For the Love of Yo-Yo’s

I have always loved yo-yo’s and no, I’m not talking about the kind you probably played with as a child, I’m talking about fabric yo-yo’s.  These fabric embellishments have been around for forever and they have such a lovely vintage, nostalgic quality about them.  They used to be used on quilts, aprons and dresses and still are today.  Add a yo-yo to any of your sewing projects and it will instantly have a vintage charm about it.

At the beginning of April I attended a very large local flea market in our area that is held once a month.  This is one of my favorite places to hunt for treasure.  You can find anything your heart desires here – vintage fabric and linens, antique furniture, salvaged wood, old buttons, crates, vintage jars and the list goes on and on.  It seriously is one of my favorite weekend outings!

During my last trip to the flea market I came across this huge glass container of old fabric yo-yo’s.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  If you know much about yo-yo’s, you know that they can be a little time consuming to make and this jar contained over 100!  It was a yo-yo lover’s dream come true.

These yo-yo’s were some of my favorites in the jar.  I have so many ideas for projects and creations that could be made from these beauties…….oh, the possibilies.

So, does anyone else share the yo-yo love?  Or is it just a strange addiction all to my own?
What would you make if you came across a huge jar of yo-yo’s?

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  1. I love yo-yo’s too! Haven’t made any in a while, but your stash looking inspiring.
    I’ve seen two things done with them that I really like. 1. A flag made out of red/white/blue yo-yo’s and framed (would fit with my country/primitive stuff real well!). 2. A curtain made of yo-yo’s — it was really cool, and I’d still love to make it someday!

  2. I am also a big fan of the yo-yo! I just love their retro yet timeless look. I had some Christmas fabric left over from covering mason jars during the holidays so while sitting in front of the TV I whipped up quite a few. I’m thinking I’m going to tack them on a piece of ribbon and use them as garland on the Christmas tree.

  3. I am confident that you and I are made from the same thread! I LOVE yo-yo’s {and basically everything you post of}! Saw them on children’s aprons the other day and they were to die for, so presh!!

  4. Lovely, what a great find!!! Oooooh, the possiblities are endless.

  5. You are NOT alone! I love yo-yos too. What a great find! I would make a throw pillow cover and some hair ornaments if I came across these – or I might just leave them in the jar and display them!

  6. I love yo-yo’s! They are a great way to use scraps of fabric that you don’t love so much because the pattern is not really visible and you can focus on all the pretty colors. 🙂 What are you going to do with these? I cant wait to see what you come up with!

  7. I’ve always thought a yo-yo quilt would be great for a guest room.

    I also have an idea for a dress, I’d love to come across a jar of yo-yos.

  8. I’m with you! What’s not to love about them? One of my favorite things I’ve made with yo-yo’s was an appliqued Raggedy Anny pillowcase for my niece. I stitched a border of yo-yo’s all around the opening and it was so darling.

  9. Before my oldest daughter was born in 1976, I made her a yo yo clown. I stacked the yo yo’s and strung them on elastic, making arms, legs, and a body. The head was 2 circles of white fabric with a painted-on face, and a pointy hat with a jingle bell at the point (sewn extra securely) Nowdays, I would probably sew the jingle bell inside the hat for safety. We didn’t have a lot of toys for her, and this was a favorite. I cut the fabric for the yo yo’s out of 2 dresses someone gave me that didn’t fit. One was red and the other blue. It was very cute.

  10. I once saw a quilt made of yoyo’s in someone’s house. She was my boss at the time and I still often think of calling her to say, “If you ever decide to get rid of that quilt, please call me!” It was breathtaking.

  11. I love yo-yo’s and want to make some myself. If I could come across a great stash, I would start making quilts with them. They are so very pretty and each individual works of stitchery!


  12. I always made yo-yo’s by hand but I just recently bought the yo-yomaker and it is AWESOME! PERFECTLY symmetrical yo-yo’s and pleats. I know some like the imperfections but I just love how round and perfect they come out. Still hand sewn! 🙂

  13. Thought you might appreciate in light of this post 🙂

  14. I’m so glad so many of you share the yo-yo love! Mom2four, thanks for sending along that link to that other blog – I’ve never stopped by that one before and she had some really great ideas. So many possibilities…….hmmmmm……..what to make?

  15. What a coincidence! Just this week, another blogger that I read regularly featured yo-yo’s – You both have great taste!

  16. Yes, my grandma used to make tons of them and then made a clown out of them. Don’t know if you’ve ever seen them. I know the work that went into them now, but didn’t appreciate it till now! I loved the colors.

  17. I came across your blog today via a Google search for a baby bonnet pattern. I have spent much too much of my day with you! I’m in love with your blog. What a creative, inspiring and generous person you are. I’m sending a link to your site to my daughter and daughter-in-law. I know they’ll both love it! I will be visiting you quite often, I can tell. It has been a pleasure.

  18. wow….so beautiful…and colourful….love them

  19. I’m new…well, reintroduced to the sewing craft and didn’t even know that’s what these are called! I LOVE them and would really, REALLY love for you to post a tutorial on how to make them? Pretty, please!?

    I recently made a cupcake shirt for my daughter’s 1st birthday outfit {skirt to match, of course}. My mom crocheted pink flowers that I layered to make the frosting on top of a fabric cupcake liner…so cute! I think yo-yo’s would have been darling too and probably held up better in the wash!

  20. What a marvellous find! I do love yoyos, although haven’t actually made many. Definitely want to make more, just trying to think of the right project!

  21. A jar of yo-yo’s, huh? Could they be in blues and white??? I would make a beautiful quilt!! I have always wanted to do one. You have definitely inspired me. Hugs, Jan