Just an update…….

First of all, thank you guys so much for voting for my “Sweet Ruffle Play Coat” over on Project Run and Play.  We, again, came in a very strong second place and have moved on to the next round – woohoo!

Many of you have emailed and asked and, yes, I do plan to make this pattern available on the blog.  I just need a little time to get my pattern pieces together, scan them into the computer and the tutorial written.  I have been really tired lately and slightly under the weather, so please be patient with me……..I promise it’s coming.  Oh, and I’ll be posting the pattern for the “Winter Snowflake Dress” too!

For this next weeks challenge we were instructed to take a woman’s fashion trend, brand, or look and make it into an outfit for a child.  To say this was a challenge is an understatement!!  But I’ve come up with a look that I hope you and the judges will like – I’m looking forward to sharing it with you on Saturday.

Secondly, thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that commented on my “Adventures in Potty Training” post.  You all have shared some invaluable information with me and I can’t wait to give some of this strategies, tips and tricks a try.  Miss S. did ok on Monday.  Probably the most humorous part of the day (though it was NOT funny at the time) was that in the time it took me to go upstairs to grab something, Savannah took off her Minnie Mouse underwear, went into the play room, peed on the floor, then put back on her underwear.  When I came back downstairs she said, “see mama, I’m doing great – I’m all dry!”.  Well yes SHE was all dry, but the carpet was not – ugggh!!

Yesterday she seemed to come down with a cold that had her laying on the couch, so I decided to back off a bit.  I couldn’t bare to make the poor little lady get up off the couch when she was feeling under the weather.  But today she seems to be feeling better and is, oddly enough, very excited about using the potty.  So, this is good, I guess………we shall see!

But again, thank you guys so much for all your comments and support.  You’re the best!

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  1. I loved your coat. I’m quite surprised that you didn’t win.

  2. congrats…and the best of luck on the next round.

  3. Your coat and dress were both amazing! Your are definitely one of my favorites in the competition! It is going to be tough with so much talent all in once place. Potty training stories always crack me up…lol. Good luck!

  4. this jacket is awesome. I just saw a womens jacket that was similar style and i thought of this. My dtr hates things around her neck so i wont be making it. But I would love one for myself. I am a jacketaholic. And I live in So Cal..oh well.

    I love your style keep it up!

  5. I am laughing so hard at your little girl. So sneaky!!!! I think if she can do that move that she’s ready to do it in the potty. Rewards are key-candy for my kids….Your designs are beautiful! Ellen

  6. Congratuations again! That’s great that you made it to the next round — Knew you would! And how could you possibly be mad at Miss S (for her choice of bathroom spots) with that sweet face??? Those are my two favorite photos!!!

  7. I love the unique piggys above!! She looks adorable.