Happy 5th Birthday, JoJo!

Dear Josephine,

I can hardly believe you are five years old today! Happy Birthday sweet girl!! I can’t believe our youngest baby is five years old! It is true what they say…….’the days are long, but the years are short’. Time sure is flying by and there are some things I would like to remember about you when you turned five years old and some things you might like to know about your five year old self……

  1. You are fiercely independent and a leader.
  2. You love babies and are incredibly nurturing.
  3. Your favorite color is pink.
  4. Your favorite meal is still chicken strips, french fries and ranch (and don’t forget the ranch!!).
  5. You are incredibly strong. You started gymnastics and surprise me every class with your strength.
  6. You have a lot of friends. Some of your friends are Gabriella, Avery, Jordyn, Millie, Addie, Harper, Brooks, Sutton, Luca, Blake, Cole and the list goes on……
  7. You are having a cowgirl birthday party at our house with five of your girlfriends. You are also going to be a cowgirl for Halloween.
  8. You are SO funny. You have all these things that you say that make us laugh……’here is your bride with a cherry on top’, ‘wow, these kids are just growing up SO fast’, ‘S-A-S-S-Y, Sassy as I want to be’.
  9. You tell me you love me 100 times a day. You always know how to make someone feel loved.
  10. You love to be one-on-one with me and loooooooove snuggling with your Mama.
  11. You are really smart.
  12. You play hard to get with your siblings. If they ask for affection, you refuse; however, reverse psychology works really well on you. If we say, ‘don’t give your sister any hugs’ then you immediately go over and hug them.
  13. You like to play pretend, play with playdoh and paint.
  14. For your birthday, you are getting a teepee tent, a playdoh set, more playdoh, a kids camera and a puppy dog sleeping bag.
  15. You like to watch Caillou on TV and you like to watch ‘Ryan’ on the ipad.
  16. You love playing with our neighbor Gabriella. She is a little more than a year older than you and I think you would spend every day together, if you could!
  17. You love to go to McDonald’s and Portillo’s.
  18. You also love to go shopping with Mama at Trader Joe’s.
  19. You wear your cowgirl boots almost every day.
  20. Your Grandma Jane and Pepo flew in from Texas to celebrate your birthday.

Josephine Mae Wilkes, you are such a bright light in this family. You make everyone you meet feel so special and SO loved. You love life and you live it to its fullest. You are an amazing little lady and I’m so proud to be your Mama. I hope you have the best birthday yet and I’m blessed to get to celebrate you for a 5th time on this special day.

I love you from here to the moon and back again!



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  1. Happy Birthday Jojo!