DIY Craft: No-Sew Fabric Covered Box Tutorial

This past weekend I was out and about running errands on my own.  And I’m sure most of you mom’s know…….I sort of felt like I was on a mini-vacation. Anyway, I stopped off at one of my favorite local thrift stores and, come to find out, the entire store was 50% off.  50% off at a thrift store?  Yes, I couldn’t believe it either.  I picked up a bunch of things that I just couldn’t go home without and this little metal box for 50 cents was one of them.

Here is what the box looked like when I brought it home:


Not very exciting, but it was just begging to be given new life.  So I decided to get out my craft supplies and turn it into something a little more eye-catching.  This is an easy, inexpensive craft project that can be done with mostly items you have around the house.  Granted, if you don’t craft a lot you may have to buy some essentials (like spray adhesive), but you’ll be able to use this things for projects in the future.


Fabric Covered Box Tutorial
by Lindsay Wilkes from The Cottage Mama
Box ~ any size (mine was able to fit large notecards inside)
Spray Paint
Spray Adhesive
Glue Gun
Fabric (a fat quarter should be more than enough)



I grabbed a can of spray paint that I happened to have around for this project.  You want to make sure you spray the inside of the box really well since that will not be covered.  Let the inside dry and then flip the box over and spray the bottom.  The rest of the box will be covered by fabric and trim so no need to worry about it’s appearance.

Cut the piece of fabric for the top of the box about 1/2″ larger than the box top.  Then cut small slits on the diagonal in each of the corners which will enable you to wrap the fabric around the box (like you are wrapping a gift) after you use your spray adhesive.  You are just wrapping the fabric down over about a 1/2″ over the edge so that you don’t see any raw edges.  The raw edge will eventually be concealed by your ribbon trim.


Measure and cut out the strip of fabric to go around the box.  You want the fabric to go all the way around the box and overlap by about an inch.  Cut the fabric wider than necessary so you can press under the top and bottom with your iron.  Press the fabric so that it is just the right size to fit your box.  Also press under the one side that will overlap in the back of the box so it looks neat and tidy.
The next part is easy.  Take your box and fabric outside and spray liberally with spray adhesive.  Place fabric on the box and smooth out any bumps.  For the top, press the over-hang pieces down a tiny bit over the sides, but remember this will be covered by trim so it doesn’t have to be perfect. Spray adhesive around the main part of the box and wrap your fabric strip around the box, overlapping the strip in the back.
Next, get out your glue gun and glue any trims that you have onto your box.  You can use anything you would like to embellish this box.  I simply used trims that were already in my stash to make this an even more budget friendly project.  I used one piece of ribbon around the top and then I layered some rickrack and ribbon around the bottom.  This is your chance to get creative!




You can use this box for just about anything.  I think it would be fun to make some of these for different holidays too.  How about one for Christmas?  It could also be an adorable recipe card box, a place to store crafting or sewing supplies, or even a pretty container for flowers……..






I simply placed two of my really small ball jars (minus the lids) inside the box and filled them with water to hold the flowers.  These flowers were already growing in our yard and I love being able to use things that we already have.
So that’s it!  A super-simple craft project taking an ordinary thrift-store metal box and making it into something beautiful, special and one-of-a-kind!

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  1. What a super great idea! I see metal boxes of all sizes like that at our Goodwill all the time. Next time, I am buying them when I see them!

    Thanks so much for the idea!

  2. Your box is beautiful. I alter any box I see just about! I hate for things that can still be used to go into the trash. Its part of me being green!

  3. I love this idea. Beautiful. I so need a glue gun!

  4. Cute box but I am really loving your hydrangeas! Wish I had mounds of those in my yard rights now–mine are really struggling in our heat and dry. Thanks for sharing!

  5. que lindo te quedo

  6. This is such a great idea! I’ll be keeping my eye out for a little metal box now! 🙂 I love the flower idea in it! So pretty!

    P.S. I won the Ruby Ruffle Dress pattern on Living with Punks blog & it has made my whole evening! It has been on my “Pattern Wish List” for awhile now, so I’m so excited to get it! I just ordered some Riley Blake Dress Up Days fabric that I’m going to make it with. My daughter loves purple & the little girl on there reminds me of her. I’ll have to show you when I’m finished! 🙂

  7. I am really happy to see the update here.

  8. Very sweet!
    <3 Christina

  9. How clever! I love the trim with the flowers…where do I get some?

  10. So pretty…I love the colors! Many blessings!

  11. Anonymous says

    thanks for sharing.

  12. Roumella Fernando says

    This is truly a wonderful way to reduce waste, reuse and recycle them. Your box is beautiful!I’ve been doing this with any simple container I fancy to give it a new look. Nice way to dress up plastic ice cream containers and I would often attach a big satin or any fabric flower on top, unless they are for stacking up together, just one big bloom on the top box or container:-)

  13. looks easy.. NICE ^o^