Modern Fabric Studio ~ Sponsored Giveaway

Today’s giveaway comes from our new blog sponsor, Modern Fabric Studio.  If you have not heard of this wonderful fabric shop, I am so excited to introduce them to you.  Like I’ve said before, we can never have too many fabric shops around!

A note from the owner of Modern Fabric Studio, Amanda:

I have always been into crafting but I started sewing only a few years ago.  One day I came home from was snowing and I knew I wouldn’t be going to work the next day.  I went and bought a sewing machine that night and locked myself up in my apartment and taught myself how to sew!  I have been LOVING it ever since!  I fell in love with the designer fabrics I sewed with and I have always wanted to own my own company…so that is how Modern Fabric Studio started!

My favorite designer is Anna Maria Horner…she was the first designer I started sewing with so I’m in love with all her fabrics!  I’m also loving Tina Givens new line (Lilliput Fields)…the fabrics are absolutely gorgeous!  And of course I love Amy Butler’s new line, Lark!

I actually have a full time job…in addition to Modern Fabric Studio so I can definitely say life is a bit busy at times! I love to sew and I love crafting…I am a “Do-It-Yourself-er” at heart! 

So please give a warm welcome to our new sponsor and head on over and visit Modern Fabric Studio.  Amanda has incredible taste and is stocking some of the most beautiful fabrics and right now she is having a HUGE sale.  Many fabrics are only $6.00 per yard and some of the gorgeous, voile fabric is only $8.00 per yard (an amazing deal).  If you are planning on sewing gifts for the holidays, you need to go stock up.  Plus you get free shipping if you purchase over $35.00!

Here are some of my favorites from Modern Fabric Studio:

 Amy Butler ‘Lark’
Joel Dewberry ‘Heirloom’
 Anna Maria Horner ‘Loulouthi’

In addition to their amazing sale, Modern Fabric Studio is offering an exclusive discount of 10% off your entire purchase for The Cottage Home blog readers with the coupon code: COTTAGEHOME

And now onto the giveaway.  Today Modern Fabric Studio is giving away a $25.00 gift certificate to be used on anything in their shop!

Here’s how to enter – do one or all of the following (leave a separate comment for each entry):
1) Visit Modern Fabric Studio and tell us what you would buy with the gift certificate (click HERE).
2) Become a fan of Modern Fabric Studio and ‘Like’ their page on Facebook (click HERE).
3) Sign up for the Modern Fabric Studio Newsletter in the right side-bar of their website (click HERE).

Giveaway open through November 24, 2011 at midnight (CST).

And again, remember, to get an additional 10% off your ENTIRE purchase at Modern Fabric Studio, enter the coupon code: COTTAGEHOME

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  1. I love Lark by Amy Butler!

  2. I liked them on FB!

  3. I would buy some girly and damask fabrics like: Bird Paisley in Scarlet, Blockprint Blossom in Dandelion, Leaves in Turquoise, etc. So many to choose! 🙂

  4. I’m a fan on Facebook 🙂

  5. Signed up for newsletter 🙂

  6. Oh, what gorgeous fabrics! I would buy Bird Paisley in Scarlet, Wren in Gypsy, Charisma in Blush and Birds in Rose.

  7. Signed up for newsletter 🙂

  8. I have narrowed it down to Geo Dot, Fox in the henhouse, polka, swedish forest, tulips, entwines, Marrakech in Artisian, wren in cobalt, wren in gypsy, bouyancy in deep, frame in shadow, scooters in black

    [email protected]

  9. Liked on Facebook (as Ellie Bowman)!

  10. Like them on FB! [email protected]

  11. Voile! I want to make a quilt out of that yumminess so bad!

  12. Liked on FB!

  13. Subscribed to the newsletter

  14. Hi,
    checked out Modern Fabric Studio and tried the coupon code COTTAGEHOME, and it said, ‘Coupon code not found. Please try again’.

    Love your blog by the way!

  15. I have been drooling over Amy Butler’s Lark for a while now!

  16. I would definitely have to stock up on some voile to make some summer dresses for next year. Since we live in FL, we sort of ignore winter clothes. 😉

  17. Liked them on facebook. Neat shop!

  18. So much from which to choose! Heirloom in Jade. Ivy Bloom in Cinder. Flower Circles in Maiden. Can you say “kid in candy store”?

  19. I would have to pick up some of the Joel Dewberry Heirloom. So pretty.
    [email protected]

  20. I am already signed up for their newsletter.
    [email protected]

  21. I liked them on Facebook.
    [email protected]

  22. I would get some buttercup in spearmint AB voile…amongst other yummy fabrics 🙂

  23. I liked them on FB

  24. I subscribed to the newsletter (temptation in the inbox?)!

  25. I would buy some quilting fabric to make a blanket for my daughter…and I just bought some from Modern Fabric Studio (some voile called Coloring Garden in Citrus). It was already a great deal, but even better using your coupon code COTTAGEHOME.

  26. I signed up for the newsletter!

  27. ‘Liked’ Modern Fabric Studio on Facebook

  28. Signed up for the Newsletter!

  29. I liked on fb…now, fingers crossed. 🙂

  30. I love Wrenly!

  31. I’m a fan on facebook.

  32. I signed up for newsletters!

  33. I love Amy Butler fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. I love Wrenly especially the Wildfield prints.

  35. Melissa Dorazio says

    I liked their Facebook Page!

    [email protected]

  36. I liked on Facebook

  37. Melissa Dorazio says

    I like the Monaluna line – Swedish Forest 🙂

    [email protected]

  38. I like “paisley in amethyst” by Joel Dewberry. That I would purchase.
    [email protected]

  39. I like Modern Fabric Studio on FB!

  40. I “Like” Modern Fabric Studio”.
    [email protected]

  41. I signed up for Modern Fabric Studio’s newsletter.
    [email protected]

  42. I’ve ordered from them before and hope to order from them again soon! I love everything that Lindsey picked out and would buy any of those!

  43. I’ve been following their newsletter for a while now! Some of the best deals online!

  44. I popped over & got some voile for less than $8/yard! If I won the giveaway, I’d definitely buy more from Anna Maria Horner!

  45. I love the berries in rose. Thanks for the giveaway.

  46. I’d buy some Lark and some Wrenly!

  47. I’ve signed up for their newsletter!

  48. Lark by Amy Butler!! Thx.

  49. I’m a fan of Modern Fabric Studio on FB!

  50. Already signed up the newsletter!

  51. I would buy anything from Amy Butler. Thanks!
    [email protected]

  52. I am a huge Amy Butler fan!! I am thinking spring fabrics already…

  53. I would go for Amy Butler Lark or some Anna Maria Horner 🙂

  54. Now a FB follower

  55. Subscribed 🙂

  56. I ‘LIKE’d Modern Fabric Studioon Facebook!

  57. I signed up for the Modern Fabric Studio Newsletter!

  58. If I were to win the gift certificate I would use it to purchase some of Amy Butler’s new LARK fabric! Love her stuff but my daughter-in-law loves it even more and is expecting a baby in February, so I think it would be great to use in a gift for her (her use or the baby) or gift the fabric to her so she could make something special!

  59. I would love to get some voile!!!

  60. I am a FB fan of Modern Fabric Studio!

  61. FB fan on Modern Fabric site!

  62. I like MBS on FB!

  63. Visited Modern Fabric site and love Lark fabrics.

  64. I would buy one of the beautiful floral prints. Great website.

  65. Love the Poppies and Entwined by Marin!

  66. I “liked” the blog on FB.

  67. I am a follower of Modern Fabric! Thanks!

  68. I like the Bird Paisley and the Elephant fabric as well!

  69. I love Soul Blossoms by Amy Butler. Love the pattern/colors

  70. Yay! This is one of my favorite fabric shops!! I like them on Facebook.

  71. I also receive their newsletter!

  72. I would buy fabric some of my favorites are Ivy Bloom In Lake and Treasure Box in Charcoal.

  73. I love the Joel Dewberry Heirloom collection and don’t have any yet, so I’d get some of those fabrics! Thanks for the giveaway!

  74. Oh my, the possibilities, I like the chinese latern the best and would make something that would inspire me each morning!

  75. I would use the gift certificate to purchase as much Soul Blossoms Voile as I possibly could!!!

  76. I am now “liking” Modern Fabric on facebook!!

  77. I love the MammaBirds fabric in Mandarin. Thanks for the chance!

  78. signed up for the newsletter

  79. I would get echino city in pink

  80. I think I would have to have:
    Button Flowers on Navy and
    Fox in the Hen House fabrics..
    I’ve just started sewing so these two pieces of fabric would be good to add to my collection..
    [email protected]

  81. I have liked their facebook page!
    [email protected]

  82. I signed up the their newsletter!
    [email protected]

  83. I love all the bird fabrics on the sale page!

  84. Like them on Facebook.

  85. I would buy lots of fabric…especially the Swedish Floral print!

  86. I like what they sell, but I looooove this stripe: (Boho stripe in Cerulean.

  87. I ‘liked’ Modern Fabric Studio on FB.

  88. I signed up for the newsletter. I think they have gorgeous fabrics. 😀

  89. I would start by getting some
    Treasure Box in Charcoal – Sateen. I love that!

  90. I already like them on FB

  91. I already receive their newsletter

  92. Thanks for the intro the web site! I already spent $42 today! I Love the sale voiles and sections!

  93. I liked MFS on fb! (username Nora Mac)

    cameron.lawracy (at)

  94. Signed up for the MFS newsletter

    cameron.lawracy (at)

  95. Love the Lark Sateen line!!

  96. I’m a follower of MFS on FB!!

  97. I would buy some Lark.

  98. I like them on FB

  99. I am signed up for the newsletter

  100. I would buy some Amy Butler fabrics

  101. i would buy blockprint blossom dandelion & souvenir in lemon – both cotton.

  102. i like modern fabric studio on FB.

  103. I love the WildField in Cherry voile, it would make some beautiful dresses for my girls!

  104. I “liked” Modern Fabric Studio on on Facebook.

  105. I would love some Amy Butler, Lark

  106. I already subscribe to the newsletter!

  107. Oooh, I might have to go for some AMH flannel, thanks for the chance to win :o)

  108. I like them on FB too :o)

  109. I signed up for the Modern Fabric Studio newsletter!

  110. I love the Fox in the Henhouse Fabric. I’d buy some to make placemats for a Christmas Gift…so cute.

  111. I liked Modern Fabric Studio on FB! Love their fabric…thanks telling us about their awesomeness!

  112. I would get some Entwined fabric & some Enchino cars for my boys. And a couple patterns! Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  113. I already like Modern Fabric Studio on facebook!

  114. I receive the Modern Fabric Studio Newsletter! 🙂

  115. I would have to pick up the Echino-Nico City in Black fabric. So fab. I liked them on Facebook and subscribed to the newsletter. Thanks for the giveaway.

  116. I would get some of Amy Butler’s martini print.

  117. If I won, I would pick out something from Amy Butler. I love all of her prints. Such a decision!

  118. I am following Modern Bird Studio on FB.bale

  119. I signed up for Modern Bird’s newsletter.

  120. I would buy Bali Gate in Grass.

  121. Ornate Floral in Garnet.
    Thank you

  122. The Modern Fabric Studio $25.00 gift certificate would be very nice and very useful to win!

    I like the the Children’s Pattern Theme. The dresses, coats, and playclothes.

    Thank you

  123. The Modern Fabric Studio $25.00 gift certificate would be very nice and very useful to win!

    I like the the Children’s Pattern Theme. The dresses, coats, and playclothes.

    Thank you

  124. I recieve e-mail from Modern Fabric Studio.


  125. I love the heirloom line from Joel Dewberry!

  126. I like them on fb:)

  127. I would use that gift certificate on Wren, Marrakesh, and Berries

  128. I love me some Amy Butler so I would use the gift certificate to get some of the Treasure Box in Charcoal

    [email protected]

  129. i would get Ivy Bloom in Cobalt (Amy Butler) 🙂

  130. signed up for the newsletter 🙂

  131. I love Amy Butler fabrics! Thanks so much for the chance to win!
    Evin5 at aol dot com

  132. I signed up for the Modern Fabric Studio newsletter! Evin5 at aol dot com

  133. I already have the MFS bookmarked; it is such a great new shop! I would stock up on some of her Loulouthi if I win! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  134. I like MFS on Facebook.

  135. I signed up for the newsletter. Thank you!

  136. Definitely some voile. I am a little behind on making scarves for Xmas this year! Thank you!

  137. I like on facebook!

  138. I’m loving the Joel Dewberry fabrics. Lovely!

  139. I’d love some AMH’s Shattered in Punch 😀
    Thanks for the chance!

  140. This comment has been removed by the author.

  141. I signed up for the newsletter

  142. FB fan!

  143. Already getting their Newsletters!

  144. Love Amy Butler’s Lark!
    themrsward at yahoo dot com

  145. I signed up for their newsletter 🙂
    themrsward at yahoo dot com

  146. I would get the lark collection!

  147. Fan of Modern Fabric Studio on FB : ) And of course Cottage Momma.

  148. Signed up for the newsletter.

  149. I would buy yards and yards of the brown deco rose fabric that is on sale to make curtatins for my living room..thanks for the opportunity!

  150. I would buy some Anna Maria Horner voile on sale. I love a good sale.
    Liz at

  151. I’m a facebook fan. Liz at

  152. Great fabrics! I would definitely get some type of damask fabric. Thanks!

  153. I am a FB fan of theirs.

  154. I have signed up for their newsletter. Thanks!

  155. I would buy some fabric, I really like Amy Butler’s Lark line, especially Charisma in Blush.

  156. i signed up for the newsletter

  157. I like the Charm clutch by Amy butler

    nelly do barney at yahooo dot com

  158. I’d want some Opal in dandelion & green.

  159. I like Modern Fabric Studio on FB.

  160. I would get some Lark by Amy Butler. I’m particularly drawn to the blues. I need more fabric like I need a hole in the head, but that doesn’t stop my collecting for a rainy day. pelirroja at hotmail. thanks!

  161. I don’t know how once could possibly pick. I loved so many. Here a just a few:
    Full Bloom in Tan
    Blockprint blossom in Amethyst

  162. Lindsay,

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    I’d love to buy Lark by Amy Butler.


  163. I like Bloom in Mandrain and Lark fabrics.


  164. Marrakech in Artisian would be adorable for a dress for my daughter

  165. I would buy Amy Butler Lark fabric! I’m obsessed! It’s just so beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway.

  166. I would get the Wren in Gypsy – Voile fabric. So pretty.


  167. Liked their page on Facebook.


  168. Signed up for a newsletter!


  169. I liked their page on fb as briana dee

  170. I like the clippings in passion.

  171. i get their newsletter