The Busy Mama

So I have been crazy busy around here lately.  I sort of feel like I am moving in 500 different directions trying to get everything done before our little baby boy arrives.  He’ll be here in three weeks (if he doesn’t come early)!  That being said, there is SO much I would like to do before we meet him so that I can fully focus on him and the girls during this new transition with our family.

As most of you know, that nesting instinct kicks in big time towards the end of pregnancy and I guess you could say I’ve sort of been “nesting” in my etsy shop.  I wanted to add some “ready-made” items to the shop along with my custom order pieces.  Here are some new things that have been added in the last month……….

I’ve added several “Paris Twirl Skirt and Shirt” sets to the shop as well as some skirt-only listings.  My girls love these outfits.  They are super cute, but Savannah says they are “super-cozy” which means she thinks they are soft.  The skirts are double layered for extra twirl factor and the tops are trimmed out with vintage lace trim.

In addition to the “Paris” sets, I’ve added several other skirt and shirt sets as well…….

(Skirt is available by itself as well)

Fall Ruby Twirl Skirt and Shirt Sets

In addition to the skirt and shirt sets, I’ve added several new reversible rompers and dresses…….

The Reversible Rompers are just that – FULLY reversible, so it’s basically like having two looks in one.  I can totally see these rompers transitioning to fall with tights, boots and a long sleeved shirt.  They have a sort of knicker look to them which I love for the cooler weather.

The Reversible Dresses are the same concept as the rompers, FULLY reversible so you get two looks in one.  You or your child can choose which side they feel like wearing on that particular day.  These dresses are cut with a wide-swing to them, so they are perfect for layering and twirling as well.

And here are a few other things that have shown up in the shop lately……..

Patchwork Janey Jumper

Plum Bird Knot Dress

Mod Shift Ruffle Neck Dress

In other very exciting news, I was asked by “Sew Beautiful” magazine to do a 3-5 page pictorial shoot featuring my designs and my new sewing patterns.  New sewing patterns, you say??  Yes, they are coming…..I promise!!  I’m just trying to get them off to the right printers and the first two should be available next month.  Both patterns feature designs you might have seen in my etsy shop and each pattern includes several different design variations.  Patterns will be available through my etsy shop and I will definitely be announcing when they have arrived!
I was seriously honored and flattered to be asked to be part of “Sew Beautiful” magazine and I have been working on my collection of samples to send to them by the end of the month for the photoshoot.  The photoshoot will take place next month; however, my pictorial will not be released until the July 2012 issue.  
The entire collection is being done in “Children at Play” by Sarah Jane Studios.  I met Sarah Jane at quilt market and just fell in love with her fabric as well as her darling personality.  This fabric has been SO much fun to work with and if you follow along on Facebook, then you’ve seen a few of my sneak peaks over there.  There is even BOY clothes!!
So for the next several weeks, I’m going to be finishing up my “Sew Beautiful” collection, getting my patterns ready to go, working on custom orders from the shop, putting the final touches on our little man’s room (pictures to come!), and maybe, just maybe………putting my feet up and resting a little.  
To be honest, I thrive on busyness so hopefully I can accomplish my goals in the next several weeks, but if not, that’s ok too.  I’m just going to roll with it……….you never know when this little guy is going to decide to make his grand entrance!!  We can’t wait!!

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  1. OK – I need to ask, what is that Paris fabric? I love it!!!

    I too am in love with Sarah Jane’s Children at Play…had to get the boy collection, and some of the girl as well. Just so wonderful!

    Sew beautiful…congratulations!!!

  2. wow, you really are super Mum!
    I always say I wish there were more hours in the day, I always have a list of at least a dozen things I want or need to make.
    Congratulations on the magazine shoot, can’t wait to see the photos and also the little guys room.
    I hope all goes well when he arrives, best wishes from England. Emma

  3. The shirt fronts are so sweet! What a great idea!

  4. Love all the outfits. Amazing!


  5. Man, when I grow up, I want to be like you! I can barely keep my laundry put away when I sew one pillowcase dress and do some online shopping. :p I am sooo excited about your patterns coming out, I didn’t realize they were going to be print patterns! I just assumed pdf! I’m starting to really get on board and excited about that cute sarah jane fabric, too. I think I need some!!

  6. I love the first skirt-it looks like she’s wearing an apron! Beautiful!