Happy 6th Birthday Caspian!

Dear Caspian,

Happy Birthday! Today you turn 6 years old. I can’t believe that you are only 6…….it seems like we have had you for forever. Today, on your birthday, here are a few things I would like to remember about you when you turned 6 years old and a few things you might like to know about yourself:

Happy 6th Birthday Caspian!

  1. You still love cars. Cars are your very favorite toy to play with everyday. You can get lost in playing with your Hot Wheels for hours up in your room.
  2. You started full-day Kindergarten this year! Your birthday is on the very last day of the school cut-off day, so Mama and Daddy decided to have you wait a year to start Kindergarten. But this year, you finally get to join your sisters all day at school! I’m glad we had you wait a year because now I know you are going to do amazing in Kindergarten.
  3. You are really interested in American Ninja Warrior. It’s your favorite show to watch on TV. You went to a Ninja Warrior camp this summer and LOVED it! Sometimes, I think you believe our house is your ninja training ground which I’m constantly reminding you is not the case. Jumping on and off of furniture, climbing up doorways and climbing the staircase banisters (on the wrong side), is not appropriate inside behavior. But luckily, you’re so darn cute, so I can’t stay mad at you for long.
  4. You love to race. You are often racing us even when we don’t realize we are racing.
  5. You still love to win. I think you’ve gotten a little better about losing gracefully, but it’s going to always be a work in progress with you.
  6. You love, love, LOVE soccer. It’s your favorite thing to do. This year you are on the same soccer team as last year……the team name is ‘Ela and the Barbarians’. It’s a boys team, but you have one girl on your team named Ela.
  7. You aren’t having a birthday party this year (since we try to do them every other year in our family), but Daddy is taking you and your best buddy, Otto, to Lego Land this weekend. You’re going to love it!
  8. You don’t know it yet, but Josephine and I are going to surprise you tomorrow and pull you out of school for an hour to take you out for a birthday lunch.
  9. You are pretty darn easy to shop for these days. For your birthday, you are getting a Cars 3 set of cars, some Hot Wheels cars and Mario Bros. cars. You are also getting a Star Wars fidget spinner and Star Wars shirt. When you go to Legoland, Daddy will let you pick out something special there too!
  10. You like to watch videos on the iPad. Sometimes we have to watch it with you because you’d sit there all day if we let you. You love to watch people race.
  11. You are still receiving speech therapy at school, but your annunciation has come SO far in the last year. We are proud of you!
  12. Some of your favorite foods are corn dogs, chicken, tacos, grilled cheese and mac and cheese. Really healthy, I know.
  13. Many days you wish you had a brother. Somedays you feel left out with your sisters. When they want to play American Girl dolls alone, you say that ‘sisters don’t love me’. What you don’t know, buddy, is that they love you more than any other boy in the world. You’ll know that eventually.
  14. You play really sweetly with your little sister, Jojo. You always say that you think she is the ‘cutest baby girl in the whole wide world’.
  15. Your favorite color is green.
  16. You are finally getting yourself dressed, putting on shoes, buckling your seat belt, etc. So many things that your sisters did WAY before you did, but I think you just like Mama to do everything for you. I don’t know if that’s a ‘boy’ thing or just you, but I’m so happy that you are able to do more for yourself this year. Go Cass!
  17. You read the book ‘Prince Caspian’ with Daddy this year. We named you after the Caspian Sea, but many people ask if we named you after that book, so Daddy thought he should read it to you.
  18. You are sooooooooo good at math. You can count to 100 and beyond, can add, subtract and multiply numbers before you started Kindergarten.
  19. You are a perfectionist. You like to do everything really well. I love that about you because I am that way too. On the flip-side, a lot of times you will get frustrated and give up quickly if something doesn’t come easily to you. Usually you just need a little guidance to get going on something you think that you can’t do. I’m hoping that you’ll start to self-motivate on tasks that are challenging for you because guess what……..most things in life don’t come easily.
  20. You are the cutest little boy I know. You are our only child with blue eyes and blonde hair and I could just squeeze you all day long. You hug me so tight and you say ‘I’m never going to let you go.”

Caspian Finn, we love you so very much! You bring such a great physical energy into our home and make our house come alive. You are all boy, that’s for sure, but you are also one of the sweetest, caring little boys that I know. I hope you have a wonderful 6th birthday. I can’t wait to celebrate you! I love you from here to the moon and back again.



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  1. What an adorable little boy. I have a 5 year old grandson who is very precious to me as he was 2months premmie and was a very sick little boy. He is awesome as he has made so much progress since he got his Cochlear implants. Children are such a joy, Judy