This Past Weeks Happenings….

Wow, is the week over yet?  I can’t believe it’s not Friday yet…… seems like this week has been so crazy busy.  I spent this past weekend and last few days sewing up a storm in preparation for a photo shoot for my upcoming sewing patterns.  Not to mention spending some much needed time with my family celebrating Easter.

Garments for pattern photo shoot

Our photo shoot was today with Amy Tripple Photography and it went really well.  I have never used Amy before but she came highly recommended from a friend and I was so excited by the whole experience.  I think she and I might have been related in a past life.  Well, not really, but it’s so refreshing to meet another kindred creative soul and she was definitely that.

I wasn’t quite sure how the kids would do taking direction from someone they had never met before, but surprisingly they listened to her even more than me (go figure).  We had two little toddler boys join us for the shoot that were selected from The Cottage Mama Facebook Fan page.  They were absolutely adorable……exactly what I thought they would be.  I have yet to see any of the images, but I am so, so excited to see what Amy captured and to share these new creations with you all.

Saturday morning we went to a local Easter egg hunt that proved to be lots of fun.  We had taken Savannah to one in the past but it was just too crazy and the poor little lady only got one egg.  But this year we tried a different one and it worked out great.  They had a different section for each age group.  Matilda was in the 2-3 year olds, Savannah was in the 4-5 year olds and they also had a 6-8 year old section (though we don’t have anyone there yet).

Matilda’s Coat ~ post found HERE

Savannah’s Coat ~ post found HERE.

After the egg hunt we went exploring around this gorgeous park to take in the beauty of spring.

Cottage Mama (me) with my babies.

I took Sunday off completely to really enjoy and celebrate Easter with my family.  We attended Mass in the morning and had a lovely Easter brunch at a local seafood restaurant.

Matilda Party Dress (post HERE) and Savannah Orange Dress (post HERE)

I didn’t make any special Easter outfits this year, but all the kids had on something handmade.  I feel like we have quite a few special occasion handmade dresses hanging in the girls closet that I wanted to make sure they got plenty of wear.  Savannah wore her orange birthday dress and Matilda wore the ‘Party Dress’ (free pattern here) that was originally Savannah’s but now seems to fit her perfectly.

Caspian and his Godmother, Aunt Katie

Savannah and Matilda with Uncle Bryan and Aunt Abby

The kids with Gigi and Grumpy (Brett’s parents)

After brunch we took some family pictures by the river that runs right next to our house.  Sometimes I don’t think I really embrace and appreciate where we live.  We are very blessed to live in such beautiful surroundings and though, I sometimes long for something different, we really have so much beauty right in our own backyard.  I guess Easter has a way of making all things seem new again.

Finally we ended up back at our home for a final Easter egg hunt in the front yard while the adults watched on the front porch.  It might have been a busy weekend, but it sure was a great one!
We have had a wonderful last week and while I don’t have any new sewing/crafty stuff to share with you right now, I hope you like this little peak into our personal family life.  

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  1. Very sweet! I am so glad you had a great holiday! 🙂

  2. So cute to see how your family celebrated Easter. You have a beautiful family and are so blessed! The girls dresses are so lovely too.

  3. What a house! I love it. It looks like it has a lot of history within it’s walls. How old is it?

  4. Beautiful family!
    I´m new to your blog, which I found via one of patterns in Pinterest. I loved the colours and the happiness of your designs and writing. Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a beautiful family you have. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  6. such sweet photos and i cant wait to see the new pattern! we are still hunting for eggs daily. it seems as though the kids like to find them even empty. good cheap fun i tell ya:)

  7. Yes, thanks for sharing your family with us! Is your home right on the water? The green and blossoms and sunshine look so inviting compared to our scene here in the mountains – spring just comes a little later here. Great dresses.

  8. It looks like a great time was had by all in some beautiful settings :o) Love the look of the fabrics you chose for your photo shoot outfits too!

  9. you guys are too cute. 🙂 and you really do live in a cottage, holy moly, I love it!

  10. Wonderful pictures of a picture book perfect family 🙂

  11. Your children are beautiful! A wonderful post as always! ♥

  12. Doesn’t Matilda look like sometimes as a tiny Renée Zellweger? :o)
    Your house and courtyard is soooo amazing! :o)

  13. I loved all the pictures of your beautiful family at Easter. It reminded me of an Easter forty years ago when I made matching coats for my son and daughter at Easter.
    Blessings sandra