Will It Go Round In Circles? ~ Free Quilt Pattern and Tutorial ~ Part 3: Quilt Backing

Welcome to Part 3 of the “Will It Go Round In Circles?” Free Quilt Pattern and Tutorial.  Yesterday we finished up our quilt front and today we will be cutting and piecing our quilt backing.  My mom always creates the most beautiful, pieced backings for her quilts.  Take it away, Mom……..

Part 3: Quilt Backing

15. Quilt Backing—I sub cut layer cake pieces for the pieced backing but as above in the cutting instructions. You can cut strips however you like—it’s great way to use up scraps. Lay strips out to get the look you like. Then sew 16 of the 2 ½ inch x 10 inch strips (right sides together) along the long side. Press seams to left side. Sew the other 16 together, press seams to left and then join two sets together. (Doing the two sets allows easier handling instead of sewing strips one at a time).

16. Sew short ends of two narrow back border pieces together. Repeat for other two. Press seams. With right sides together, sew borders to top and bottom edges of pieced backing strip. Press seams up. Trim excess border even with pieced backing.

17. For main backing, cut 3 ½ yd fabric piece in half x WOF for two pieces 63” x 40” and trim selvages off along LOF (length of fabric).

18. Sub cut one piece LOF into 63 inches X 26 inches. Sew this piece with right sides together to the top of the pieced backing strip. Sew the 63 x 40 piece to the bottom of the pieced backing strip. Press seams up and press backing well. Your quilt backing is finished!

Join us tomorrow as we sandwich our quilt and do the actual quilting. 
Keep on going, you’re almost there!!

Thanks so much, Mom!  Having a beautifully pieced quilt backing is such a lovely, unexpected detail on all of your quilts.  If you missed the first two posts in our series you can view Part 1 (HERE) and Part 2 (HERE).

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  1. The pieced backing is a wonderful, beautiful addition to a quilt. Even better it looks easy to do and even uses up some bits and pieces. This is a winner.

  2. If I wanted to do a solid backing how much fabric would I need? Would 4 yards be enough? I want to make this for my first quilt!

    • Allycia-3 1/2 yds is plenty–cut as in step #17, trim selvages and sew 63 inch sides together giving you a piece 63 x 80. Hope that helps—Jane

  3. I just wanted to thank you so much for doing this tutorial. I know it takes a lot of work and patience to do this. I really appreciate all you hard work.
    Debbie from Vancouver, BC