Simple Felt Hair Clip Tutorial

Have you seen all of the super-cute felt hair clips that are out there on the market?  Well, if you haven’t, just Google them and you will see this hair accessory craze!  There are some incredibly cute designs being sold, but I just can’t stomach paying $6-$10 for a hair clip that my daughter might wear (the operative word being…..might).

This afternoon I decided to make some little felt hair clips of my own for my daughter Savannah (Matilda doesn’t have any hair yet).  These were so simple and easy and there was NO sewing involved – I know I’m not the best about posting “non-sewing” tutorials.

Felt only costs 29 cents per sheet (or less if you get it on-sale) and a pack of hair clips is about $1.99 – so if you are on a budget (as most people are these days) this is the project for you!

Simple Felt Hair Clips

Craft Felt (whatever colors you like)
Strong Glue – I use fabri-tac
Hair clips (again, whatever kind you like)
Optional Supplies – Fabric covered button maker & embroidery floss/hand-sewing needle

Before we start, I cannot say enough about this glue – it is amazing!  You can use it for all of your craft projects, you will never need any other type of glue.  The bond is incredibly strong, fast drying, and completely clear. 

Cut a rectangle of felt a little larger than the clip you are using.

You will need two pieces – one for the front and one for the back.

Cut a little slit in the felt rectangle.  Slide the bottom part of the clip through the slit.

Then cut a smaller slit on the other-side for the smaller latch to poke through.

Apply some strong glue adhesive to one side of your other piece of felt.  Place this felt piece (glue side down) on top of the other one.  Then I just took pinking sheers and cut around all four sides to give it a zig-zag look and glued (using my same, beloved, Fabri-tac) a fabric covered button on one side.

Here is my darling little lady wearing her cute new felt hair clip.

Fabric Covered Buttons
If you would like to use fabric covered buttons for this project you will need to purchase a covered button kit (available at the craft store or Joann’s). I used 7/8″ buttons for my daughter’s clips.
Here is what the underside of the uncovered button will look like when you remove it from the package.
You need to remove the shank from the button.  This comes out VERY easily with a pair of pliers.
You will need to cut a circle of your fabric to cover the button.  This fabric is from Amy Butler’s “Love” collection.
Then follow the instructions on the package to complete your covered buttons – this is VERY easy, trust me.
Here is the hair clip I made with the “Love” button.  I made this the same way as the other one, but I used straight scissors to round the edge.
 Two fabric covered button felt hair-clips!
Here are some more clips that I made for my little Miss Savannah:
Assortment of Hair Clips
For this clip, I used embroidery floss to spell out my daughter’s monogram.
This is a super-simple, basic clip design that I created that I thought would go with a lot of Savannah’s Spring/Summer clothes.
The actual clip that I used for this one is a little different than the other two.
I cut a long skinny piece of felt and wrapped it around the whole clip – inside and out.  
Once the clip was covered with the pink felt, I just added a thin strip of blue to the top for an accent color.
Cottage Mama’s Note:  You can get much more creative than I did with your hair clip designs.  Think about using stars, hearts, or any basic shape.  Also, think about other embelishments you could use, such as plain buttons or individual sequins…….gosh the options are endless…….if there were only more hours in the day!

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  12. I love these! My daughter is still very touch and go about ponytail holders, but she does let me use one barette each day – lol. These are just lovely!

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