And in the blink of an eye, she turned 5.

Savannah Rose is 5 years old today. I say it every year, but I just can’t believe it. Five is such a big birthday to me. When they are under five, they seem like they are still little babies, but turning five means they are truly a ‘kid’. Savannah will start kindergarten in the fall. It’s all going by too fast.

I am so proud of my sweet girl and there are some things I would like her to know on her 5th birthday……..

1. You maturing into a beautiful little lady, inside and out.
2. You are a wonderful big sister. You walk your little sister, Matilda to her preschool class each morning and give her a big hug before she goes in. Your teachers constantly tell me how wonderful you are to her. Thank you for that. Your little brother adores you.
3. Orange is still your favorite color.
4. Your favorite food is cheeseburgers.
5. You are having a Rainbow Unicorn Party for your birthday.
6. You asked for princesses and unicorns for your birthday presents.
7. You tell me all the time how you are going to live close to me always and are going to buy the house next door when you get older (I will be reminding you of this when you are 15 and want nothing to do with me).
8. You are smart. SO smart.
9. You love to play outside in the snow and go on hikes.
10. You like to ride bikes.
11. You like to help mama cook.
12. You still sleep with your Elmo (even though he is falling apart).
13. You really, really want a sewing machine. It’s not time yet, but maybe when you turn six.
14. You say you want to be just like your mama when you grow up and sew beautiful things. Thank you for that…… have know idea how much that means to me.
15. Your best friends are Rory, Paige and Jordyn (and your sister, Matilda).
16. You are very self-sufficient which is very helpful.
17. You love to cuddle.
18. You love to dance ballet and sing songs.
19. You like to tell knock-knock jokes.
20. You are very loved by your mama, daddy, Matilda, Caspian and all your family and friends.

Five years ago you came into this world and changed my life forever, you made me a mother, the very best role I have ever had in my life. Happy Birthday, baby girl. We love you from here to the moon and back again!    

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  1. What a beautiful post! Happy 5th Birthday to your little lady! You are so right, five is a big birthday. My little lady turned five last October and I still can’t believe it! I hope she enjoys her rainbow unicorn party!

    p.s. my daughter wants a sewing machine too and I have told her maybe when she is six as well 🙂 I really love that she wants to sew like her mommy….it really does mean so much when they want to do the things that you do!

  2. Lindsay,
    I love the posts to your children! Such a gift and truely wonderful idea anyone could do. They are going to be treasured!

  3. What a wonderful tribute to your daughter!

  4. Grace turns 5 this summer and goes to kindergarten in the fall too….I think she’ll be harder for me to let go of than Simon was.

    Most days I wish I could freeze time and keep everyone small for just a little while longer.

  5. Very sweet memories.

  6. My soon to be 5 year old love knock knock jokes too!! Have you found a good source for new ones to add to her memory bank?

  7. Happy birthday Savannah Rose!

  8. Happy Birthday lovely little lady! You are growing up into a beautiful girl!

  9. Oh how I love you and your family!–Grandma Jane

  10. Happy Birthday Savannah Rose from your mom’s bloggy friends from Alabama! Lan, Lisa, Ashley & Savannah Lee!

  11. Happy Birthday 🙂 My “big” little one turned 5 in December and is really a “big girl” now… they grow so fast… and she want’s a sewing machine too… a pink one of course 🙂