all the awesome looking things we can do with the half square triangles. I love the look of an entire quilt done using the diagonals so when put together they cover an entire quilt top as large triangles.

    I don’t know if it’s my computer or not but I had a really hard time seeing the different configurations you created because of the white in your blocks and the white background used to lay them onto. I could barely see where the white from each block stopped and the backround (or backdrop may be a better word?) started. I’m not complaining because I could tell which configuration you were showing by the colored parts but mostly I wondered if it is my computer more than anything. Thank you for such a great post.

  101. I love HSTs in a zigzag pattern! As for fruit and veggies I love watermelon,tomatoes, peaches raspberries,apples,sweet corn and the list goes on and on! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  102. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!!!
    Nothing beats a ripe tomato straight off the vine!! My mouth waters just thinking about it!

  103. My favorite HSTs are in a pinwheel pattern, which just reminds me of a child’s summer fun…doing things like eating watermelon, my favorite summer fruit!

  104. My favorite is the pinwheel – it has been for quite some time now…and certainly it’s tomatoes!!!!

  105. Currently addicted to pinwheels. Have been eating fresh salads like they are going out of style.

  106. I love the zig zag design with your HSTs. And my favorite summer veggie is crookneck squash.

  107. I love the pinwheel design and my favorite summer fruit is watermelon.

  108. My favorite HST design is pinwheels and my favorite veggie is tomatoes!

  109. I really like the zigzag and my favorite summer fruits are raspberries and blackberries!

  110. I love pinwheels and strawberries are my favorite fruit grown in the states. I also love mangos but they are expensive even in the summer.

  111. I like the chevron and pinwheel designs. And my favorite summer fruit is watermelon…!

  112. I love quilting with HSTs! I did a very similar post on my blog a few months ago, I ended up doing the hourglasses for my quilt and love how it turned out! And I love tropical fruit in summer, pineapples and mangos, yum!

  113. I like the zig-zag blocks. Nothing beats a homegrown Georgia tomato.

  114. I love making pinwheel blocks! My favorite summer veggie is homegrown cucumbers! Great tutorial!

  115. Wooooo–hoooo…great way to get fruit, veggies, and FIBER!!!! Game on!!!

  116. I seem to make a lot of pinwheels, but I see that I need to try out some zigzags soon. I love peaches, and they are in season here now. Yeah.

  117. I love pinwheels! And summer vegs would be fresh picked green beans! YUM. Thanks for the chance to win.

  118. This comment has been removed by the author.

  119. Anonymous says

    I love the pinwheel blocks! nd I love fresh tomatoes in the summer!
    [email protected]

  120. My favorite HST design is pinwheels!… they are so fun and Pats fabric will make them extra special.

    My favorite summer time vegetable is home grown yellow squash that I bake into a casserole recipie obtained from a restaurant back in VA when we lived there. I also love slices of zuchinni with a little bit of butter and parmesian cheese baked until golden!

  121. Anonymous says

    I’m really liking the squares on point HST’s. The options are great. My favorite summer fruit – strawberries. They may not be summer fruit everywhere, but they sure are here in the northeast!

  122. I recently finished piecing a diagonal HST quilt top that I love. I used a charm pack of American Jane School Days fabric for it. The Eat Your Fruits and Veggies fabric looks like it would make a great HST, and I’m wanting to make myself a pinwheel quilt. Oh and I love tomatoes!

  123. The pinwheel design is my favorite. I love Pat’s fabric. So fresh. I have a lot of squash and tomatoes in my garden right now. We have had an uncharacteristically hot summer so these have been growing great. That book looks super. I need some more good vegy recipes.

  124. I love the zig zag design and I love eggplant. Thanks for the giveaway.

  125. I am torn between the diagonals and the squares….I love the flexibility/creativity found using HST! My favorite summer veggies are tender white acre peas! A regional treat!!! My favorite summer fruits are blueberries!

    sowingstitches [at] yahoo [dot] com

  126. Yummy!! Zigzags & Pinwheels…but love almost any HST. I’m not sure I can name my FAV summer veggie as I love them all but maybe fresh garden tomatoes have a head up on the rest!

    Thanks for sharing your tuts with us!

  127. My love of pinwheels is well known in my quilting group! A summer without homegrown tomatoes is just not imaginable!

  128. Great tutorial! I think my favorites (can’t pick just one!) are the zig zag and the pinwheels.

  129. Great tutorial! I think my favorites (can’t pick just one!) are the zig zag and the pinwheels.

  130. I like the squares on point!

  131. I love this line of cute fabrics. Not sure what I’d use them for specifically but I really like charm squares for scrap quilting. I could go crazy with the HST though and make a bright and happy pinwheels baby quilt, with a strip pieced striped inner border. I love fresh summer peaches. We love to slice fresh peaches and bananas into a bowl, then add a little table cream. I also really REALLY love fresh vine ripened cantalope.

  132. I love the pinwheels and watermelon is my fav fruit.

  133. I love pinwheels and my favorite summer fruit/veggie is definitely homegrown tomatoes! Nothing like a tomato sandwich in the summertime!

  134. This is one of the best “tutes” I’ve seen. Thanks for all the views of what you can do with the half square triangles. Thanks so much

  135. Very cute arrangements, the fabric line is great!
    I like the second to last square.

  136. I like the diagonal the best… watermelon is my favorite summer fruit… thanks for the wonderful tutorial.. maybe have to do some of these you make them look so easy… and the fabric is so bright and fun… thanks for the giveaway

  137. Pinwheels for sure (summertime fun) and fruit: strawberries, blueberries

  138. I like the zig zags! And my favorite fruit is watermelon! Joan

  139. I work at a produce farm, so they’re all my favorites! (I am pretty partial to the beets though…) That looks like a great cookbook since I’m all veggies all the time in the summer. I’ve been planning a veggie quilt with that fabric since I saw it…. so many ideas….

  140. I like the pinwheels the best, but also like the hourglasses. My favorite fruit is strawberries, and my favorite veggie is asparagus.

  141. I love the zig zags!!! Must try them this weekend! Thank you for showing all the different ways you can use hst 🙂 Love Pat’s fabric as well.

  142. I love the zigzag. It’s different from anything I’ve ever done with triangles. I love all fruit. I guess you could call me a fruit-a-terian. But my very favorite is strawberries. I put them in my cereal every morning during the summer. My favorite vegetable is corn. I absolutely love corn on the cob. I put lots of ears in my freezer and we enjoy them in the winter when snow is on the ground. Loved this tutorial! Thanks for sharing.

  143. Woo – who knew those little triangles could mix it up so well! I really like the 2 arrangements made of several blocks, amazing variety. My favorite summer treat: garden fresh tomatoes!

  144. I would have to say my fav HST pattern is arrows, followed very closely by zig zags. My fav summer vegetable…tomatoes (specifically, green tomatoes to make fried green tomatoes).

  145. Pinwheels, pinwheels, pinwheels. I love pinwheels! I love fruits, like grapes and apples!

  146. For a long time, I avoided HST like the plague. Lately, I have been more confident using them and am making up for lost time. I love to use them to make pinwheels.

    My favorite summer vegetable is corn on the cob and favorite summer fruit is watermelon.
    Thank you for offering the lovely giveaway and tutorial.

  147. Thanks so much for the ideas!! Love them all, but the diagonals are my favorite. Love fresh cucumbers!

  148. Triangles are one of my favorites and I think my favorite layout is pinwheels. When I first started quilting I had no idea how to “cut” triangles and after 17 years I use them all the time!

  149. I would say that it is a toss-up between pinwheels and hourglass patterns for my favorite design. The fabric is lovely and your directions are perfect! I love blueberries right off the bush and fresh tomatoes – nothing like picking your own! Thanks for your gifties!

  150. I’ve done several pinwheel quilts and one diagonal but you gave meore ideas. Thank you. I would love to make this vege quilt.

  151. Love the Triangles..and the Pinwheels!!! The Squares Set On Point are very cool tho too! Thank you for such an easy to understand Tutorial…can see so clearly how & what to do! Peaches have to be the fave fruit here…we have 260 Peach trees! LOL

    Thanks for chance to win! Love the name…I’m a Mom that tells our Kids same thing! Won’t they laugh at that! 🙂

  152. There are so many things I use HSTs for that I don’t have a favorite. I love grapes during the summer.

  153. Pinwheels make summer a child’s time or brings back childhood memories. As for a fruit or veggie, hmmmm huckleberry for the fruit for sure!!!

  154. Thanks for this tutorial – This square has been next to impossible for me to do correctly and just scares me. I do love the zig-zag or chevron. One of my favorite veggies that is only available in this area for a short time are tomatoes. These tomatoes come from one local area and have the best smell and taste – great in a tomatoe-vidalia onion sandwich with S&P, mayo on – white bread – the mushy kind – mmmmm good! Thannks again.

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    My favorite fruit/veggie is a tomato. Mmmmm, pick it straight off the vine and chow down.

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    Thank you so much for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


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    Thanks for a chance to win some wonderful fabric and a great book.


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    And I love summertime for the dark cherries and watermelon that are waiting for me at the grocery store.

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    Have to try it *g*

    My favorite veggies are peas.


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    Thank you for your generosity.

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    Love the tips on your blog!

  178. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  183. Anonymous says

    LOVE Grandma Jane’s tutorials…especially this one with so many options for quilt squares! I will be using the pinwheels for a baby blanket, so this was a timely tutorial for me. Fav summer veggie would be tomatoes. Can’t get enough BLTs!
    [email protected]

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  213. I did not receive a confirmation that my comment posted and cannot find it. Here goes again:
    Pinwheels plain or fancy…. love the prints as reminds me of our garden produce (if one squints) and a photo we saw today in Southern Living of a basket full of produce.

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  228. Anonymous says

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    Jordyn @ The Green House

    thegreenhouseboutique at gmail dot com

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    As for veggies, absolutely nothing beats home-grown tomatoes!

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  238. Thank you so much for your tutorial! My daughter got married two years ago and I promised her a quilt, but hadn’t found the perfect material yet, until I saw this! She has her degree in health and nutrition and gardens and all these fruit and veggie prints are so perfect:) Just hoping I win, so I can make her the perfect quilt that I promised so long ago, lol.

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  243. I love the hourglass…..
    Hubby and I belong to a CSA Farm (community supported agriculture) and we get tons of fresh, local, organic veggies all spring, summer and fall. My favorite is baby bok choy. Very versatile, cold in salads, hot in stir frys etc.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  244. What an inspiration! I’m a new quilter and REALLY appreciate the tutorials:) I’m wondering though how you put the quilt together? Did you create the top in strips or whole blocks and then assemble? Maybe there’s more info in the book! Thanks for the super info!!

  245. vail neal says

    I’ve made a couple of baby quilts with pinwheels that were fun to do but I’m loving the quilt pictured at the beginning of your tutorial!! My favorite summer fruit is the tomato which we all use as a veggie so I’m going with that!

    Vail in TN