Savannah Rose ~ 4 Years Old

Today my oldest baby, Savannah Rose, turns 4 years old.  I cannot believe it.  I say it every year………but, seriously, where did the time go?
Everyone always says ‘make sure you enjoy these years, they go by so fast’. And while that is very true, I honestly think each year gets better and better.  Savannah is such a sweet little girl and just seems so grown up now in comparison to this time last year.
Here are a bunch of things I would like my sweet girl to know about what she is like today……..
1. You love to make up your own songs.
2. Rhyming is one of your favorite things to do.  You can make just about anything Rhyme….even if it means making up your own words.
3. You tell really silly knock-knock jokes.  And the punch-line is usually, ‘Pancakes on your head!’.
4. You are a wonderful big sister to Matilda and Caspian.
5. You love preschool and your teacher, Mrs. Finkler.
6. You are turning into a beautiful girl……inside and out.
7. Your favorite television shows are Curious George, Max and Ruby, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
8. Your favorite color is orange.  We had an orange themed birthday party for you.
9. You love play dough.
10. You are very loving and tell us that you love us all the time.
11. Your favorite foods are berries, mac and cheese, cheeseburgers, hummus and crackers and popcorn.
12. You love your sweets too……anything chocolate, ice cream and lollipops.
13. You are SO smart.
14. You don’t really nap anymore, but you still have ‘rest’ time in the afternoon.
15. You love when daddy reads you stories at night.
16. Your most favorite game is playing pretend with your sister.  And you like Candy Land and Hide and Seek.
17. You are very tall for your age.
18. You are incredibly creative.
19. You makes us smile everyday with your kisses, hugs and sweet words.
20. You make Mommy and Daddy proud to be your parents.
Happy Birthday to my sweet Savannah Rose!
The day you came into my life and made me a Mommy was one of the absolute, best days of my life.  I cannot imagine my life without you.  You bring joy and happiness into our lives everyday and I am so very proud of the girl you are becoming.
Love you, sweet girl!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Savannah Rose! I really like your name, you see I have a sweet baby girl whose name is Savannah Nicole… only thing is my baby is 19… I pray you have an AWESOME birthday full of love, hugs, kisses, CAKE and lots of fun!!

  2. That is so funny – I said almost the exact thing today to Arden on the way to daycare – “three years ago today you made me a Mommy”. I think our March 5 daughters would get along fabulously if they ever met up!

  3. Happy Birthday, to your oldest baby girl! Sweet girl!

  4. Happy Birthday. What beautiful eyes you have. Keep them open and in wonder of the world around you!!!!

  5. she is adorable! and yes, the years go fast. they don’t slow down any either!

  6. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter. Children are such a blessing from the Lord aren’t they?

  7. Happy Birthday Savannah from Texas!

  8. She is absolutely beautiful! I love, love, love that beautiful southern name. Perfect name for such a beautiful little lady.

  9. Happy birthday sweet girl.& yes we all should create activity for family to enjoy maxima 🙂

  10. Your daughter is beautiful..and so is her name! She’s destined to be a lady with a name like Savannah Rose! Makes my southern heart smile! 😀

  11. Well, well, well, our little Miss Savannah is 4!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Savannah Rose!!!! I have known you and seen you from your loving Mama’s blog, she has been very proud of you! And I think your Mommy was so busy with all of your other good traits that she forgot this for your list: That you were her FIRST model of her dresses! And you were the best pose-er and smile-er! You were there for your Mommy when she was so proud to show you in the dresses she made for you with all of her LOVE. 🙂
    Happy, happy birthday, dear child! You are getting to be a BIG GIRL now!! xxoo

  12. P.S. A note for Mama Lindsay: Believe everyone when they say the years go so FAST, they are NOT kidding! My son is 21, I can’t believe it. But I WILL tell you this from experience: The way Savannah is now, the way she is and her good heart etc., is the way she will be when she is 21 too. It’s amazing, but the personality they have when they are young IS the one they have when they get older. Well, maybe a little more ‘exasperating’ with what you have to deal with, but the SAME GOOD KID. 😉

  13. Happy birthday Savannah Rose, hope you had a wonderful day :o)

  14. so very sweet – happy birthday dear Savannah! From those of us who have the pleasure of watching you grow up in photos. xo

  15. I wish you the happiest of birthdays, Savannah Rose– such a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl! 🙂 Lindsay, I love the list of 20 things– what a neat idea– I am going to do this for my granddaughter, Clarabel, who will turn one year old on May 5th– and then do a new list every year! Thank you for the wonderful idea! 🙂

  16. My daughter turned 3 on the same day. Your daughter is so adorable. I love your list and now plan to make one for my daughter. Good idea! Happy birthday, Savannah Rose!

  17. she’s adorable!! and i’m going crazy over those cute shorts! i’m guessing you made them…..can you share what pattern it is? i’ve been hunting around for shorts like that for my daughter. thanks!

    • Tasha, those shorts are made from my ‘Shortcake Reversible Romper and Dress’ pattern that you can find in my etsy shop, The Cottage Mama: I did a tutorial on the blog showing how to use that pattern and turn the romper into shorts. They are so cute and SO comfy!

  18. Belated birthday wishes to ms. savanah Rose. I love all her mischievous expression in the photos. God bless.
    I have a son who will turn 4 this april.