Baptism Gift Tutorial

Yesterday we celebrated my good friend Lara’s son, Luca’s, baptism into the Catholic Church.  It was a beautiful celebration with good food and great friends and family.

I wanted to make little Luca something for his special day.  I thought about making some clothing or stuffed animal, but I really wanted it to be a baptism gift.  I decided to make him a little baptism plaque that could be displayed on a shelf in his room with a sweet bible verse.  I used Ephisians 4:5 – One Lord, one faith, one baptism.  I also tried my best to match his current room decor which is dark brown and green.

If you are looking for a baptism gift for a little one in your life, give this little plaque a try.  You can incorporate any bible verse or blessing you like and it will be a gift they can look back on for many years to come!

Baptism Gift Tutorial
1 wooden plaque (any size or shape)
1 bottle acrylic paint
1 paint brush
Scrapbooking paper
Mod Podge
1 sponge paint brush
Start with a blank wooden plaque.  You can buy these at Joann’s, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, ect.  They come in all shapes and sizes – pick one that you feel comfortable decorating.
Next you are going to paint your unfinished wooden plaque.  Pick a color of acrylic paint that will compliment the decorative papers you have chosen to use.  In this case, I chose a cream color.
Paint your wooden plaque.  I like to use a piece of wax paper underneath, so that it does not bleed through onto any other surfaces and is very easy to remove once dry.  Make sure you paint the entire front and sides and use even brush strokes.
Once you have finished painting your plaque, allow it to dry to about 30 minutes.
Meanwhile, while your paint is drying.  Cut out your decorative papers.  You can cut them out yourself or you can buy pre-made cut-outs at your local scrapbooking store.  I have a handy Cricut cutting machine that helped me cut these shapes out.  Click here for more information on the Cricut cutting machines. 
Once your papers are cut out and your plaque is dry, Mod Podge your papers onto the plaque.  Follow the instructions on your Mod Podge bottle to complete this step.  Mod Podge makes layering paper really fun so play with your layout prior to using your Mod Podge.  Then allow your plaque to dry for another 30 minutes – 1 hour.
Little Luca’s Baptism Plaque
Cottage Mama’s Note: You can use this idea for gifts other than baptism.  Perhaps you would like to show your Mom how much she means to you on Mother’s Day – print out a quote and use that on the plaque.  Or maybe you are just looking to add some decor to your child’s room – use this idea to Mod Podge words such as Princess or whatever matches your child’s decor.

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