Summer Rag Flip Flop Tutorial

So it’s finally summer around here and I was asked by the folks at Joann Fabric and Craft stores to come up with a summer craft project inspired by their new summer catalog, Cape Discovery. If you like crafting with your children, this is a great place to gather up some new ideas. The girls and I flipped through this catalog to find our inspiration project:

After looking at all the different project ideas in the Cape Discovery Catalog, we chose to create some ‘Summer Rag Flip Flops’ for the girls. My girls definitely love a good craft!

These were such an easy, inexpensive craft project that is perfect to work on together with your little one. This project takes a small amount of fabric and a few other supplies found at Joann’s and you’ve got a pair (or two) of festive shoes for the summer!

Summer Rag Flip Flop Tutorial
from The Cottage Mama
1 pair flip flops
1 – 2 fabrics (fat quarters or 1/8 yard each)
1 set Clip-Eez sparkle clips (found at Joann’s)
Scissors or rotary cutter
Gather your supplies.
I selected three ‘Lisette’ fabrics from Joann’s. Since I was trying to be good (I’m currently on a fabric diet), I only purchased a 1/4 yard each (since that’s the smallest amount you can have cut). I kind of wish I had more since I really love these colors.
The girls loved these sparkle clips when we were shopping at Joann’s. And they were 40% off that day, so they were a real deal. They had tons of other different styles of clips that were really cute.
Cut your fabric on the fold into 1″ strips. I used 8 strips per pair of flip flops, but I’m sure that will vary depending on the size sandal you are using.
Cut your 1″ strips of fabric into 7″ pieces.
Pile up your fabric strips and get ready to embellish your flip flops!
Start tying knots on the straps of the flip flops with your different fabrics. You can use one print or many……it’s entirely up to you. Leave a little room at the very front for your sparkle clip. This is a great step to work on together with your little one. If they can tie a knot, they can do this project!
Once you’ve finished both sides of the flip flops, you will need to add the sparkle clip to the center. Open up the clip to apply.
Here is what the front of your flip-flop will look like after you have applied your pretty sparkle clip.
And here are both of your completed ‘Summer Rag Flip Flops’ with sparkle clip and all!
And if you have two girls, you might need to make two pairs……..we don’t want anyone feeling left out now, do we?
Here is a little side-by-side shot of the inspiration sandals from the Joann’s catalog.
Then let your girly pick her favorite pair to wear this summer!
We had a great time making these flip flops and there are plenty of other Summer Fun projects that I would like to do with my kids this summer break. Don’t you just love summer? I’m so glad it’s here!
You can check out plenty more summer DIY projects to do with your little ones in the Cape Discovery Catalog from Joann’s. And if you want to stay up to date with Joann’s, sign up for their Discover Connect and you will receive a 20% off coupon. Pretty nice, I’d say. You can sign up HERE.
Happy Summer!
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  1. Super duper cute! Pinned!

  2. I made these, using ribbon, to put into favor bags for my daughter’s bday party.

  3. I made these, using ribbon, to put into favor bags for my daughter’s bday party.

  4. So cute! I’ll have to make some of these with my girls!

  5. Love these! I’ve seen the ribbon sandals before, but the pretty clips TOTALLY make the whole project 🙂


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