A Trip to the Strawberry Patch: 2013

It’s strawberry season here in Chicago. On Monday I was trying to decide what the kids and were going to do for the day and I thought……’I bet it’s strawberry picking time.’ I called our local berry farm to see if they had berries this year (since the weather has been so strange) and it turns out Monday was the first day they were open for picking! Well that sealed the deal. The kids and I were going to go strawberry picking and get the first pick of the season!

Miss Savannah was really into making sure she picked the very best strawberries she could find. This girl has high standards when it comes to berries………she passed over many berries before she picked just the right one. She was our quality control manager.

This is what Mr. Caspian did the entire time. He had a feast and didn’t get a single berry in his basket. I tried to look past the fact that the berries weren’t washed and just let him have a good time. He really enjoyed himself since he absolutely loves berries. You could just see his eyes light up when he realized what we were doing. He was in hog heaven.

Miss Matilda was kind of in between girl. She spent a good amount of time eating and a good amount of time picking berries for her basket. When I told her we were going strawberry picking she said ‘I know what shirt I’m going to wear!’ And it was just perfect.

We spent about an hour picking our berries and then went and had a picnic lunch under a nice shady tree. It was such a gorgeous day out and I just spent the whole time we were out there feeling so incredibly grateful for all these little blessings in my life. Nice weather will do that for you.

We got a really good amount of berries, but I will tell you that a majority of them were gone by the end of the day. I seriously think strawberries are one of the greatest little treasures……so sweet and delicious!

And this is what the kids looked like after our picnic and strawberry eating fest. And this is why we never wear fancy clothes to pick strawberries……..it always ends with a strawberry face or strawberry body.

A nice man saw me trying to take pictures of the kids and offered to take a group picture of us. Don’t you just love when that happens? So here’s our strawberry picking crew…….it’s a miracle that everyone’s faces are pointing towards the camera……seriously……..a miracle.

A couple years ago I made some really delicious Cinnamon Strawberry Muffins (recipe found here) and this year I decided to try something new. If you follow me over on Instagram (@thecottagemama) you might already know what it is……….it turned out so yummy……I can’t wait to share!

Strawberry picking has become an annual tradition for us. I took the girls picking when I was pregnant with Cass, we went last year when he was just a baby and I carried him on me in the Ergo carrier and now look at the three of them. It’s amazing how time flies!

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  1. What a fun time! I love the little smudges of strawberries on the childrens’ faces..Good times to remember always!

  2. oh so sweet! a few more weeks before we can start picking up here…i cannot wait! those are some happy strawberry covered kiddos!

  3. That looks so fun…you are all adorable!

  4. That looks like a blast! Those strawberry covered faces are so cute.
    I’ll have to see if there are any picking options by us.

  5. Your kids are just adorable…looks like a fun time!

  6. Yum! Ours here in England are just starting to ripen! They look so good, can’t wait to go and pick some myself.

  7. It’s so wonderful to build such memories. These are special days to treasure for sure. Your family is darling!