The Great Christmas Tree

This past Sunday I finally started to feel somewhat normal again (pneumonia is not a fun thing)!  So we decided to go forward with our annual tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree.

Growing up we cut down a Christmas tree each year and my husband and I have kept with this tradition ever since we got married (6.5 years ago).  Our favorite tree farm experienced a terrible drought in 2004, so for the last two years we had to go somewhere else for our tree.  But this year, our favorite tree farm was open for two weekends and even though pickings are still pretty slim, we decided to head back and support the family-owned farm.

We got quite the snow here on Saturday, so it was nice and snow covered for our tree hunt on Sunday. It was also VERY cold……brrrrrrr, but Savannah still managed to make a few snow angels.

The tree we chose was not very big, but it was a nice shape.  It looked like the perfect tree for our little family.  Brett brought his saw and cut it down.  Then the tractor came and picked us up and took us back for some complimentary hot chocolate in the warming house!

Matilda really enjoyed the chocolate cookies that we bought in the warming house……..she kept doing the baby sign for “more”.  The girl has a sweet tooth just like her Daddy.

Speaking of her Daddy, I just had to share this picture of my hubby……isn’t he cute?  I think so (I know I’m a little biased)!

Savannah had her very first hot chocolate and she kept telling us for the rest of the day, “I like hot chocolate”.  Well, who wouldn’t like liquid chocolate?

This farm was built back in 1875 and was originally built to operate as a dairy farm.  I just love old buildings with history.  I thought our house was old having been built in 1934, but this one has got more than 50 years on ours.

 This was the stove that was heating the warming house – isn’t it charming?

We had a great time on our tree hunt and plan to keep this tradition going each year with our family.  I’ll have to show you pictures of the decorated tree later…… looks pretty cute!
Happy Holidays!
PS:  I know I’ve been lacking in the sewing and crafting department lately……..but do not fear, there is more to come!

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  1. What an awesome place to get a Christmas tree! Your family is beautiful. I’m very happy you’re feeling better. :o)

  2. Glad your tree adventure was better than ours! Its hard with 2 littles! Where did you guys go, it looks like a great place!

  3. what gorgeous pictures…looks like you had an amazing day! Merry Christmas 🙂

  4. looks like fun! Hope you’re feeling better, that’s no fun. 🙁

  5. How fun! Your girls are so adorable!

  6. Your outing looks so happy! And a nice little tree for a nice little family. I like that Savannah kept telling you that she like Hot Chocolate! (She was probably saying, ‘maybe if I say it enough times, they will get the hint and make some for me at home.’ LOL!)
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. What fun Lindsay!! Glad you are feeling better! When our kids were young we would go up to the White Mountain National forest in New Hampshire, where we live. You could buy a permit for $1 (quite a few years ago, it is more now) and you could cut any tree in the forest at least 100 yards from the road, fun adventures!! I am jealous you have snow…we have none. Merry Christmas and stay well!!

  8. I know exactly where you were. You must have passed right by my house. Did you know that Pioneer farms does there tree sales every year to help the fire department, or maybe the police department. They have a great story and a cute farm.

    We often shop there for our tree. This year we went to Onies, they too had a drought but seam to have had less damage. We too got our tree Sunday, just think If I had followed tradition and went to Pioneer farms we could have run into each other.

    I love tree day!